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As if Sent From the Sky
Chapter 11: True Pirates

The corrupt ex-marine Captain, Nezumi, had spent several years behind bars after he was court martialed for corruption after the whole mess with Arlong and Cocoyashi village was brought to light. He was discharged in dishonor and lost his pension and by the time he was released from prison, the world had changed.

He had no other alternative than to accept the only job he could find as a lowly seaman in a merchant ship whose main trading route cursed all over the East Blue.

And so it was by pure chance, that fateful day the Blue Marin docked at the port of Cocoyashi village transporting a shipment of textiles... and it was fate it seemed... that on that particular day Nojiko was strolling at the sea market buying fresh fish, her small nephew on her arms.

The man's hateful eyes fixed on the figure of the blue haired girl, he leaned over the railing, smirking evilly.

"Nojiko-chan, long time no see", he said, sneering, Nojiko gasped when she heard his voice and was startled by his appearance, except for his eyes and mustache, the man had changed almost beyond recognition, life, had not been kind to him. He was slightly hunched, bald and very thin; his face was wrinkled and leathery, the result of working long hours under the sun.

"Nezumi" Nojiko gasped, unconsciously holding her one and a half year old nephew tighter against her chest.

"I see life has been kind with you, Nojiko-chan". Truly, she looked beautiful.

"What are you doing out of prison" the woman demanded with harsh eyes.

"I served my sentence, and now I'm just a humble sea worker..." and his expression morphed into a hateful scowl, "All because of your sister and that stupid rubber freak!" he snarled.

His eyes scanned Edd's features, the toddler's hair was several shades darker than when he was born and had turned a very dark chocolate brown, but several reddish strands shone when he was outside under the sun... the shape of his face however...

Nezumi stroked his whiskers with his dirty greasy fingers, "You know, I'd heard that your sister is that idiot Pirate King's personal whore"

"I won't allow you badmouthing my sister!" Nojiko snapped, the people around her started to gather and many gasped when they recognized Nezumi as the Marine whom for YEARS ignored their pleas of help.

"Auntie.." Edd whispered tugging at Nojiko's blouse, "I hungry"

"Auntie?" Nezumi said, eyes widening... "I thought it was yours but now that I really look at him..."

Nojiko gasped and her hand flew to her nephew's nape, hiding his face on the crook of her neck.

"Not now Eddie" she whispered, her hard gaze returned to Nezumi.

"He is the son of my husband's late sister, what of it?" she snapped quickly. The fear on her eyes however told Nezumi otherwise.

"Yeah... your husband's sister..." he grinned.

"HEY YOU!" Gen-san said appearing on the scene, "You are NOT welcome in this town or this island for that matter!"

"YEAH!" a random citizen snapped from behind, "Don't you dare placing a foot here after what you've done!" another screamed. A crowd started to gather in front of Nojiko and soon the captain of the Blue Marin had to intervene, sending Nezumi under deck and ordering him to stay there until they finished their business on the island.

But... the damage had already been done as rumors would soon start to course all over the seas.


Chopper and Luffy were having a great time over the North Blue as winter was long and harsh in the continent's farthest islands; sailing under heavy snow had become the norm, so much that Franky had to install a greenhouse for Nami, Robin and Usopp's plants so they would survive the harsh conditions.

They stopped in every port city, rested, explored and often fought local crews with barely an effort, solved local conflicts and of course, made new friends.

Without them knowing, a rumor started to spread in the underworld, of course nobody had taken Nezumi seriously when he reported in a local a Marine base babbling about a baby whom he swore was the Pirate King's son.

But as time went by he drunkenly babbled about it at every dirty tavern he visited over the ports were his ship docked, most drunks just dismissed his tales as nonsense but after a while the tale ended up getting repeated ...

"Hey, did you hear about Mugiwara having a hidden son over the East Blue?"

"HA! If that were true I'll rip his guts apart! F*king Mugiwara because of him I couldn't get the One Piece! I swear I was THIS close" a burly drunken man said.

"Yeah somebody said he looks just like the bastard! Curse him and his family!"

This kind of talk started to spread all over the seas like a disease, eventually reaching bounty hunters and powerful figures of the underworld that started to move in the shadows...

It was a game changer, if that rumor were to be true that boy held the key to control the Pirate King. It was well known over the seas that you couldn't touch the pirate King's nakamas and friends unless you wished for an ass kicking, so it was an easy conclusion assuming he would care for his son.

Over at the new government's HQ (The Republic) a blond man was stressing over a pile of reports... he was finding out that changing an institution over eight hundred years old was a difficult, if not monumental, task.

"Sabo-kun! Sabo-kun!" Koala irrupted in the dark office, it was late and most of the staff had retired for the night, the blonde man, startled, jumped from his seat and accidentally burned the report he was holding.

"Koala! Don't do that!" he snapped.

"Sabo, this is terrible, it's about a rumor that is spreading all over the underworld... a spy just told me..." she doubled over trying to catch her breath, "It's about your brother and..."

After hearing the news, the blonde man's eyes widened... it that information was to be true... he had to do something!

Of course he was surprised that Luffy would have a child, but he knew about his brother and Nami's relationship so he could easily believe these rumors held a degree of truth...

The East Blue... had Luffy left his baby with Dadan? No... he had to shake that thought away, the underground networks already knew about Luffy being from Goa Kingdom and besides.. Sabo didn't think Luffy would be dropping his child with the mountain bandits... Not even with Makino, it wouldn't be safe,

Nami.. she had family over the East Blue.. right?

He went to Dragon and revealed the news; his mentor just raised an eyebrow.

"Really" he said nonchalantly, his eyes never leaving the document he was holding.

"Yes! We have to do something Dragon-san, the underworld is moving to the East Blue at an alarming rate. What if..."


"What! it's your grandchild we are talking about you know!" Of course Dragon didn't even bat an eye.

"I think Luffy can handle it"

"But Luffy is all the way up to the North Blue right now!"

"Well then... it is a good thing Luffy has a trusty older brother looking out for him, huh?" the man smirked. Sabo's face brightened... basically Dragon was conceding him permission to go and do as he pleased. The blond man nodded.

"I'll send you a report by the usual means" and off he went at full speed. He took Koala and his crew and departed as soon as possible...

He was in the new world; so it was quicker if he just crossed the Calm Belt towards the North Blue following his brother than to search all over the East Blue by himself, since he didn't know were his supposed nephew was hidden... he had Luffy's vivre Card after all.

Sometime after that...

Luffy was in the middle of a snow fight with Chopper and Usopp when Zoro's voice could be overhead coming out of the main mast's speaker.

"Oi, there's suspicious Government Ship following us for a while now"

"Government or marines?" Nami asked taking Usopp's spyglass.

"I don't care if they are either, if they are looking for a fight I'll just kick their asses" Luffy said grinning, almost happy to have a challenge after so long.

"wait Luffy..." Usopp said adjusting his goggles, the sniper's face brightened when he spotted a particular blonde head.

"Its your Brother!"

"Ohh! SABOOOOO!" Luffy started to scream and wave furiously and leaned over the railing shouting his brother's name, Usopp and Chopper had to grab him to prevent their captain from launching over the other ship as it was still at great distance.

When the ship was finally at a distance Luffy could finally reach, the rubber man snapped and practically flew directly at his brother,

"Luffy wait!" But it was too late and both brothers barreled through the ship's deck, with Luffy straddling his brother, sitting on his chest with a wide, grinning face.

" SABOOO! I'M SO HAPPY TO SEE YOU! I HAVE LOTS OF STUFF TO TELL YOU!" Luffy said almost shouting to his face.

"Luffy..." Sabo said trying to pull away from his brother, his voice serious, and Luffy frowned pulling apart.

"Luffy, did you have a child with Nami-san?" the blonde asked without hesitation.

Luffy's face paled, his eyes widened in surprise.

"Sabo.. how did you know..."

"Luffy, there is a rumor all over the underworld, apparently someone said they saw a small child that looks just like you in an island over the East Blue" he explained.

Luffy bit his lower lip, he knew the extent of the power and reach the underworld organizations could have all over the world... but for them to know about Edd... they had been SO careful keeping the secret!. A mix of unwelcomed emotions cursed thought his frame... afraid, yes, he suddenly felt very afraid for his child's safety.

"Luffy" Sabo said placing a hand on his shoulder.

"I thought of going to the East Blue first but I don't know where you left him... is it a boy right?"

"Yes... I named him Edward..." Luffy said, his fists were balled, and shaking. Sabo nodded, standing up with his brother,

"Ace would have liked it" Sabo admitted, and his brother nodded, still looking very distraught.

As they talked the ships got closer and stopped next to each other, allowing for the StrawHat crew to board the bigger ship.

"Hey Sabo! Koala!" Nami said with a smile jumping onboard.

Koala walked to the other woman and offered a quick hug, in past encounters, both women had become fast friends, as they had found out they had a lot in common, specially being girlfriends of such hard headed brothers.

"Nami, I have to tell you something hard, but I want you to know we will help you" Koala said placing her hands on the other woman's shoulders.

"What Koala, you are being weird" Nami said with a nervous smile.

"Nami, I'm sorry to have to tell you this, but your child is in great danger" Koala said without further ado.

"What... are you talking about Koala! How do you know I have a child!" the navigator snapped, eyes frantic and wide.

"It's all over the underworld... as we speak, bounty hunters, Pirate Crews and hired assassins are moving towards the East Blue"

Nami went pale, her blood rushing to her feet , and were she not such a brave woman she would have fainted... a hand flew to her mouth...



Koala caressed her back , trying to soothe her friend, but Nami snapped right away from her terror.

"LUFFY!" She shouted and ran to him jumping into his arms and holding him for dear life "Luffy we have to do something..." as soon as she was secured in his arms, the damn broke loose and she started to sob uncontrollably.

Her baby, her small and precious baby!

She knew what the evil of the world could be like, if found, they wouldn't' have mercy with him.

"My baby..." she said brokenly between sobs.

Luffy stroked her head and then pulled her apart softly, "Calm down Nami, he's going to be fine." He said offering a reassuring smile. "We just have to go pick him up sooner than we thought ne?"

Sabo bit his lower lip... he knew his brother was placing a strong face for Nami's sake... he couldn't be prouder of his little brother.

The woman, blind confidence on him, just nodded weakly, eyes still scared, but a little bit reassured by his confidence.

"Sabo" Luffy said, suddenly turning serious and gazing directly at his eyes "Thank you"

The blond man nodded, "What are you going to do now?"

"What else,..." he paused and turned around, facing his ship "MEN!" He shouted, the rest of the crew had overhead the news, and they were just as worried about Edd's safety. As soon as they heard their captain's call however, their faces turned into determined scowls.

"We are setting course to the East Blue!"

"ROGER CAPTAIN!" They chorused, getting ready.

"Nami, set the course, we'll be sailing non stop from now on"

It was a race, and they all knew it. He needed Nami to concentrate and don't hesitate, she nodded.

"I think is best if we head to reverse mountain, Jump into paradise and then cross the Calm Belt towards the East Blue"

"I trust you Nami, take us to him" he said holding her gaze. Her confidence regained, she nodded and turned towards Sabo.

"Sabo... thanks for coming all the way here to tell us" she said and hugged the blond man briefly, in similar fashion, she hugged Koala.

"Ne Nami, when this is all over you will have to introduce me to your baby" she said.

"Of course Koala... thank you" they hugged and Nami jumped back to the Thoussand Sunny.

"UNFURL THE MAIN SAIL!" she ordered, Zoro and Sanji complied quickly.

Luffy turned to his brother, "Sabo... I hate to leave this quick after..."

"Shut up! GO" Sabo said grinning, "You bastard, you made me an uncle and you didn't even tell me Luffy!"

"I'm sorry Sabo! It was so suddenly and then we had to go hide Edd and..." Luffy babbled as they both walked to the railing.

"I know I know, but you have to introduce me to my nephew after he is safe. Promise?" Sabo said offering his fist.

Luffy's fist bumped into his brother's, "Promise"

"I'll be trying to talk to some connections and see if we can halt as much as the underworld as we can and prevent them reaching the East Blue...

...Good Luck, brother"

Luffy nodded.. "Thanks Sabo..." and jumped back into his ship.

"LETS SET SAIL! FULL SPEED AHEAD!" the Pirate King shouted.

The blonde man stood by the railing watching the fading figure of his brother's ship until it was gone... he sighed, and wished for the best.


It was to be the most difficult and arduous journey on the crew's history as they sailed day and night without barely a break, everyone's hands blistered as they handled ropes and riggings for so many hours, and stops at ports were brief and only to resupply.

When the wind wasn't in their favor the Sunny's cola engine worked at full capacity, often overheating as Franky sweated struggling to make repairs in record time.
Rain or thunder, the Pirate King's ship sailed relentlessly; it was a race against time.

Although something in Luffy's heart told him they would arrive on time, it was a certainty that pushed him to keep going, and his strong conviction, his absolute resolve helped Nami to bear the situation. If not for him she would be sick with worry and anxiety.

What would normally take several months, it took less than two with the crazy pace the crew was setting, and in the brief stops to restock Robin investigated any strange activity in the vicinity, bounty hunters or unusual activities or other pirate crews were on their sight.

One morning, a News Coo brought troubling news.

-Canela Village Terrorized by Prominent Grand Line Crew – the header said.
and the body read.
Frightened mothers had to stand by helplessly as the Cruel Pirate Alberan the Terrible analyzed their children and subjected them to extensive and violent interrogations looking for a particular child. The rumor that there exists a son of the Pirate King Monkey D. Luff has gained popularity after...

"Canella Village... is very close to Syrupp" Usopp said... very concerned.

No one was able to sleep right after that night, and upon entering the East Blue, they sank three pirate Crews that had nothing to do roaming the peaceful sea of East Blue, and Luffy didn't have the slightest of pity for them, he sank them without caring whether they survived or not.

They finally encountered Alberan the Terrible, and as his nickname denoted, he was a cruel man, his head was bald and tattooed with the emblems of the pirate crews he destroyed, he was very tall and lean, using leather pants, his chest was bare, sporting more tattoos of prominent crews he destroyed, reserving his un-inked back to the most important crew..

He used spiked shoulder pads and had big metal spiked plugs in his ear lobes, his ship was grotesque, it seemed to be made of spears, and in the bow of the ship, where the figure head should be, a bunch of spears stood with the decaying heads of enemies, pirates, marines and even civilians, the faces distorted by putrefaction, white, vacant eyes staring to the nothingness.

Sanji sneered at the display, even women and children were among the grotesque collection.

His flag was a skull with spikes coming our it.

The man stood by his railing, smirking at Luffy.

Alberan was Luffy's age, but had entered late into the new world; forced to submit to Kaido he had never the chance to compete for the OnePiece, and when the Yonkou fell, he did the smart thing at the time, he flew to Paradise, where he was free to terrorize remote islands that the new government didn't have the resources to protect.

His reward's amount was over five hundred million berries, in account of how cruel he was with the islands he razed, and his devil fruit was the Tain Tain no Mi... he was a spiky man.

He wanted to capture the Pirate King's rumored son in order to make the man bow before him and summit the secret behind the legendary weapons. In the end, he intended to kill both, the king and his young successor.

"Ohh your majesty" he said with sarcasm dripping from his voice while standing on his railing with his arms crossed. Luffy scowled at him, repulsed by what he saw.

Alberan produced a small spike with his index finger and started to clean his teeth,

"Well. I guess this saves me some time, it's too much hassle going to each pitiful village to check on all those disgusting children, not one of them looked like you so... "

"Why did you have to kill those innocent women" Sanji snarled.

"They were annoying, screaming about their babies, that chick actually tried to stab me from behind, ridiculous" He said glancing at a decomposing head on the bow of his ship. The poor woman had impaled herself on his body the moment Alberan sprouted spikes from his back.

Nami dropped to her knees, distraught, thinking on how Bell-mere died to protect Nojiko and her from Arlong... This poor woman, she could only imagine the terror she felt.

"You..." Luffy said, his right eye twitching in rage. He could only imagine what that beast would do to Edd if allowed the chance.

"You have no right to sail that flag. You are NOT a pirate" he ruled.

"What?" the other captain smirked, snarling at Luffy.

"So because some call you King you think you have the right to decide what the rest of us can do? You know, we can't all be a bunch of heroes like you going around saving islands!" He rose his fist, shouting proudly to his crew,

"Raze a city! Kill the enemies! Rape beautiful women and take all the treasure! That's what a true pirate is!" he ended with a smirk. His crew, a violent bunch of a hundred men, all of them looking very vicious and rough, skins fully tattooed with names of their victims just cheered in support.

"You make me sick!" and with that, Luffy launched to attack, followed close behind by his crew.

"Nami! Stand back with Usopp and Chopper!" He ordered quickly. The woman frowned, but didn't challenge the order...

Zoro understood his captain perfectly, Luffy didn't want Nami to see...

Yes.. Alberan was strong, but in the face of a enraged pirate King, he was nothing but a rag doll, as the king' knuckles destroyed every bone of his body, his deadly spikes, even hardened with haki, hadn't been match to Luffy's powerful blows.

"You are not a real pirate" Luffy repeated, dropping the man's body over the deck. Alberan had turned a bloody pulp of a man and was left barely conscious, the rest of his men were too hurt or... dead.

"Usopp!" Luffy finally shouted, when he jumped back into the Sunny.

"Burn their flag. They are a disgrace" he ordered.. The sniper nodded and was quick to launch a firebird star, which started to consume the ship's flag... eventually setting ablaze the whole main sail... and the ship with it.

The StrawHat crew sailed away as a pyre of fire raged behind them; they didn't look back, not even once.


Nami was leaning against the railing in anxiety... ahead of her, the island of Konomi, home of Cocoyashi village stood a few leagues away... just a little bit more and she will be reunited with her baby.

How big would he be now? Did he talk and walk yet? She smiled, thinking it was probable he did, since he had turned two a couple of weeks ago..

She hoped that everything was fine back at her hometown...

Suddenly... she spotted a dark and thick column of smoke coming from the direction of her village... terrified... she stared running towards the destination, her legs carrying her at top speed, her heart racing as the smoke got thicker, it was suddenly night and everything was burning.

"Nojiko! GEN-SAN! Where are you guys! EDD!" She shouted into the darkness around her.

The woman's eyes widened in terror at the figure that held her son ...

"noo... not him..." she whispered, and as much as she struggled she couldn't reach her baby. The figure smirked at her and the woman's eyes widened in terror.

The great shadow sank his claws on her baby and the woman let out a terrified shriek that only a mother could utter in such a heartbreaking way



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