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As requested, the prequel of As if Fell From the Sky.

This is also kind of a continuation of my other fic, The Wind of Change, so its set on the same universe. If you didn't read either of them, don't worry! Just assume Luffy is the Pirate king, and has figured out he has feelings for Nami.

This fic is very popular in the Spanish fandom, so I Hope you can get to enjoy it too. My English is very rusty, but I'll try my best. I'm glad I'm back to writing again after such a long time.

Life can be... complicated!


As if Sent From the Sky
By Kaoru L.O.P.

They had been together for years... but Captain and Navigator had been married after a hilarious set of events just about a month ago, sailing over the New World with the freedom of being the Pirate King's crew, their course changing constantly in search of new adventures.

Luffy and Usopp were sitting on the side railing, trying to fish lunch and enjoying the cool morning air.

The ship's navigator, a beautiful woman wearing very feminine flowered patterned dress that had a knot behind her neck and fluttered shortly above her thighs passed by them, she stopped suddenly, pecking her captain softly on his cheek and leaving a tangerine on his hand... Usopp looked on, incredulous.

The woman smiled a feline smile and walked away...

Usopp's jaw was hanging very low, but he managed to recover quickly, "So... a good night?"

"Yup..." the captain replied, he was slowly peeling the tangerine and with slow fingers and took a slice to his mouth, his calm, relaxed eyes never leaving the sea.

Usopp sighed, well, he was happy for Luffy and Nami really, lately, it was if the navigator was imperturbable, wearing a tranquil, sedated smile around deck.

And Luffy was just... just LOUD and exaggerated as usual, but there were moments that he spent just lying around with a calm smile, listening to music or just hearing the rustling of the ship's sails on the wind.

Usopp was no psychoanalyst, but if you asked him, he would tell you that when he was younger was called Usopp! The Therapist! back in a remote southern island where at that time he learned from a great Zen master who was also a hermit.

But anyway, Usopp was not a therapist but even he realized that Luffy was at peace with himself and just enjoying all his achievements, freedom, a good life, good nakamas, and now a beautiful woman to share his bed with. He had it all, it seemed.

The sniper smiled, truly happy for his captain and everyone else too!. Truly, a life at sea was not without its dangers, and no matter how ridiculously strong they were, there were still plenty of people who wished them dead... but... as he glimpsed at Luffy and his happy smile...

It was a damn great life...

That night after dinner, Nami was reviewing the course and her log pose, the three needles and a map on the New World over her work desk. Shortly after their wedding, Luffy had asked her what sea did they had yet to chart, and she told him that they had never finished exploring the West Blue, with only a quarter of it mapped by Nami.

Of course that was their new destination, she traced a path, it was a matter of going west and across the calm belt from where they were at the moment.

Something else caught her attention... she bit her lip, and wondered if it would do her captain any good to know of a certain island not far from there.

The noise from the roof hatch opening interrupted her thoughts, she had not realized that Luffy had been in the bathroom, and was surprised when she saw him come down the ladder, still wet, just with his pants and a towel around his neck.

She had a very strict set of rules for their,... HER bedroom, The rule was ... if you want to sleep with me you take a shower before going to bed ...

Rule that he followed... more or less.

"Ahh Luffy, I didn't know you were in the bath" she unconsciously leaned over the map.

He frowned, annoyed, "I don't want you nagging and kicking me out the room again"

"For the umpteenth time Luffy! I will not tolerate you going to bed smelling like an animal!" she said, a finger poking his chest.

"Yeah yeah, I know, shut up already, I'm clean now!"

"Well yeah" she said waving a hand, turning around her eyes fell on the map, she had work to do... but he was hugging her from behind, nibbling her neck.

"Not now Luffy"

"BUT I TOOK A BATH!" He complained, totally annoyed, but when he noticed Nami's eyes were still set on her map, and the way her shoulders were tense, he picked up she was worried about something.

"Nami.. is something wrong?" He was the captain, and if his navigator was worrying over something, he had to know.

"Mmm.. Luffy... I just noticed that we are close... just a day away from the island your brother ... Ace...is..." she said softly. They had already visited Ace's grave a few years ago, first shortly after arriving in the new world, and then the second time was after Luffy became the Pirate King.

"Ah..." he said, cocking his head to the side, he became quiet and solemn, his grave... visiting a grave was not like seeing his brother... but, he felt he needed to pay his respects if he could.

He smiled,
"..well. I haven't told him about us yet... "

Nami laughed, "Hahaha I bet he would be surprised to find his little slow brother is married" she joked.

Luffy's mind was instantly pulled into a memory after hearing Nami's words.

Ace had been rude and gross back then when he explained all about sex, chimpos, holes and babys to a shocked thirteen year old Luffy, but the Pirate King treasured every moment spent with his brother...

His older brother was laughing on the floor, it was night and a fire was in front of them, and when Ace managed to stop laughing just enough to talk, he patted Luffy's shoulder several times.

"Don't worry about sex so much Luffy!" he said after watching his little brother's shocked face, "I Just don't think there's a woman desperate enough to want to be with an ugly idiot such as you!" he took his tongue out, for added insult.

"Blee!" Luffy said as he stuck his tongue out while pulling down his eyelid, "I don't care about that gross stuff! I just wanna be Pirate King!"

Ace made fun of him for a while after that, but when he managed to calm down, he placed a hand over Luffy's shoulder and grinned, "Lets see if someday you reach puberty, that would be funny to watch"

Of course, that last part was totally lost on Luffy, who never thought twice about that memory ever again.


The Pirate King smiled in remembrance, no matter if he was over Ace's death, no matter how many years had passed by, he couldn't help it, couldn't help to miss his brother.

"Luffy" Nami began, eyes softening, "We don't have to go if it's something that'll make you sad" she said as a soft, manicured hand caressed his cheek.

"Sad? Nami" he smiled, taking her hand.. "It doesn't make me... sad. Besides, I have to tell him all about our latest adventures, ne?!" Perhaps he was smiling, but Nami couldn't help to notice...his eyes were unhappy.

The woman sighed.

"Of course captain" Her hand caressed his rugged cheek one last time before her eyes fell over the map.

"Tomorrow, we change course"

"Yup!" he said, and he picked her up over his shoulder like a sack of potatoes while she shouted in surprise. "LUFFY!"

.-That night, she was there for him.-

The next morning everyone was slightly surprised by the change of course, but nobody said anything and tried to maintain normalcy, Luffy stood by the figurehead for most of the day, although his face was not sad, just too solemn for his usually noisy and exuberant personality.

They arrived at the island with the last light of the afternoon, and Luffy took a bottle of sake and as on previous occasions, went alone to is brother's grave.

With a smile he sat cross-legged in front of the beautiful gravestone that still had fresh flowers and was well maintained, just like the Shirohige's. Former white-bearded pirates apparently visited the place very often.

"... Hi Ace ... long time no see, sorry I haven't been here before ..." he began with a bittersweet smile as he sat by the tomb ... "a lot has happened," he paused a bit and served a glass full of sake ...

"Mmm ... where do I start?"

And so he was talking for hours to his brother about all the things they had done since the last time he visited.

"Ahh ... .we made a big party there was plenty of delicious food! Sabo was there too! And it was great ... but I missed you at the wedding... Nami looked nice ..."

He paused a bit, by then it was almost dawn and the bottle was almost gone, drink by drink, his cheeks were somewhat red.

He stood up, and smiled, "Ace ... don't worry ... they all take care of me very well, and Nami ..." he paused... "Ne Ace it a great life!" he poured all the sake that was left on his bottle on top of the tombstone.

... But ... I miss you ... he whispered.

He smiled, because he was happy! He just had to smile... right? The first light of dawn was casting a shadow in front of him, and he felt a presence nearby.

"Nami... " he said without turning around, smiling. She walked next to him, a fresh set of flowers on her hands and placed them in front of the grave. She looked beautiful, wearing a white summer dress.

"I was about to go back" he began.

"I know, you always come back after dawn, but I thought... I should come this time to pay my respects... you know, now that Ace's my brother in law!" She chuckled.

"Oh!" Luffy said hitting his pam, "I hadn't thought about that!"

"Lets go back Nami! I'm hungry!" He grinned, suddenly happy taking her hand and trying to pull her away.

"Luffy... I just want a minute alone... with Ace, if that is okay with you?"

Luffy rose a brow, it seemed a strange request, but had no objection to it, he smiled and walked away back to the Sunny.

"Don't be late..." he just said.

"It'll be just a moment"

She turned around and glimpsed at the inscription on the grave,

"Ace... will you just look at him! I'm sure you are very proud huh! Quite the Pirate King he has become. Although he still is a lot of trouble" she joked.

"Although... he misses you... he just acts like he doesn't" She took a deep breath, pausing.

"So Ace... what can I do? He IS happy I know that, but... that hole that he carries deep inside... only a miracle would be able to fill it huh?"

She paused again, but did not expect an answer.

A gentle breeze shook the hair, a ray of dim light of the first dawn of the morning went between the clouds and bathed the woman and the tomb in front of her in a soft light.

A bright smile appeared on her face.

"I see, don't worry, We will take care of him!" and smiling, she returned to the ship where her family was awaiting for her.

A month and a half later, when analyzing a blood sample from Nami, Chopper scratched his head and checked the results again and again ... He could not understand what had gone wrong with the effective prescription he prepared for the navigator... what the StrawHat doctor didn't know is

.. that the Will of D, works in mysterious ways and it is ... unstoppable.



So you girls, watch out for the Will of D! Mwahahaha. Anyway, I hope you enjoyed this fic!

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