Ed: Don't you have school tomorrow?

NM: School can wait! I really want to get to the main plot of this story even if I stay up all night!

Ed: It's almost morning

NM: (Looks at clock) oh well

Let's begin!

"Fullmetal? Are you alright?" Was the first thing Ed heard while waking up. He slowly sat up and saw that he was back in the small cell with Roy. He looked around and saw that someone else joined him and Roy.

"Havoc? How long have you been here?" Ed asked.

"A few days. You've been asleep for almost a week, what happened?" Havoc asked.

"I don't remember. The last thing I can recall was being strapped to a human transmutation circle with a white cat." Havoc and Roy looked at each other.

"Well, that does explain a few things…" Havoc said.

"What do you mean?" Ed asked. Roy pointed to a mirror on the wall that had gone unnoticed by the young alchemist for a few days. Ed looked at his reflection for a few seconds before noticing some unwanted new additions to his look. Ed screamed when he saw his reflection. "No, it can't be true…I'm human…I can't be a chimera!" Ed yelled in denial. He turned his head and saw a snake-like object that hovered behind him. It was white at the tip and faded to a dark golden color at the bottom. Ed grabbed tightly onto it, ignoring his instincts that told him not to, and yanked harshly on it. He immediately fell over and almost passed out due to the strong rush of pain that came with the new appendage. Ed felt two things touch his head in an attempt to comfort him, but the only freaked him out more. He reached up to where his ears should be and felt only flat skin. He rubbed his hand around on his head until he found the objects that touched him.

Cat ears.

Giant, golden and white cat ears.

He grabbed onto the left one and yanked on it, as if he could rip it off and become human again or prove that this was all a nightmare. Waves of pain crashed down upon his head and he continued to harshly tug on his head. Mustang slapped Ed's hand away from his ear.

"What do you think you're going to do by that? They're not coming off, they're part of you now." Ed looked up at Roy with tears in his eyes. His hand a bit of blood on it from all the tugging. He sniffled.

"I don't care if they're part of me, I want them gone!" Ed cried.

"Look, they're not going to come off. No matter how much you hate it, this is who you are now." Roy said. Ed looked in the mirror again to see if anything else had changed. The only really noticeable change was that he now had cat-like fangs. But that paled in comparison to his new ears. Havoc bent down and began to wipe the blood off of Ed's head with the edge of his shirt. Ed's left ear flicked in irritation. Ed looked down in sadness and noticed something wrong.

Something was horribly wrong.

He quickly balled up to his chest before his subordinates saw what those horrible scientists had done.

"What's wrong Ed?" Havoc asked.

"Nothing." The neko 'boy' said. Mustang bent down and looked Ed in the eyes.

"It's okay, we can help."

"Not this time." Ed replied. Mustang picked him up and pulled his legs down to notice what was possibly the most horrific change of them all.

Ed was now a girl.

Before anyone could say anything, though, Sage walked up to the cell.

"I see you got used to those enhancements quickly." She said.

"Hardly, she tried, and would've if we hadn't stopped her, to rip her own ears off of her skull." Havoc said while wondering how science could possibly change Ed's gender.

"Oh well, she'll get used to them. Anyway, since we've succeeded once with subject seven I've been given the resources to expand our research with subjects eight and nine!" Sage said. A scientist none of them had seen before unlocked the cell.

"Where's your usual guy?" Roy asked.

"He gave his life for the advancement of humanity." Sage said and Ed remembered watching the man bleed out onto the circle. "Never mind that, tonight we shall make sure his sacrifice wasn't in vein! Tonight we will make another break through into the world or tomorrow!" The scientist put the collar around Mustang's neck and unlocked the shackles around his ankles. Ed tugged on Roy's hospital-like outfit.
"Don't go, they'll do it to you too." Ed begged. Her ears drooped and her tail moved slowly and almost lifelessly, reflecting the boy turned girl's sadness.

"I have to, if I don't they'll just use someone else from my team anyway, and I couldn't bear it if I let that happen." Mustang slowly followed Sage down the hall after the cell door was shut. Ed grimly inspected her tail. It was certainly odd, having a tail. Being able to feel everything that it touches was bizarre. Ed put it on her 'bed' and began poking it. Every time she poked the tail it would flinch and so would she. Havoc watched the girl in silence.

"It'll be alright Ed. The colonel's strong, stronger than he looks. There's no way that they could do anything to him." Havoc said halfheartedly. All of his attempts failed when alchemic light began to shine faintly all the way down the hall. Shortly after the light began shining Roy began to scream in pain. Havoc's look of hope turned into one of despair as he realized that nothing would ever be the same again after this was all over.

But they still didn't know one thing,

who would get Doctor Sage to make and army of chimeras?

Another one bites the dust!
Havoc: That's cruel

NM: (Shrugs) what can I say? I'm crazy and heartless

Roy: So, Ed's a cat now, what am I?

NM: I guess you'll just have to wait and see! For once I'm pacing (semi) properly!

See you next time, bye!