AN: I know this is super short but it's meant to be super light and funny right now. Hope you all enjoy! PEACE!

Nudge's POV

Ugh. I thought as I surveyed one of my tops. I remember it used to be a cute lavender tank and now, it's covered in dirt and burn marks. Wait a second. Burn marks?

I ran through the tunnel that lead me to a large room, one where the flock usually hung out in. "Gazzy! Iggy! Get your asses over here right now!". Angel turned her head to me in surprise. Reading my mind, she nodded knowingly.

"They're in their room,".

"Thanks," I replied, and took off.

I wasn't 100% comfortable around Angel. I mean, I love her, and she saved us but it's weird having a prophet in the fam. That too in the youngest child. I know she can't help it, but I haven't forgotten the rampages when she made her "Leader of the Flock" campaigns. Max forgave her like that, which I was totally not expecting-it's Max-but then, I guess she's always had a soft spot for Angel.

Making it to my destination, I panted a bit before straightening myself up. Jeezum, a few months without having to run from something really takes a tole on your endurance. Reminding myself to work out more in our make-shift "gym", I burst into the room.

"Gazzy, Iggy, you two are so screwed!"

AN: So I had my mind blown yesterday when I saw my favorite band, Imagine Dragons, LIVE. IT WAS AMAZING. It was Wayne Sermon's birthday, so the entire stadium sang happy birthday to him. This sounds sappy as all get out but you could literally feel the music, a vibration in your chest. I met up with some friends I haven't seen in a while so that was cool, too. :)

That was really the only interesting thing I'm doing this summer besides camping for a couple days. Oh yeah, I probably won't be able to update as often as I am now so, sorry about that.

Lemme know if any of you have seen your favorite bands live, or love Imagine Dragons, or want to suggest something for the fanfic, I'm pretty much winging this(Get it? Wing-ing it? On a Max Ride fanfic?...I'm gonna stop :D).

Does anyone know something about an official Max Ride webseries coming out? I know about Piera Forde's channel but apparently this is a different one. Can you guys let me know what this is and when it's coming out? THANKS!