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As if Sent From the Sky
By Kaoru L.O.P.

A few days after Nami noticed the baby's movements, the expecting mother noticed that the little one had whole routine going on inside her, because it seemed that sometime the baby was quiet, like sleeping, and sometimes... it would wake her up, moving wildly in the middle of the night as horrible hunger overwhelmed all her senses...

For example, at three, in the middle of the night.

"Luffy..." the woman whispered shaking her partner slightly. He was sleeping face down, half his body hanging from the bed.


"WHAT!" he said raising his head, disoriented.

"I'm hungry" she whispered in the dark.

"So go to eat something, shesh..." he grumbled and his head dropped on the bed again, starting to snore.

"You damn inconsiderate!" she shouted as she kicked him out the bed, he was thrown to the wall were he landed face down.

"It's because this child has your damn appetite, and won't let me sleep!" She roared, "So take responsibility and get me something from the kitchen, I DON'T CARE IF YOU HAVE TO WAKE UP SANJI-KUN!" She turned into her full demon form, hell fire around her, raised fist and shark teeth.

No man on earth could withstand such rage, not even the Pirate King himself, so out he went running like he was being chased by the devil himself (he was...) to get the cook. At first Sanji gave him a good kicking for waking him up, but after he understood that Nami required his services he ran to the kitchen to fix her something. All in all, in the end Luffy ended up gaining a nightly snack for him.

A couple of mornings after that, Luffy was having his pancakes, pouring all the meat flavored syrup over them when Nami started to stare at his food like she was a hungry dog.

Luffy's senses were very attuned with everything that had to do with food, and had sensed the danger right away.

Nami had a estrange expression on her face, eyes wide and unblinking, a tread of drool coming out the corner of her mouth, she looked very much like Luffy when he was very hungry.

"Nami, if you want something else I can make you whatever you want my angel!" Sanji crooned from behind his counter.

But Nami's unblinking eyes were fixed on the pancakes.

"Gimme!" she said with terrifying tone of voice and crazed eyes.

"NO!" Luffy answered blocking his food with his arm and snarling at her.

Robin smiled and the rest of the crew stood static, Nami had always commented on how gross it was pouring meat sauce to pancakes (frankly they all thought the same).

Chopper suddenly had a realization and his eyes widened, "Ahh Luffy! I read on a book that sometimes moms have cravings when the baby wants to eat something in special"

Luffy looked at the doctor with a surprised expression... so... it was the baby who wanted his pancakes and not Nami...

His brow started to sweat, and with a shaky hand, clutched teeth and groaning dramatically in effort, as if he was lifting a ton of weight...

He took a mountain of pancakes with his fork and placed it on Nami's plate, looking immediately away at the opposite wall with an upset expression.

"MY EYES ARE WATCHING A MIRACLE! But wait, I don't have eyes to see! YOHOHOHO!"

Everyone stood by frozen in shock, and Nami, in her mental frenzy was unable to appreciate at that very moment the sacrifice and effort made for her and her baby as she dug into the food, eating with no manners whatsoever as her taste buds enjoyed the exotic new flavor of sweet pancakes with meat. Later she would be ashamed of it, but right at that moment, she was the happiest woman en earth.

"DELICIOUS!" she said speaking with her mouth full.

"Can you believe that..." Franky said pulling up his shades, his face awestruck, just like everybody else's. Of course Robin just laughed, amused.

In the end, Luffy just grinned and decided to recuperate his lost food by stealing extra from everybody else. Of course, the galley turned noisy again as everybody fought the captain for their food.


It was the sixth month and Nami had already an adorable little belly, but her mood was going from bad to worse, Luffy looked very tired, with bags under his eyes because she wouldn't let him sleep. Of course in the end he thought the easiest solution was to ditch her and seek refuge in the men's quarters...

He was swiftly kicked out by Sanji.

"Be a man and face the consequences! Even if you play dumb I know you liked to fool around with her and because of you Nami-san is going through a hard time, the least you can do is be there and support her! Shit captain!"

Chopper stepped in front of Sanji, "Luffy, Nami is facing a lot of changes and is uncomfortable, you have to understand that" the doctor explained.

But Luffy was really desperate, for the past few years, she had turned out to be a very sweet woman when she so desired – of course- and they had a very good relationship, she didn't really get that mad when he did something stupid anymore. But the last couple of months she had those episodes were she turned into a devil, bossing him around, demanding weird food and asking for foot massages, threatening him to throw him overboard if he didn't comply.

"But guys!" He begged from his place on the floor, "Nami's turned into a devil! I just wanna sleep a little!" he whined.

Zoro just crossed his arms and sighed, "I'm sorry captain, I really hate to agree with the love cook, but he is right"

"Zoooroooo" Luffy lamented, and that very moment a shadow blocked the moonlight coming from deck through the quarter's door and all men cowered back in fear.

Luffy froze and his hand clutched Zoro's dark red kimono, "You traitors!" he accused when he realized there was no salvation, as the shadow took the collar of his shirt and started to pull him back

"This is a mutiny! Nooo ZOROOO!" and was pulled out the room as the woman ranted.


He stood up, annoyed and faced her bravely, "WHAT YOU SAY? THIS ISN'T MY ENTIRE FAULT! YOU LIKE SEX TOO!" he accused.

True... but it wasn't... the right thing to say...

They lowered their heads for their fallen comrade as Luffy's screams and whimpers filled the night.

Usopp took his white hat off and bowed his head in respect.

"He was a good man" and they all nodded solemnly in agreement.


The West Blue was certainly a sea that had produced strong pirates in the past, and in those waters, unlike the peaceful East Blue, it was common for pirates to surpass the hundred million bounty mark, however, not one of them could be compared to the strong Crews roaming the Paradise half of the Grand Line, and much Less, the New World.

Basically, they were big fishes in a small pond.

But there was a Pirate, that acted more like a Mob boss, a big man with long, brown chest hair, very wide shoulders and a thick complexion, he wore a brown captain's jacket that he would leave open showcasing his fat and round belly. He donned a thick, brown mustache, but his nose was his weirdest feature as it was wide, thick and long.

In his youngest years, his ultimate dream was to be the Pirate King, and he gone to the Grand Line... only to retreat back to the West Blue when he lost his fleet and survived by miracle. He decided to try again later, with the intention of gathering a big fleet in order to conquer the grand Line. That never happened, because years went by as he gathered resources and when he finally felt it was his time to act... a young pirate had reached the ultimate dream, The One Piece.

He hated the current Pirate King with a passion; after all, he had been denied his big break, a chance to fulfill his dream. He had a fleet of thirty vessels, all armed with state of the art weapons, roaming freely as the Marines bases stationed in that sea couldn't compare with the ones over the grand line. Worse of all, the New World Government didn't have the resource to spare, concentrating their efforts in the main conflict areas, such as the New World and Marijoes.

He wasn't a particularly strong man, but he had a Legendary Zoan Devil Fruit, Zou Zou no mi, Model: Mamut, and even if that fruit made him a force to be reckoned with, it wasn't his main form of strength. Instead, he used cunning, planning and his naval knowledge on his favor, which made him an elusive character as well as a dangerous opponent.

He knew how to take advantage of his fleet, and had network of spies connected by a network of trained seagulls that kept him updated.

That is how he knew about the Pirate King roaming his turf. He started to devise a plan.


Six months, and it was Nami's scheduled appointed with Chopper, and the doctor always made Luffy participate of the event, even if the father to be didn't understand most of the medical concepts. However, Chopper had to recognize that at least Luffy tried and worried about Nami.

Chopper was listening to Nami's belly with his stethoscope, searching for a certain spot, and smiled when he found it.

"Hehe! The baby has a strong heartbeat! Come here Luffy, listen" the doctor said passing the instrument to Luffy, which smiled brightly as soon as he could hear, for the first time, that quick and strong heartbeat.


Nami smiled.

"So, is everything going all right doctor?" the mother asked with a warm smile.

"Calling me doctor doesn't make me happy, ASSHOLE!" the small doctor shouted as he danced around, but he recuperated quickly and nodded with a smile,

"Everything is going perfect, it's a strong, healthy baby..." but Chopper made a face and scratched his chin, as if he was thinking something else.

"What is it, Chopper?" Luffy asked

Chopper wasn't surprised that Luffy had picked up his indecision and nodded, "The thing is Luffy, here at Sunny I don't have all the medical equipment available to care for a pregnant woman. I'll like to make an ultrasound to her, just to be sure the umbilical cord and the baby are in good positions".

Luffy cocked his head to the side, confused.

"Ah Luffy, what Chopper means is that he wants to use a mysterious machine to look inside my belly and check if the baby is doing ok", Nami explained with a smile.

"Ahh Chopper, why didn't you said so like that! So where can we get this ultrasonar machine? And... do we really can see a picture of the baby?" He asked with his eyes glowing.

"Ultrasound, and yes, we could watch the baby but the image will be fuzzy, you will be able to see his shape and also we will finally know if it is a boy or a girl" the doctor explained.

"It will be a boy" Luffy said serious.

"Yeah, we know Luffy, anyway, I would feel more at ease if we could check Nami with that"

"And where can we do that?" The captain asked, interested.

"Any modern city should have a clinic that has one, but Luffy, we can't just go into a clinic and ask for an appointment..." Chopper said.

"If anyone found out..." Nami began...

But Luffy was looking serious, hands on his hips, he just suddenly grinned, "Don't worry! I have a great plan, Shihihi"

Chopper and Nami shared a look of uncertainty.


A few days later, they found an island with a modern looking port city, it resembled Logue Town only this city looked even more modern. It was Robin the first to land and enter the city in incognito; she was, after all, the specialist in this kind of things.

By the next day, she had everything ready.

"I've rented an hotel room and made an appointment in a local clinic. Fortunately for us there is a merchant ship that just arrived at port, so if anyone asks, we are tourist and are traveling aboard the Crusader. I've told the clinic that we will bring our own doctor and that we only need to rent the equipment. It would be best to arrive in the Mini Merry, before dawn.

While Robin was talking, Usopp was working hard on Luffy, giving his hard work a little touch here and there.

"Ok, I'm done but try not to touch it too much" the sniper said glancing at his hard work. "But I've gotta say Luffy, I made an excellent work! Not for nothing people used to call me Usopp of the thousand disguises!" he said pointing at himself. Even if he was a great warrior of the sea... he was still a liar.

A few hours later, they had registered at the hotel, and were once again walking like couples, with Nami and Luffy, Zoro and Robin, and Chopper dressed with a sky blue hooddy and glasses, he passed as a child as he rode on Zoro's shoulders.

They looked like a family having a stroll together, Zoro's fedora, glasses and mustache made him look quite distinguished.

Luffy was happy with his long haired wig that he had tied in a ponytail by his nape and his dark sunglasses, Usopp had placed a small fake goatee on his chin.

Of course Luffy couldn't help to write MEAT (albeit with horrible handwriting) a letter in each finger of his left hand and made a LAW Impression over breakfast. (ROOM! MEAT!) It really was hilarious and they had they fun for a while.

Poor Law, all the way over the New World just sneezed violently.

Nami and Robin of course had risen to the occasion and were wearing nice summer dresses, with the navigator using a yellow dress that was fit on her upper torso but had a full skirt that dissimulated her pregnancy and was using the Straw Hat, since it didn't look as suspicious on her. Robin was using an emerald colored dress draped in the front and short to the middle of her thighs, she was also wearing sunglasses and a white straw hat.

They arrived to the modern looking clinic and upon entering, they found the typical waiting room, with a receptionist behind a desk at the back of the room and some comfortable looking couches to sit.. and wait.

Many couples with women in different gestation stages awaited their turn. Robin went to the counter and announced that they were there for their appointment, and the receptionist, of course, told them to sit and wait.

"I'm bored..." Luffy complained after a minute went by, a stack of magazines was on top of the coffee table, and he glanced at them (out of how utterly bored he was).

Chopper's face went pale when he noticed just someone on the cover of a sensationalist tabloid, fortunately it wasn't a good picture of Luffy and half his face was covered by his straw hat, only his grinning smile could be glimpsed.

it read below his picture.

"Look Nami!" Luffy said grinning and pointing at the magazine. Nami went pale and violently took the magazine away, covering it with other less dangerous ones as she shot Luffy a dirty look.

After waiting for a while, Nami just had to ask to go to the bathroom, Robin and Chopper went along with her as Luffy sank on his chair, extremely bored and making long faces.

Just next to him, there was a lonely man that had a tired aspect about him, grey bags under his eyes, blond ashy hair, red eyes and a boring grey shirt with brown pants.

"Your first child?" the man asked, starting a conversation with Luffy.

Sitting across them, Zoro couldn't help listen to the conversation.

"Ehh? Ohh yes.. "Luffy answered without thinking much about it.

"Ha! You don't know what you have gotten into! I'm by the third one and I haven't sleep in four years! Or... is it five?" the man wondered out loud, "How far along is she?"

"Huh?" Luffy asked not understanding the question.

"Its her sixth month" Zoro answered.

"Ohh yeah.. that's right Chopper told me this morning" Luffy said punching his hand.

The other man just patted him on the back in sympathy, "Ohh, the cravings! And the bathroom breaks in the middle of the night..."

Luffy nodded, someone understood his pain! "Yeah... " he moaned.

"And the foot pain, and the mood swings!"

"Yeah..." luffy said this time dejected sinking in his chair, was this guy a wizard and he somehow knew Nami?

"And the worst is yet to come!" the man said dramatically, "Do you plan to watch the delivery?"

"The what?"

"The birthing, when the baby is born, do you plan to see it?"

"Oh.. I hadn't thought about it, I guess I will" he said

"Well, some people say it's a miracle, but personally, I think is horrible, the first time I fainted". And because Luffy wasn't saying anything the man continued to rant.

"Ahh and my poor Ania, with the first baby she was screaming so much I didn't know what to do! And I freaked out when I watched all that blood! So horrible"

Luffy's eyes widened, "Oldman, blood? How come?"

"Boy! Don't you know what a birthing is about?"

"Of course I do! The baby pops out when its ready, right?"

The tired father just laughed heartily and Zoro just had to smile at Luffy's simple way to put things,

"My boy!, it's not a bun that you can take out the oven when its ready, no! Its horrible for the woman, first she will be in a lot of pain as the bones of her hips start to widen to let the baby out, it tears their body apart! And when the baby starts to come out it can hurt them and that is where all the blood comes, It was awful, I won't forget her screams, I thought she was gonna die".

Luffy went pale...

Such was the fate of the late Pirate Queen... wasn't it? He could clearly remember Ace telling him he choose the Portgas Surname to honor his late mother who had died at childbirth for him... His gramps wouldn't explain much either, but as far as he knew, his mother had also died at childbirth.

"Na... Nami could die?" he asked, shocked.

"Well yeah, some women die at childbirth"

Zoro looked at that man with a murderous gaze, "Oi oldman, don't you think you are talking too much?"

The man went pale at seeing such a scary looking man, even behind the yellow tinted sunglasses he could see Zoro's threatening eye.

"Ohh I'm sorry!" he apologized quickly rising his hands, "I let myself go, I mean, is normal to be scared but technology has advanced a lot and even if it still is a painful process it's rare for a woman to die at childbirth in this day and age"

But by the time Nami came back from the bathroom Luffy was still pale and the moment he saw her he embraced her.

"Nami don't die!" he whined.

"What is wrong with Luffy?" Chopper asked Zoro.

"That dude explained him childbirth, in great detail"

Nami was surprised and smiled a reassuring smile, placing a hand on his cheek. "I'll be fine"

A robust nurse came at that moment, she was holding a clip board and a bad attitude.

"Who is doctor Marimoa?" she asked.

Everyone snickered and Zoro gave Robin a dirty look, "Very funny" he grumbled.

Robin just smiled feigning innocence.

"That would be me" Zoro said, a touch of annoyance in his face.

"The room is ready. Is everybody going in?" the nurse asked.

"Yeah, we all will" Luffy said leaving no room for argument. Nami took his hand and her thumb traced reassuring paths on his palm, "Luffy... Chopper is the best doctor in the word, he won't let anything bad happening to me or the baby" she whispered

Luffy nodded, and felt a little reassured.

When they stepped into the room, they found the place to be simple but clean and modern looking, with a stretcher by the wall and the machine in a table next to it.

"Do you need a nurse's assistance doctor?" The woman asked.

"No, we are fine, we require privacy" Zoro said curtly. The woman just bowed and left.

Out of respect Zoro turned his back to Nami while she got comfortable on the stretcher and pulled up her dress, Chopper placed a bed sheet over her hips and legs to make her more comfortable.

The doctor took a T shaped device that was hooked to a video Den den Mushi which eyes pointed to a screen across the room and then spread a cool, transparent gel over her belly.

"Hihihihi, its cold and it tickles" Nami said.

Chopper just smiled and turned the device on, the Den Den Mushi's eyes were lit and the blurry black and white image of a small human shaped creature appeared on the screen.

Everyone, even Chopper, gasped in wonder.

Nami's hand flew to her mouth, there it was, her baby, her perfect shaped and small baby. A tear went down her cheek. Even Zoro was grinning and Robin just had the warmest, most loving smile anyone had ever seen on her face.

Luffy's breath caught on his throat, everything was so real now! It wasn't a pea sized baby anymore, he could clearly see the little feet and the little hands. Of course after a moment he just had to say something stupid, it was in his nature.

"Oh! Look at his willy! Its so long!" he said amazed, because something came out from the middle of the baby's legs an coiled around and around. He was impressed and his eyes bulged out. Zoro started to sweat, that wasn't normal, was it?

Nami and Robin just started to laugh.

"Don't be stupid! That is not his willy!" Chopper growled with shark teeth, "Its just the umbilical cords, its like a rope that the baby uses to connect with his mom to breath and eat"

Luffy started to laugh loudly, "Hahaha Chopper, for a momment I thought it stretched like mine!"

"TOO MUCH INFORMATION! " Zoro roared. Nami covered her face with her hands, totally embarrassed as Robin just chuckled.

"Look there" Chopper said with a smile pointing at a little thing that floated, "Yup, you were right Luffy, it IS a boy, and pretty normal"

Everyone just stood there silently with smiles as the little shaped figure floated there, and suddenly his little leg started to kick.

"Look! He wants to fight!" Luffy said, amused.

"He knows we are watching" Zoro said as he crossed his arms, satisfied that Luffy had created a warrior.

"Don't be silly, he is too young for that" Chopper corrected. "Let's take a picture of the baby so we can show the others".

They stood there for another couple of minutes with warm, thrilled smiles. Nami gasped when she felt Luffy's hand clutching hers and as she looked into his eyes... all she could see was love.

She offered him her most sincere, happy and love filled smile,

And both parents got the same feeling...

just a little bit longer.


To be continued-


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