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(Ice Cream Shoppe AU)

Logically, she knows they could have met in a number of ways. They lived in the same city for so long they were bound to run into each other. But it feels like there wasn't any other way. It feels like it was their one and only chance. It feels like everything that happened had to happen the way it did for them to find each other.

Hans had to have horribly broken up with Anna after using her popularity to be voted student body president on August 12th. Anna had to have desperately needed ice cream to cry over on a Sunday when their usual ice cream parlor was closed. Elsa had to have uncharacteristically forgotten her phone in her rush out of the house. She had to have gotten lost without its GPS. She had to have reached Frosty's right when his shift started.

Because if not, he wouldn't have spilled her ice cream on her. He wouldn't have given her a coupon to make up for her wait. He wouldn't written his phone number on it along with his name, Jack Frost.

Because it was destiny really. Everything had happened the way it did so she'd get a chance-so they'd get a chance at love.

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