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3. Pain

Yami sighed, rubbing his eyes out of tiredness. Bakura had woken up in the middle of the night complaining about a stomach ache. At first, Yami brushed it off and blamed it on the questionable-pizza the albino had consumed earlier. But when his husband began bending over and clutching his stomach, Yami knew something was really wrong.

He took Bakura to the hospital to see what was wrong and was still waiting for said result.

Umi was sleeping softly in his arms, his little face peaceful and unknowing. Yami smiled softly, pleased that someone dear to him was feeling alright. But he couldn't shake the worry he felt - no matter how hard he tried. It poked at his heart relentlessly and wouldn't let him be.

The only other time he'd been more worried was when Bakura had stumbled into their home with blood trickling down his arm. He remembered the gasp of pain that had left his lover's mouth when he'd accidentally touched the wound.

. . .

"What happened?" Yami asked softly, eying the red liquid that tainted his husband's pale skin.

"Shot." Bakura answered simply. He took a deep breath before adding, "Those bastards wanted me to join their stupid gang. I rejected them - but then they brought up you and Umi..." At Yami's confused expression, the albino shrugged, wincing at the slight pain, "It was either they shot me or they shot you two."

. . .

"Is he alright?!"

The nurse had come back and Yami was eager to know if his lover was in good condition. Perhaps he was overreacting - most would say so, since it could've just been a painful stomach cramp - but in his mind he was never overreacting if it was Bakura.


"He's perfectly alright, sir." The nurse replied gently. "In fact, he wanted me to tell you to come see him." She giggled, "He said it quite eagerly, so I'd get in there as soon as possible."

Yami smiled and thanked the nurse, thanking her once more when she complimented Umi and how cute the boy was, and headed towards Bakura's hospital room.

"So, what happened?" Yami asked curiously as he took a seat near Bakura's bed. The Brit grunted indignantly.

"Something about 'not enough Vitamin C'."

"That's all?"

"Yes..." Bakura smirked, "You weren't actually worried, were you?" He glanced at the bags under Yami's eyes and took note of how red and puffy they were. His eyes narrowed. "You didn't cry, did you?"

Sighing, his husband replied, "I shed a few tears, alright? It wasn't like I sobbed hysterically or anything."

Bakura bit his lip. "You know I hate it when you cry, Yami." Despite the hesitant tone he used to say them, the words were sincere.

"And you know I hate it when you worry me," retorted the other man.

"It's not like I have control over everything!"

Yami raised an amused eyebrow, "Oh? And just what do you have control over?"

"You." Bakura grinned devilishly.

He loved it when Yami blushed and sent him a withering look.

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