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(Hogwarts AU Part 1)

"RAVENCLAW!" bursts the Sorting Hat.

Elsa Arendelle let's out the smallest sigh of relief.

She walks gracefully toward the table of cheering students.

The next child, a stocky boy with long, dark gold hair, marches up to the stool.

Bjorman, Kristoffer ends up in "HUFFLEPUFF!"

Puffy-eyed, Ella Chapman looks quite morose. She ends up in Hufflepuff.

Henry Charmount dawns a cheerful demeanor and a forced smile. He's likely dissapointed to be a Hufflepuff.

Her wide-eyed cousin Rapunzel Corona looks ecstatic to be in Ravenclaw with her. She takes a seat next to Elsa.

The appropriately named Belle Dumas carries a book with her to the Ravenclaw table.

Marked by unruly red curls, Merida Dunbroch nearly runs to the Gryffindor table.

Mulan Fa likes to twist her shiny black hair as she waits to be told to join Merida in Gryffindor.

Then there's Jack Frost. It takes about 2 seconds for the white haired boy to be assigned to Slytherin. It seems an appropriate fit for someone with such a mischevious smile. He catches Elsa's gaze and winks.

She rolls her eyes and makes a note to stay way from Jack Frost.