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When Ed woke up, he found himself in a hospital. Looking around, it appeared to be a military hospital, but with a smaller room and a locked door.

It's probably locked for secrecy about what happened…

Ed thought. He looked down to find that whoever brought him here was decent enough to not change his clothes.

"Oh good, looks like you're awake." A familiar voice said. Metal clanking rang throughout the room and irritated Ed's ears. The flattened on his head as a suit of armor got up and looked at him.

"Al? What's going on?" Ed asked.

"Hawkeye thought it might be a good idea to keep you here for a bit to see if there's any side-effects you didn't notice, you know, because of what happened…" Al began stuttering and mumbling with each passing word.

"I thought you said you were okay with what happened."

"I am, it's just that I was being stupid and childish earlier and really had to think about what you said for it all to really sink in." Ed looked down.

"I'm sorry for storming off like that, it's just...well-"Al cut him off.

"It's okay, I understand." Al looked Ed in the eyes. "Although, I suppose this does mean that I get to keep at least one cat~!" He said happily.

"You're still not keeping any cats." Ed said. Al hugged him tightly.

"I think I have to keep this one, though. I'm quite fond of it." Both of them laughed at the cheap joke.

"So, how long am I going to have to stay here?" Ed asked.

"Probably a few days or so. The colonel and lieutenant are just down the hall in similar rooms. You'll all be out before you know it." The two sat in silence for a bit before a loud crash rang throughout the air. Ed bolted up and his ears stood straight up and alert.

"Al?" He said questioningly.

"Yes brother?"

"What time is it?" Al looked at a clock.

"It's the middle of the night, no one should be up." That was all Ed needed to hear. He lept from the bed and dashed into the hall. He raced past a few rooms before coming to one with a cracked open door. He hesitantly looked through the small hole. There was a women dressed in a revealing black dress standing in the room. A dazed Havoc looked her in the eyes. He was silent as her fingers seemed to extend and stab him. Ed backed away slowly.

"Brother, what's going on? What did you see?" Al asked. Ed felt vomit rushing into his mouth and bent over. Al looked up to see Hughes and Mustang running down the hall.

"What the hell is going on?!" Mustang yelled. Hughes threw the door open. The woman was standing there and a boy had joined her. His palm branch like hair reflected moonlight shining through the shattered glass.

"Well, look what we have here?" The woman asked. "Three candidates for sacrifice, a man we toyed with because we could, and another in way over his head." She looked up. Without blinking, Hughes threw a knife and hit her in the forehead. She smirked, proceeding to stab him with her elongated fingernails. He blankly stared, falling to the ground. Ed looked at the scene unfolding before him before he was encased in shadows, literally. The wrapped around him completely.


"Brother!" He heard. The shadows wrapped tightly around his neck, slowly stealing oxygen away from his lungs…


Al watched as shadows consumed Ed. He couldn't do anything to stop them. Mustang whipped around and watched them spiral out of seemingly nowhere.

"Fullmetal!" He shouted.

"Brother!" The woman sigh.

"I didn't want it to come to this, I told them we should wait for the Promised Day to be closer, but they didn't listen. Oh well." The shadows then spiraled around Mustang and grabbed Al's limbs. "You are a candidate for sacrifice, so you'll get to live today, but we'll be back for you, young Alphonse." The shadows retreated, only binding Ed and Mustang's limbs. They dragged the two out the window and were followed by the boy and woman. Al simply stood there as the shadows slipped away. He watched as Hughes and Havoc slowly bled out on the ground. Al knew it was too late to try and save them.

"Why? Even now, as I watch two people get murdered and my own brother get kidnapped right before my eyes, why can't I cry? What did I do to deserve this?.. Mom...tell me why this is happening...tell me what brother and I did to earn this...why was I cursed with this solitude? Why was I cursed with this soul prison?" Al asked. "WHYYYYYYYYY?!"


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