I had this chapter half done and my plastic school laptop crapped all over everything I was doing and I lost the document! Oh well, I just read a fic about Levi getting a death note and killing titans with apples (don't ask, I have no idea) and decided to do take two!

Ed: We're all gonna die

NM: No, you're gonna die!

Ed: Why do you always pick on the main character in these notes?


Ed: (Slowly inches away)

NM: Steam sales are beautiful, both Portal games for cheaper that one companion cube earring at comic con!

Let's begin!

Ed woke up in a room slightly different than the one he was just in. It was smaller, had only two 'beds', and he was the only one inside of it. The hallway was shorter than the other one, too. He lifted himself off of the piece of metal.

"Oh good, I thought I'd have to wake you up and risk getting hit by one of my test subjects." Sage said. Ed looked at her.

"Test subject?" He thought for a moment. "You mentioned transmutation earlier…you're capturing military officers and conducting experiments on them, aren't you?!"

"My brother must've really underestimated someone as smart as you. That's why he failed. But, now that I have the perfect test subjects I can make the ultimate soldiers! Humanity can evolve further and truly be superior to everything on this planet!" She said before calming down. The man that was with her earlier opened the cell door. "Now come, subject seven. Preparations must begin immediately if we are to succeed!" She said. The man put a collar that looked like it was designed for a rabid dog around Ed's neck. It had a chain attached to it like a leash. The man unlocked the shackles around Ed's feet and yanked him out of the cell. They began to walk through the building until they came across a room that looked like an examination room from a doctor's office. Ed was shoved onto the examination table and the chain was locked to the wall. "Only a safety measure, can't have you running away before we're done!" Sage grabbed a clipboard and a pen before walking over to Ed. "Just think about it, if this all works you'll be the beginning of a new age for humanity!"

"So I don't get a say in this at all?" Sage glared at him.

"You have a younger brother, don't you Ed? Let's just say that if something were to happen to you, your brother could take your place without much of a problem." Ed was silent after that. Even if Al didn't have a body they could still do horribly inhumane things to him. Sage and her assistant ran around Ed doing things normal doctors would do; checking blood pressure, heart rate, height, weight, etc. It was as if he was just having a regular physical exam.

With a dog collar on.

The man dragged Ed back to his cell where an unexpected visitor was waiting.

"Colonel?" Ed asked. The black haired alchemist looked up.

"Fullmetal, are you alright?" Ed nodded and he was shackled to the wall again. The man turned around and looked at Sage.

"Bring the Flame Alchemist. We haven't a moment to loose!" She said as the man put the collar on Roy and walked him out of the cell in silence. After a few minutes the man showed up again outside of Ed's cell, alone. He was holding a metal tray that had a loaf of bread and a bottle of water on it.

"Where's the colonel?" Ed asked with a hint of fear in his voice.

"It's alright." The man said. "He's just getting his exam done. You don't have anything to worry about for at least a day or two."

"A day or two?! What are they planning to do with us?" The man sighed before opening the cell door.

"I can't tell you or they may go after my family." Ed looked down at the dirty cement floor.

"I understand." He said quietly. The man pulled a fold-up table out of the wall and placed the tray on it.

"It's all this cell gets for today, you should share with your friend."

"And if I don't eat?"

"They'll just force it into you through an IV or something like that." The man said before turning around and locking the cell.

"One more thing!" Ed said and the man turned around to look at him. "Why'd they take my hand?"

"They say the Fullmetal Alchemist is so great at alchemy he can do it by clapping, without even needing a circle. It's just a safety measure." The man said before leaving. Ed looked at the food before reluctantly tearing off a piece and slowly chewing on it. A few minutes later the man and Sage returned with Mustang and the man silently shackled him to the wall again.

"Our end of the little science project is almost complete!" Sage said with delight, as if she were a five year old making a baking soda volcano. "Once it is then the fun will start!" She said before walking away just as the lights in the hall shut off. Ed handed Roy the water and the alchemist slowly drank it.

"Fullmetal, do you have any idea what's going on here?" Roy asked.

"All I know is that they're planning experimenting on us. Probably something involving alchemy because she mentioned transmutation."

"Do you think they're trying to bring someone back to life?"

"That's a possibility, but she mentioned making perfect soldiers. Why would they need to raise the dead to accomplish that?"


"Have we found contenders yet?" Sage asked the team of scientists.

"We found one that matches the man, but it's hard to find what we're looking for that matches the boy." One replied.

"Keep trying. I will see the birth of a new day before I die and these soldiers are the answer! Try something, try anything! I don't care how small or unlikely it seems, it just might work!" Sage said. Another scientist held up a research book.

"This one would match the boy perfectly!" He said excitedly. Sage looked closely at it.

"Excellent work. Now, find these! We begin trial seven tomorrow night!"

Ooooooooh! I love doing stuff like that!

Ed: Stuff like what?
NM: Stuff where I know what's going on and my poor readers have no clue

Roy: Well, things are moving along quite smoothly

NM: A bit faster than intended, but we'll manage…I think

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