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What will Luffy's decision be?


As if Sent from the Sky
Chapter 2, By Kaoru L.O.P.


Hours went by as Luffy thought sitting alone on the ship's figure head while Nami was being overwhelmed by all the attention everyone was bestowing upon her. They were sitting over the aquarium room and she was almost annoyed by all the questions and request to see her belly.

Finally, when the sun was almost touching the horizon, Luffy stepped down from the bow of the ship looking tired, shoulders slightly down.

Everyone stepped in front of him with Nami in the middle. Of course they both were the parents but any decision would inevitably affect them all, and Luffy was not one to beat around the bush.

"I guess everyone knows now... " he began, "...guys... we didn't want this to happen... but the thing is Nami is having this baby and we definitely can't have a baby aboard a pirate ship..." he said firmly.

Nami lowered her gaze, biting her lip.

Luffy carried on, his voice started to shake slightly, and the way he was making a fist and his shoulders shook just barely so were testament of how difficult the words he was to say were for him, "It'll be... our precious nakama but... the sea is so dangerous... so I've decided..."

Everyone was holding their breath.

"We'll go back to the East Blue... and Nami's to stay with her sister... if she wants"

Everyone gasped, a little surprised, "LUFFY!" Nami snapped.

"Nami..." he interrupted, making eye contact with her and halting her protest, "The Marines... nor anyone else knows about Nojiko... right? And the old-man with the windmill will be there too" he forced a smile, "And it's a nice village with good people! I know the baby will grow up with lots of friends there" he grinned.

Yes... he was smiling but his eyes were not, if you knew him well enough, and the crew did, you could notice his sadness and sorrow behind the facade. They admired him for having the strength to make the right decision even if it hurt, in fact, they all felt mixed fillings.

"but Luffy! I don't want to leave everyone!" Nami protested again, "And... if I stay.. wouldn't the government eventually track me down?"

"Nami... if you want to stay or not.. that will be your choice". At least he was giving her that much... Stay with her sister and raise that child with the risk that someone would eventually discover her identity... or leave the child entirely to her sister's care.

Everyone was too shocked to say anything or give any other opinion on the matter, because as much as they thought any alternative, they knew Luffy had already made his decision, raising the child onboard the Sunny was out the question, even if they were the Pirate King's crew the risk they took daily and the constant dangers upon them would be too much for a baby.

Besides... enemies would be coming swarming the second they found out the Pirate King had a child.

Finally, after a moment of uncomfortable silence it was Zoro whom, surprisingly grinned and rose a bottle of sake waving it in the air.

"Oi! I know this is a shocker but, we are supposed to have a new nakama, so we should celebrate... KAMPAI!" he said before swallowing a good gulp of liquor from his bottle.

Everyone stood in silence for a moment and then they all reacted at the same time, as if time was unstopped.

"That's right! This is a SUPER miracle!" Franky shouted making his super pose.

Nami smiled as a few tears rolled down her cheek as she saw how everyone started to get excited and started to prepare a big party to celebrate the news.

And so a party began over the main deck with drinks, food, decorations, music and noise celebrating this new life, this new nakama. Brook sang and played his guitar with an unusual amount of enthusiasm, because the miracle of life was a precious treasure for him after being witness of so much death and suffering.

Nami was moved by everyone's attitude, not a word of resentment was said to her and she loved them ever more, if that was even possible.

They were in the middle of the party when Usopp suddenly said with a smile.

"Oi Nami, and what do you think it'll be?"

"well... I don't know" Nami said, unsure.

"It'll be a boy" Luffy said, very sure of himself as he chewed a big piece of meat.

"Strawhat, it won't be what you want just because you say so" Franky said with a big pearly smile, a big bottle of cola on his hand.

"Luffy, Franky's right, probabilities are half and half" Chopper said, matter of factly.

"But I say it'll be a boy" Luffy said pretty sure of himself while frowning.

Zoro smirked and rose his bottle, Luffy always got what he wanted so... so once again, he would bet for his captain,

"So it is then, FOR THE PIRATE PRINCE!" He cheered.

Everyone stood frozen for a moment, but they all grinned accomplices smiles raising their drinks in the air.

"FOR THE PIRATE PRINCE!" they all cheered in unison.

Luffy smiled widely and very pleased, an alien feeling suddenly filling up his chest, like a sense of anticipation... of joy, his heart pumping wildly... as if... as if he was heading towards a new adventure.

He had never wanted a child... or at least hadn't thought much about it... of course when things with Nami had gotten intimate he had immediately thought about it, since Ace had been grossly clear about the subject.. if you had sex you made babies... so he had been a little worried because right then he knew babies and adventures didn't mix at all.

But Nami had been quick to explain that Chopper gave her a mysterious medicine that prevented the making of babies, and if Chopper said so then he was sure it was true.

But... that baby was there now, and if in spite of Chopper's knowledge this baby had decided he wanted to come into the world, then great! It would be welcome.

Nami just smiled and placed a hand over her flat belly... whatever the baby was, boy or girl, and even if she was terrified, she couldn't even imagine to end that pregnancy, it didn't even cross her mind and she wouldn't even dare to mention something like that to Luffy. As if her captain would ever accept something as horrible as to end a nakama's life.

Days started to go by after that, the idea of Nami's pregnancy was accepted by everyone and the navigator was shocked to find out Luffy was a very anxious expecting father, treating her as if she suddenly was made of glass, asking her if she was okay or if she needed Chopper constantly. It was cute to watch... she would enjoy it as much as she could.

On his part Sanji was being very attentive, much more than usual to the point where he was turning annoying. Her morning sickness passed soon enough and Chopper said she was in the middle of her second month.

She tried to calculate the date of conception... and almost blushed thinking about all the pirate parties that ended with her and the pirate king tumbling around any dark corner.

The navigator had already traced a route to the East Blue... but it would be complicated as they were on the far end of the West Blue... just at the other side of the globe. They would have to cross the west blue all the way to the reverse mountain, cross the red line, hope into the First half of the Grand Line (Paradise) and then cross the Calm Belt towards the East Blue...

Even with their ship and with good weather, it would take about six months... just in time for the delivery, she was also scared about Marines of rival bands of pirates finding out about her condition, so she decided to be careful and try to hide her pregnancy as much as she could.

But things were inevitably going to chance, and she knew it as soon as they docked in the first island after her pregnancy was discovered. It was an industrial city by all looks and appearances, long chimneys loomed over the horizon with black cloud coming from them, the harbor, full of merchant ships was a dirty, smelly place with murky water and a lot of sea gulls.

Sailors come and went with boxes of merchandise, many giving the new and strange pirate ship un-trustful glances as they passed by, but they kept at their business because this seasoned men of the sea knew that if a pirate crew meant ill intentions they would have come charging down with cannonballs first. This colorful pirate ship seemed to have come to resupply, and they couldn't recognize the flag as one of the crews that roamed the area.

"Look Robin! This city seems like a big commercial spot, I bet they have big stores!" Nami said exited as she leaned on the rail.

"Un, that seems like it, what If we make some special purchases... for your new condition" Robin said with a warm smile. Nami's face shone in anticipation.

Everyone else was getting ready to disembark because getting to know a new city was always exiting.

"Oi Nami!"

Nami turned around and was surprised by Luffy's hard look.

"HM?" she asked.

"I don't like it" he said simply, crossing his arms... everyone started to fall back slowly, a big fight was coming.

She gasped in surprise but coked her head to the side, placing a hand of her hip. "And that is because?" she began.

"Just do as I say" He said gritting his teeth.

"I won't if you don't give me a good reason" She offered calmly.

He snorted.. "its dangerous..." he said avoiding eye contact with her. Something Chopper had said about her condition had him... very scared actually.

"Dangerous? A petty city like this over the West Blue... Dangerous? I'm sure there are thief and shoddy people of all kinds here but come on Luffy, comparing this place to the New World, this island if a joke!" she stopped, he looked very uncomftable so she asked.

"Or is it that... you can feel strong guys?"

"No... I don't feel any strong animal or something" he explained.

"Then I'll be going, come on Robin" Nami said getting ready to jump ship.

He grabbed her fore-arm.

"Sanji" Luffy began, the cook, who was about to jump out in order to purchase supplies (and maybe find temporary love) halted immediately and glanced at his captain with full attention.

"Go with them". it was obvious it was a direct order.

"A date! With my Robin-chwan and Nami-swan!" the cook shouted as he pranced around the women.

Nami ignored the cook and stood in front of Luffy, making eye contact, "Luffy!, Do you think I can't take care of myself? Robin'll be with me you know!"

But Luffy had already started to walk away, hands behind his head, "I'm hungry, I'm gonna find some tavern, lets go Zoro"

And without further ado jumped to the docks bellow, with Zoro following close behind. Nami made a fist and growled, "LUFFY!" She called again, in vain as Sanji kept on prancing about them.

She knew... that since Luffy had ordered it and as much as she complained Sanji would come along. Luffy didn't feel like arguing with Nami about his decision... because he didn't even understand it himself...

Robin just smiled softly, "Its cute that he worries"

Nami snorted... it was the first week... and he was being all weird... but... Robin was right, in a way it was kind of cute... but as she glanced at the prancing cook behind her...

And she was going to get used to it, because from that point on, she seemed to have body wards whenever they landed.


By the beginning of the third trimester she awoke with Luffy's gaze upon her, he was grinning widely with a look of wonder all over his face.

"You can't see anything yet Luffy, I've told you yesterday" she said sitting up on her bed, but he still looked shaken, exited and was glancing at her in a weird way.

She sighed and pulled up her white simple strap blouse, showing her firm and flat belly underneath, he touched her carefully... and she was surprised to find he looked... kind of.. moved?

"Nami... today I woke up and I can feel... I can feel another nakama Nami!" He said exited, in his mind's eye, Nami was glowing twice as much as she normally did.

"What are you babbling" Nami asked confused, as his hand rested on her belly.

"Rayleight told me once, that part of haki was feeling the life of things..." he paused and grinned again, "Maybe.. maybe up till now it was so small I couldn't feel it... but now I can!" .

Name opened her eyes on surprise, she knew a little about Haki, as Robin had explained the concept to her years ago. She had been surprised to discover that what she had supposed were Luffy's natural animal instincts were actually a natural talent for haki. But she actually had no idea that Luffy could actually feel that much.

"So... that's why you always know how to reach everyone in time" she smiled softly, suddenly understanding more about him, suddenly understanding why he always got drawn to the stronger opponent.

He leaned over her, placing his ear over her abdomen... "it's a strong haki... but... small yet" he was, to put it simple, marveled, but just as quick as his serious moment came, it ended as he pouted childishly.

"Aww Nami, how long until it pops out?!" he sat on the bed and looked annoyed.

She was amused by his attitude and started to laugh, "Luffy, we still have six more months to go... I told you this yesterday... and the day before... and the day before..." she explained with a lot of patience.

He grinned again, placing his hat on his head and standing up, "Come on Nami! Lets have breakfast, the baby needs to eat a lot of meat shishishi!"

Nami just smiled and shook her head, following Luffy to the galley,

By the time she stepped in Luffy was already eating a mountain of pancakes with special syrup made of meat sauce that Sanji made just for him. Nami always found it a a gross combination but by now was used to Luffy's eating habits...

The moment she stepped in, Zoro, Usopp and Sanji stared at her with estrange expressions. The swordsman grinned

"Ohh what a good haki" he commented raising his glass in approval

"Yeah right?" Luffy said, grinning.

Sanji was shocked... he hadn't felt something quite like that and was moved about the miracle happening inside his Nami-swan's body. Women were truly holy beings!

"Nami-swan" he said approaching her with pleading eyes.

Luffy just mumbled, "Come on Nami, let him" it wasn't an order but Luffy knew Sanji would enjoy the feeling immensely.

Nami just sighed and uncovered her belly, "Ok, you may touch but if your hand goes anywhere but my belly I will charge you a hundred belly per second" she warned.

Sanji only grinned and placed his hand softly above her abdomen, a look of wonder on his eye, his unlighted cigarette between his lips. Chopper had explained the risks of smoking around a woman in Nami's condition and he refraining from smoking around her.

"Ohh I wanna feel too" Usopp said, having haki himself, if he concentrated he could actually see that Nami was glowing differently.

"Me too me too!" Chopper said jumping into the emotion.

"May I!" Brook also asked politely.

"Why is everyone so super exited?" Franky asked pulling his shades over his head.

"I think the prince started to show his haki today" Robin began. "Am I right?"

Zoro nodded and Franky started to cry fat tears of emotion, but he wasn't crying about THAT, damn it!... he was crying because Sanji had been chopping onions.

And so Brook jumped over the table and started to sing and a big party began all over again. Nami shook her head at all the craziness' going around her as they almost fought to touch her belly. Of course she ended up getting mad and threatening them all to charge a hundred thousand belly the touch.

A while later, as she gazed at the horizon, she took a hand to her lower abdomen... up until that day, being pregnant was just something she had been informed, a knowledge about her condition... but that morning, that morning she could FEEL. Perhaps she didn't have haki, but without a doubt, from that moment on she could feel that little presence that was growing inside her.

She caressed her belly... "I hope you know how much everyone already loves you... never forget that..." she whispered with a warm smile as her hair was caressed by the wind.


As the days went by, Nami noticed yet another change in Luffy's behavior, she would catch him gazing at her from time to time, simply lying there just watching, and when he felt was discovered, he only grinned idiotically at her. She could almost read the question written all over his eyes...

How much longer?

So it was a random afternoon that the captain was fishing in the company of Usopp, that the sniper noticed Luffy was strangely silent and he would frown from time to time, that was until the sniper couldn't handle it any longer and just had to ask.

"So Luffy, what has you thinking this hard man, you will burn your brain" he half joked while he lowered his fishing rod, looking at his best friend with a concerned expression.

Luffy's eyes wouldn't leave the ocean but after a moment he dared say.

"I don't know how to be a dad"

"Huh?" Usopp asked, not expecting that.

"Usopp! You had a dad for a while... how is it like?" he asked. He had never worried about not having a father, he and Ace had never had one, and Sabo's dad was an horrible, horrible dad. But he guessed Yassop was an a-okay guy, even if he had in the end decided to abandon his wife and child. He had known Dragon after the Great War but that man hadn't provoked any special feeling for him.

He was of course, grateful about the revolutionaries helping out in the War, but many people had helped at that time, ex- Whitebeard allies, Neptune's army, Princess Shirahoshi and her sea kings and a lot more of friends and allies he had known on his adventures.

Usopp had to think hard about an answer, because explaining things to Luffy required of a special kind of talent, he scratched the little patch of beard on his chin.

"mmm.. you see Luffy, having a dad is great, when I was very little before my dad sailed away to be a pirate we used to do a lot of stuff together, we went camping and he made me my first slingshot and we used to practice together. We used to play a lot too!" He said with a smile. Usopp always remembered Yasopp fondly, he didn't resent his father for going away to be a pirate.

Luffy smiled at that.

Usopp kept talking, "So Luffy... I know you didn't have your real father but... Ace took good care of you when you were little, and you also had Shanks for a while ne?"

"Yes but..." Luffy was going to protest.

"Luffy" Usopp interrupted, placing a hand on his friend's shoulder, "The way I see it, for that boy or girl...

"It will be boy!" Luffy protested. Because he wanted to go camping with his child and girls hated camping.

"Ok ok.. for that boy YOU get to be this child's Shanks and his Ace, understand?"

Luffy's eyes widened in surprise... he had never thought about it like that... he always was the little brother.. the one to idealize Ace and Shanks.

A smile was born on the Pirate King's lips and Usopp just had to smile at his awesome explaining abilities, he could glimpse in Luffy's expression that he had hit bulls-eye.

He was the Pirate King now, He was the cool person!

Luffy dropped the fishing rod on deck, suddenly looking very annoyed and flustered, he walked over to Nami who was reading over at her chair on the other side of deck.

"What is it with you now?" She asked rising an eyebrow.

"NAMI!" he shouted, he looked annoyed and a little angry,


"HURRY UP AND TAKE IT OUT!" he shouted

"What nonsense are you saying!" she snapped sitting up, it lead to a stupid discussion were Chopper had to intervene, having to assure his captain that no amount of wishing and wiling could make a child be ready to be born faster.

They just were by the third month,... and he couldn't handle the anxiety... and from time to time he seemed to forget that just because the baby was born it didn't mean they could go adventuring immediately...

Robin lowered her book as she gazed at the arguing trio shouting about the most silly discussion she had ever heard (that week) and she just had to smile... As usual, they had gotten in something totally unexpected, but this, she suspected, was going to be the most interesting adventure...



To be continued.


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