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(Ice Cream Shoppe AU)

He's there just in time to catch the end of the pool closing rush. It's a tradition for some of these families to come to Frosty's after swimming. The little kids are cute. He loves the smiles on their faces when he gives them extra sprinkles.

Still, he's relieved when they clear out and the shop is nearly empty except for a few families and his coworker Ana, who goes by Tooth. Tooth is a college student going into dentistry, making her job at a cavity spawning ice cream parlor a bit odd. She has crazy hair, a blend of blue, green and yellow, and a ridiculously nice attitude. Tooth has become Jack's older sister.

"So why are you so excited?" She asks as she restocks the vanilla froyo.

"Do I seem excited?" He asks.

"Yeah and you keep glancing at the door. You're waiting for someone." She declares. She's not asking a question: she knows.

The clock strikes 6 and as if on cue, Elsa comes through the door.

Tooth grins when she spots the small smile the blonde gives Jack.

"I can take care of the shop for a while if you want to sit," she says.

He doesn't like the look on her face, it looks too much like the one Hiccup wore when teasing him, but he goes by the table where she's sitting and pulls up a chair.

They talk.

And talk.

And talk.

It's not until Tooth starts to pack up that he notices how long it's been. She notices too.

"Oh my," she says, "I should really get home."

"Let me lock up and I'll walk you to your car."

He gets up and starts putting up chairs and wiping down tables.

She joins him as she responds, "I actually didn't drive here today. I'm trying to walk more. Less carbon dioxide emissions."

"Then I'll walk you home." He smiles, pleased that their night doesn't have to end.

"Oh you don't have to-"

"I want to, besides it's already dark out, not very safe." He rationalizes.

She gives him a teasing smile, "Are you supposed to protect me from potential robbers?"

He flexes his arms jokingly, "Of course. No one will attempt to hurt you with these around."

She laughs. It's a beautiful sound that he's had the pleasure to hear all night.

"Oh and I can show you how to ride a skateboard," he lifts his board out of its storage spot to show her.

Her mouth opens, "No. No. No. No. These are heels, Jack."

He finishes the last table, grabs the board and walks out the door. She follows him out.

As he locks up he taunts, "So you're too scared to try?"

"Yes. Because I'm being practical. These are three inch heels. I will fall." She responds.

"Then take the death traps off."

"You want me to go try riding your skateboard, barefoot in the middle of the city?" She asks, incredulous at the thought.

"Yup," He's serious. He stops walking, "Come on."

She resists, only giving in to his demand when he starts tickling her.

She puts her shoes in her bag and hesitantly puts her feet on the board. She refuses to kick off so he uses his hands to push her and guide her.

He focuses on keeping her standing instead of how great is to hold her little hand. Well, to be gripped by her little hand. She's terrified for the first few minutes, but after a while, when she realizes she isn't going to fall flat on her face, a small smile creeps up on her face. She's still tightly holding on his hand.

They talk about skateboarding the whole 30 minute "ride" home. Well, he talks. It's something he's passionate about.

When they get to the steps to her apartment, she's laughing at another one of his cheesy jokes. He helps her out of the board and back into her shoes, then puts the skateboard to the side.

They walk up to her door. Before opening it, she turns to him.

"Thanks for tonight," she tries for some clarification, "It was a fun..."

"Date," he fills in boldly.

Elsa smiles and plants a kiss on his cheek. Then she walks inside.

Jack feels great. Sure it was just peck on the cheek but he's now pretty sure she likes him. Elsa Arendelle likes him.