AN: This last April I play Glory in Almost Maine and one of the ways I like to prepare for a role is by write there back story, I decided to share this story with everyone. So I hope you enjoy and leave a review. (edited)

Glory Olsen was born on April 24 1989 to Thomas and Mary Olsen in Ohio, She also had an older sister Jennie who was 11 and a brother Mark who was 8. They were a nice family and would stick together through any family crisis, Glory was very lucky to have them for support.

Now Glory was born 11 weeks before the intended due date, she had a lot of trouble breathing on her own and she wasn't fully developed. So she spent months of her life in intensive care. The doctor didn't think Glory would live through the treatments, but her parents never gave up hope that their baby would fight for life and they were right. Within 4 months the Olsen's were able to take their baby girl home.

Year's passed and Glory grew into a very adventurous little girl who loved to be outside, she would spend hours playing outside, she mostly went to the park and played with other kids there. She was very friendly and always seemed fascinated with the littlest of things. She was always happy and enjoy her young like and everyone thought she was the sweetest little girl.

One of Glory fondest memories was going to her grandmother house and listen to her story. Once Glory found pictures of her grandmother on a trip in Canada and in the background of the picture were strange lights. Glory asked her grandma about the light and she told all about the northern lights and how they were really torches the recently departed carry with them to heaven. Glory became fascinated with what her grandma told and for years after that she wondered what it would be like to see the northern lights.

However when Glory was about 9 years old her grandma died. She was very sad and wished she was still there, she love her grandma and could bear with the fact she was gone. Soon after that her dad got cancer and then her sister decided she didn't want anything to do with their family anymore and moved to the other side of the country. Glory felt like her life was falling apart and it made her wish she could life in a world where nothing went wrong and everyone was happy. So decided to pretend like everything was great and always show a smile on her face to everyone around her. Which is exactly what she did.

When Glory became a teenager she kept her adventurous spirit and sweet personality that made her adored by many people at her school. She became very popular because everyone loved her sweet and sincere personality Glory closest friends were Lauren, Zoey and Katherine or Kat for short she felt like she could spend all day with them and her other friends, felt like they could be a way to escape the sadness she had at home.

However the biggest escape from her home life were the boyfriend's she had. Her first boyfriend was South Carter who she dated for about a month in the eighth grade and about a year later she went out with Norton James for three months, but the guy she loved the most, the one she fell head over heels for, in her sophomore year of high school was none other than Wes McCabbin.

While Glory was in high school she participated in many school clubs. Including a club call U Matter which was made for teenagers who wanted to help in their community, which is something Glory loved to do and so did (or so it seem) Wes and when Glory first met him at the first club meeting, they automatically became friends. She found him to be nice, charming, friendly and loyal (at least that's what she thought). She greatly enjoyed volunteering with him and he enjoyed flirting with Glory and when she caught on, she decided to flirt back. This went on for weeks and when the winter dance came Glory turn down all of the guy's who asked to the dance and because there was only one guy she wanted to dance with and that guy was Wes. However never asked her and Glory was afraid to ask him, so she went alone and so did Wes. Wes had a date to the dance, but she cancelled at the last minute. He was bumped and really didn't want to be dateless, so when he saw Glory talking to a few friends, he decided to ask her to dance and they did. Glory was so happy and told Wes how she felt about him then he kissed her and said he felt the same way and from then on they became the cutest couple in the school.

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