AN: here's chapter three

When Glory was a junior her brother drowned and it really upset her. She loved her brother and the Idea of not having him around was something she could hardly bare. Lucky she had her friends to help her out by getting to her throw this hard time and of course Wes was there for her and he told that everything would be alright as long as they had each other then he'd kissed and she would kiss him back and be grateful to have some in her life that's made her feel spicule, someone to protected from the sadness in her life, someone to who helped her get away from her problem, so she could live in a world of happiness. This was one of many things she loved about Wes and he loved her too, so after their senior prom Wes took Glory to her favorite park and went down on one knee and ask Glory to be his wife. Glory face lit up with joy as Wes put the ring on her finger.

Glory could want to tell her friends and Family her news so the minute she got in her Moms house Glory gave her mother a big grin and showed her the ring. Mary guile dropped when she saw ring on her daughters and took her a side and asked if that their anything else she need to know. Glory just laugh and say no that she was in love with Wes and wanted to spend the rest of her life with him. Mary listen to what Glory was saying and she didn't like the idea of them getting married at such a young age and she was too fouled of Wes in the first place, so when Glory ask her if she was happy for her. But Mary wasn't and didn't want to lie to her, so she told she would be throwing her life away if married him. Then Glory was the one with the shocked face and a part of her died knowing that her own mother wouldn't support her with this decision and tear's ran down her face. Then said to her mother that she wrong about her warning her life and about Wes. The two argued for next five minute and Wes listen to the whole thing suddenly Glory told her Mother that if didn't want her to be with Wes then she didn't want to live and asked Wes to take her to her fathers. Who also the hated the idea of them getting married even less than his ex-wife, so Glory argued with him too and march out of his house and cried into Wes shoulder. Wes said that they didn't need them and that they could understand the love they had. Glory looked at Wes and kissed him then said he was right they do belong together and they should get married. So that night Glory and Wes drove to a court house a town away gave their vows and they became husband and wife.

The next morning Glory woke up to her new husbands face and forget about the fight she had with parent's it didn't matter anymore. She got help and made breakfasted and when Wes got he when over to Glory and kissed her ask own she feel about being Miss. Wes McCabbin Glory smiled and said couldn't ask for anything better than the two kissed. The next Monday when they got to school Glory and Wes told everyone that they now married. Many of the student where shocked others thought they were crazy and other congratulated them and the rest didn't know them so they didn't care. Glory Best friends Lauren was happy for her, Zoey was sad that she didn't get to be a bridesmaid and Kat didn't trust Wes so hated the just went off and married him without thinking twice. Glory didn't like Kat was saying and when the graduated high school Glory told Kat that she never wanted to see her again. Then Zoey told Glory she was being unreasonable and that relationship that ruin another one isn't worth having, but Glory didn't listen and disown Zoey as well and Lauren moved to New York for college. Now all Glory had was Wes but she didn't mine because he was all she need.

After high school Glory and Wes went to Florida for their Honey moon and then Wes went to a location College and he got small job at a bank. Glory got a small job a grocery store to help Wes with the bills. Glory was very happy to be with Wes but she miss her friends and family and wished they were still in her life, sometime when she got off work she go for walks wondering if she should talk to them, but she didn't she knew that didn't like Wes and her decision to marry him. Sometime she wished her and Wes couldn't have had a big outdoors wedding by a lake with her all her friends and family there and she would be in a beautiful dress and then they have a hug party and do what people do at parties, but she didn't have any friend and her family didn't want her. Wes has his friend and his family which was also her family now and she loved like a family but she still want she old one.