Sky didn't think much of the doll when he saw her. Pretty, yes, but he couldn't deny it was overshadowed by the dread of trying to woo one like her. His main focus is that bright red uniform, a symbol of purity and the type of woman he'd avoid at all costs. But now a thousand bucks is at stake, and though Sky's rolling in the dough, and Nathan Detroit definitely is not, he doesn't want to waste it on the scrawny little New Yorker, whose been stuck on the same doll for fourteen years. That ain't Sky's style.

Dolls, he thinks, mentally preparing himself on how to go through with this, all the same.

After the initial shock of seeing how handsome the man who enters the mission is, Sarah's reaction is to not trust the man. Her grandfather is too relieved that they actually have a sinner in their small mission to notice the expensive suit, the finely trimmed hair, and he certainly doesn't seem too unhappy. She's had a few gamblers stumble in before, usually down on their luck and drunk and don't even know where they are. This one's different, and she finds herself rolling her eyes at this… this Sky (what kind of a name is that, anyways) can't be wanting to be redeemed. Even as she talks to him, she can sense he's up to something.

Gamblers, the twenty-six year old thinks in annoyance, all the same.