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Dash's pov:

I watched Danny leave with Alex before fallowing Lindia through the house. when we stopped at the dinning room i was surprised to see a place setting set with food waiting on the table. " would you like to sit and have your dinner master Baxter" Lindia asked gesturing to the place setting." um sure thanks" I said looking at the food and for the first time sense coming here noticing just how hungry i was. i sat down and began eating wondering were Danny and Alex had diapered to. after a meal of roast garlic chicken, mashed potatoes and salad and a small glass of red wine. I was starting to feel kinda funny. " um Lindia i don't feel so good is there some where i can lay down." I asked with a fogged up head. " of course master Baxter this way." Lindia said with a knowing smile gracing her face leading dash to the bedroom.

when we made it to a large wooden double door I looked at Lindia for conformation. " this is the master bedroom Master Baxter, Master Feton should be there waiting for you, have a good evening." Lindia said bowing to Dash before leaving. After Lindia left Dash opened the bedroom door to see a very nice suit. Plush dark red carpets lined the floor with medium stained wood, a coffee table and end tables each with a vase of blood red roses. black velvet draped curtains lined the the large window facing the back of the house. With black leather chairs in front of a roaring fire place. In the next room to the left was the bath room with a walk in shower big enough to fit four people inside with a frosted glass door. next to it sat a large Jacuzzi tub lined with candles and on the shelves sat soup and shampoo on one and all types of scented oils on the other. The sink sat to right of the tub and the toilet right across from it with a small cubicle and door for extra privacy. After exiting the bathroom Dash went to the door on the right of the sitting room which he figured must lead to the bedroom. Opening the door he wasn't disappointed either. The room was big with a four poster bed in the middle of the room along with black silk curtains around the bed. Upon the floor sat a dark red wood with the same plush red carpets in front of the bed with two black night stands on either side of the dark wood head bored. to the left of the bed was a door leading to the walk in closet and to left was a dresser made of the same wood as the head bored. Dash was about to head back to the sitting room but stopped when he heard a moan coming from the bed.

nones pov


Dash went up to the bed and pulled open the curtains to discover a very naked Danny laid on the bed. Dash was at a lost for words seeing Danny laying there with lust filled eyes and pupils blown wide. ?His legs spread giving a very clear view of his painful erection standing at attention between them. Dash swallowed and took a step forward wanting nothing more then to have Danny begging for him and soon enough Danny looked up at him. When their eyes met Danny froze staring at Dash trying to read his reaction. After a few pain staking seconds but what felt like hours to the two boys Danny spoke. " Dash... please.." Danny panted was all it took for Dash to lose any control he had. easily making his way on to the bed dash captured Danny's lips in a fierce kiss his hands pining Danny to the bed. Danny kissed Dash back with just as much force all the while begging with his eyes. Dash seeing the look on Danny's face smirked deciding to tease Danny until he was a begging whimpering mess. Seeing Dash smirk Danny gulped not liking the look on Dash's face but not being able to do anything about it. Dash started kissing Danny again. first on the mouth then his jaw then his neck all the while moving to his ears and nibbling and licking the shell while blowing his hot breath making Danny shiver every time. dash moved back to kissing and sucking on Danny's neck till he was satisfied with the large red mark before moving to his chest and taking a nipple in to his mouth biting, pulling, and sucking it till it was red hard and swollen the going to the other to give it the same treatment before moving to his navel and dipping his tongue in to his belly button. all the while Danny was whipping and squirming with all the teasing begging Dash to take him. " Dash please..please no more teasing I can't take it. "But I like teasing you Danny. " Dash said laughing at the look Danny gave him. Danny wanted to scream he needed to come and Dashes teasing wasn't helping any and he could already feel the wetness between his legs where his balls should be. he was uncomfortable with the vagina that was now ready and waiting for Dash. Dash continued to tease Danny with his tongue and month before he reached the head of Danny's penis which he noticed had gotten two inches smaller. Licking the tip and sucking on hearing Danny scream with need. [please Dash please. Danny screamed with tears running down his face from his frustration and need. feeling he teased Danny enough Dash told Danny to turn over. realizing what Dash planed to do Danny blushed and said " not there Dash." Dash looked at him confused. " between my legs under my cock." Danny said with a red face. Still confused Dash did as he was told and discovered a hole that wasn't there before and it was wet as if it was self lubricating. " What is this Danny?" Dash asked with surprise. " um my" Danny mumbled out embarrassed." Your vagina but your a guy.?" Dash exclaimed surprised. "yes I'm a guy but as a ghost I have both parts." Oh that's what you meant with gender doesn't matter. Well this should be fun." Dash said with a smile. Danny looked panicked thinking that Dash would go back to teasing him. How right he was. Dash lowered his face down to Danny's slit and stuck is tongue in and nibbled on his vagina lips making Danny scream in pleasure. Trusting his tongue in a few more times before removing it Dash replaced it with his fingers and started trusting them in and out watching Danny as he squirmed and tried pushing back on the fingers. Finally Dash deemed Danny ready enough and removed his fingers. Stripping his clothes off Dash stretched over Danny and kissed him reaching for the bottle of lube in the basket to coat his member. After feeling lubed enough Dash carefully stared pushing his way in all the while watching Danny's face for signs of pain. Getting only half way in before hitting a barrier Dash looked at Danny slightly confused. "It's okay just push hard" Danny said with his eyes closed. Doing has told Dash pulled half way out before slapping back in effectively breaking the barrier hearing Danny's scream of pain. Dash looked at Danny and saw tears coming out of clenched shut eyes and rolling down his face. "Danny are you alright?" Dash asked with a panicked edge to his voice. "Yes it was just the hymen breaking. just give me a few minutes." Danny forced out through gritted teeth. Dash just nodded and waited for Danny to move. when Danny finally rolled his hips dash started gently trusting in and out of Danny but quickly picked up speed. when Danny started to meet his trusts dash picked up speed again becoming a bit rougher. all to soon dash was losing control and needing release. Getting and evil idea Dash lubed one of his fingers and traced Danny's entrance before inserting said finger. circling the digit until he found the bundle of nerves inside that would make Danny see stars. hearing Danny scream dash picked up the pace slamming harder into Danny while pupping his finger inside hit his Sweet spot every time. All to soon both boys came screaming each others name. panting and shaking Dash rolled off Danny so as not to crush the poor boy who lay in the same state of utter bliss. once the after glow subsided both men decided a quick shower was due before bed.

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