Monroe looked back at Harry who had not moved from his position in the car. A polite smile was frozen on his face, his eyes taking on an almost glassy appearance as they locked on Nick's quickly approaching form. If Monroe had been a normal human he might have been fooled by Harry's calm act. However Monroe was not a human, but a blutbad with keen instincts who could smell distressed prey miles away. Harry was clearly troubled, though his body and face let nothing slip his scent was more than enough to let Monroe know how upset he really was. Monroe couldn't suppress the guilt that shot thru his body, the mini grimm had been nothing but kind and hospitable to him and here he was setting up a trap. (Admittedly not a dangerous trap, he was only making Harry meet up with Nick since according to Nick it seemed that the mini grimm was avoiding him. But still it was a trap no less… Originally the plan had been for Monroe to simply observe Harry and see if there was anything suspicious going on around his home. But when Harry offered Monroe a ride he quickly came up with the idea of going to the police station and staging the impromptu meeting. It was honestly pure luck that Nick had been outside the station! At first Monroe had planned to ask Harry to please wait using some form of excuse while he sneakily went to retrieved Nick.) Monroe was honestly half tempted to thank Harry and then tell him that he could leave. However, before Monroe could even really entertain the thought Nick was upon the car like a lion pouncing upon its prey.

"Harry! What a surprise to see you here. Are you perhaps here to take up my offer for that tour?" Nick was so eager to see Harry that he barely gave Monroe a glance. He bent down and leaned on the passenger side window and taking advantage of the rolled down glass Nick hung his arms so that they were partially in the car. This way Harry couldn't drive off until Nick wanted to move. Nick gave his trademark charming smile as if trying to appeal Harry into saying yes to his question. Monroe couldn't help but think that it kind of reminded him of the type of smile that a predator would give prey he was hunting.

"Detective Burkhardt, what a pleasure it is to see you again. It appears that my acquaintance is a friend of yours?" Harry ignoring Nicks question motioned towards Monroe in hopes of directing the topic elsewhere.

Monroe taken by surprise having the attention quickly shifted back to him, gave an anxious laugh, "O-Oh yah, Nick and I are good friends." He couldn't bring himself to look Harry in the eye and instead opted to look at Nick with a nervous smile on his face.

"He's just being modest; we have known each other for years." Nick not skipping a beat clasped Monroe on the shoulder. He gave Monroe a look that was a mix of approval and confusion. Clearly, he was trying to say good job getting the Grimm there. But he was confused on how Monroe had managed to pull the whole thing off.

"Is that so…" Harry couldn't help the dry reply that left his throat something about this situation seemed off to him. He didn't survive the war all those years ago on dull instincts he learned a long time ago to trust his gut. Oh, great he really was beginning to sound like Mad eye Moody. Harry made a mental note to try to tone down his general suspicion and paranoia of people.

"That reminds me I stopped by your shop a few times, but it seemed that I could never catch you. You always appeared to be out though your employee was present." Nick was quick to get the topic of conversation back on Harry. He wouldn't let him escape this time.

"Really? Well that is quite unfortunate." Harry couldn't help but look away as a little twinge of guilt shot threw him. In truth the wards around the shop let Harry know every time a customer or a return patron came near it. That way if he was in the back he or Dobby would know to go into the front of the shop. (Honestly, thou… business had been so sluggish that he might as well not have bothered putting them up. The only return customer he really had was Nick, and Harry was rather suspicious of his motives. The man's behavior so far was bordering on Stalkerish, Harry had a few stalkers in his lifetime. Some who were after his money, some after his body, some after his fame, and some even after his life. It was not something that Harry wanted to go thru again especially since he was starting on a fresh slate. Nick seemed to come into the shop at least three times a week, thank God that of recently it had lowered to two times. But still, that was a lot of visits, and he bought something each time as if trying to cover his tracks about why he was there. Nick would make small dry conversation with Dobby, inquire about Harry's whereabouts, and then buy something that he clearly did not need. Every time he came, he constantly asked about Harry it was the only subject of conversation that ever stayed the same. Seriously some of the things that he bought were plant glitter, a mini garden gnome that was enchanted to scream whenever the plant was photosynthesizing, a mini disco ball that would make the plant sway back and forth if hung over it, and a small machine that would imitate rain sounds when placed near one of the plants. The most recent things he bought from the shop was a pack of dirt and worm flavored gum and a small shimmer crystal that was used for decoration in the shop. The crystal wasn't even originally for sale!)

But where harry was apprehensive Dobby was downright distrustful of the man. He seemed to hate it when Nick came to the shop, purposefully heading to the front as fast as his long legs could carry him and telling Harry not to worry about it. In fact, Harry was sure that the only reason the Dobby didn't turn Nick away was because he knew it would upset Harry if he were to disrespect a customer. So as long as Nick bought something Dobby kept a cold and polite smile plastered on his face. It had gotten to the point where Harry didn't even bother to attempt to go to the front whenever the wards told him Nick was coming into the shop. He just let Dobby take care of it, it seemed to pacify Dobby that Harry was willing to stay as far away from Nick as possible and honestly Harry saw no reason to stress Dobby out about something so trivial. It was just so much easier to ignore the officer. But now he found himself in this awkward situation and he couldn't exactly tell the man that he had been purposefully avoiding him… "Is there something that you needed help with? Are vena and the rose bush ok? Dobby informed me that you bought a 50 pound bag of specialized fertilizer not to long ago. But before he could really ask any questions you quickly left the shop." It had peaked Dobby's interest because instead of just wandering in and looking listlessly around for something to buy. Nick had run in asked for the fertilizer didn't even mention Harry and ran right back out without his usual forced small talk with Dobby.

Nick gave a nervous laugh, "Oh no, nothing like that they are both perfectly fine. In fact, more than fine, I really have to thank you for that rose bush. I think I might just be in line for a promotion due to that little plant. It may very well be my bosses most prized possession with the way he treats it. Due to a small incident the rose bush had to be repotted into a different flowerpot. The plant is perfectly fine but my boss didn't want to risk using the wrong soil when transferring it." Nick was not exaggerating, one of the newbie detectives was so nervous that they accidently tripped while in captain Renard's office and knocked over the small rose bush on the captain's desk. The bush fell off the desk and the round pot it had been in shattered. Captain Renard actually lost his composure and physically snarled at the new employee before quickly returning to his usual collected self. The new employee almost wet himself in fear, rumor has it that the poor bastard ran out of the captains office as fast as his legs could carry him. Captain Renard sent Nick to go get some more soil that same day. He was very specific that it had to be from the same shop that nick had gotten the plant from in the first place. Renard had never seen a plant like the ones that the shop produced. He wasn't sure if special soil was required or not, but he wasn't willing to take any chances.

"Really well I'm glad to hear that, I was worried when you wanted such a large quantity of our special fertilizer even if the rose bush had to be transferred to a new flowerpot that was quite a large amount." Honestly Harry was only prodding about the subject because he was afraid that Nick had spread the remaining soil outside or something. The directions on the bag clearly said not to, but sometimes people did not read the directions thoroughly before use. The particular soil that Nick bought was very unique in that it was great for the magical plants that Harry grew. But would kill any form of regular vegetation that came in contact with it. (Harry found out about this side effect after he had done a few experiments with the soil on several different plants. He figured that the reason the soil did this was because of the nature of his magic. Even in the smallest of his spells the sense of death was present. The only reason that the magical plants in his shop could even hold up was because he raised them from scratch on his magic. But that in itself had its own side effects, Nick's boss was very smart to have sent him back to the shop. The plants required special soil imbued with Harrys death tainted Magic to survive. Regular soil would do absolutely nothing for them.) If Nick were to spread, it outside it would only leave black charred earth behind that probably wouldn't grow anything for a few years at least. In fact, Dobby would never have sold it to him in the first place if Nick was not already a confirmed customer of the shop who had access to two magic plants.

"Yah, about that… My boss kind of didn't want to take any chances and transferred it to a very large flowerpot the kind that you see in backyards for bulky decorative bushes and hedges. It's absolutely enormous, it's almost kind of comical to see that tiny bush in such a hefty pot. It took almost all the soil that I bought to fill the thing. There were only a few cups left when my boss was done. I used the rest to repot vena in a slightly larger pot too." Nick couldn't help the smirk that passed his lips when thinking of that mental image. The very next day after having given the soil to Captain Renard Nick came into work to find that the Rose bush had been replanted into a HUGE circular flowerpot. This thing was five feet across, five feet deep and about one foot thick. In the very middle sat the tiny rose bush all by itself. Honestly even if someone were to kick it with all their might, they would probably break a toe long before they would even put a crack in that thing. On top of that it took up a sizable chunk of Renard's office. Due to the lack of space its placement landed it right at the door of his office so that anyone who wanted to report to him had to uncomfortably scooch their way along the edge of it and the door jam to get in. Nick really thought that Renard did that on purpose to help dissuade people from talking to him so that he would be left alone. It was super heavy too! Nick tried getting it to move a slight bit so that he could get into Renard's office a little easier, but that thing was not budging to save his life! He had no idea how Renard got that thing in one night or even how he physically got it into the office! It would probably take around five men to move that item! On top of that Nick was sure that it was a fire safety hazard…

"Oh, well I'm glad that it was put to good use then. I'm also glad to hear that the plants are doing well." Harry was just relieved that Nick had used all the soil for the plants and didn't attempt to put any of it outside or something.

"Now about that tour-" Nick was quick to get the topic back on Harry. It had been a while since he had last seen him and he had no intention of letting him escape again. On top of that his behemoth of a body guard wasn't around and that seemed to be a big plus!

Harry quickly cut Nick off before he could go any further. Honestly all the guy needed was some candy and he would complete the disturbing picture of himself in Harry's mind, "You know I would love to. But I forgot my cell and if I don't go home soon Dobby will worry. I haven't told him where I am and I'm afraid that if I linger to long, he may think that Mr. Monroe here may have attacked me or attempted to take advantage of me in some way." Ignoring the slightly offended and alarmed look on Monroe's face at his words. Harry gave his best apologetic smile that he could muster. Truthfully Harry knew that Dobby would never worry about something like that. A simple man was absolutely no threat to the master of death after all. However, he might become curious if Harry was absent for to long a time and venture out of the house to find him.

"Oh well, that's no problem! You can call him on my cell phone after all!" Nicks cell phone appeared in his hand as if summoned by magic. If Harry didn't know any better, he may have thought that Nick was a wizard himself. However, he sensed absolutely no magic in him at all.

"Yes, but he often forgets his phone or has it on silent. Its best if I just go home and let him know personally that I am safe. On top of that I'm sure that you are busy. You really shouldn't waste your time on me." Harry was mentally pleading for Nick just to drop it and let him leave. He was wondering if maybe he could shoot Monroe a look of pity so that he might step in and save him. But one look at Monroe's face told Harry that he would be getting no help from the man. He was clearly wholeheartedly in agreement with Nick. At this point realizing that Nick truly was determined to not let him escape. Harry was wondering if it was too late to cast a Disillusionment Charm on himself or not. However… Even if he cast it, with them in such close proximity and with him having his car it would be a bit difficult to make a getaway without another person noticing if the two men stopped reacting to his presence all of a sudden and began looking around dazed and confused. The thought of using Obliviate on both of the men really did cross his mind for a few seconds but he quickly shook the thought away. He did not want to mess with another's mind unless he really had too. It was a last resort at best, on top of that they were right in front of a police station. He was sure that there were cameras recording somewhere, so even if he made the two men forget that this conversation ever happened if Nick ever saw the security footage then he would know that something odd was going on.

"Not at all! After all the motto is protect and serve. This is all apart of serving the community. I'm also sure that Monroe wouldn't mind if you joined in on our plans. We were just going to grab lunch together after all. Nothing to important or anything you are more than welcome to join us."

"Not me man, I am super stuffed I couldn't eat another bite! I ate at Harrys today and I could barely get out of his car I was so full. I have a full-on food baby going on here." Monroe patted his stomach and let out a satisfied grunt. Nick really hadn't noticed at first since he had been so focused on the Grimm in the car but Monroe was not kidding. There was clearly a slight pudgy bulge where his smooth abdomen had been just yesterday. Nick was originally suggesting a tour just to lure the young Grimm into spending time with him. But after looking at Monroe he couldn't help the thought that maybe a walk to burn some calories wasn't such a bad idea after all…

"So, then no lunch even better! Now our schedule is completely free! I had a huge breakfast and wasn't feeling that hungry anyway." Nick was silently praying that his stomach did not growl as he said this. He had eaten a light dinner the night before and then woke up late for work resulting in him skipping breakfast. Nick was planning on getting a huge lunch to make up for all of this, but it seemed that just wasn't going to happen today.

Harry could tell that Nick was clearly lying but seeing no other way out he picked up the phone and began to dial Dobby's cell silently praying that he did not pick up so that Harry had an excuse to go home. "I will just try to give him a call then…" 'Before you drop dead from hunger.' Harry said the last part in his mind. If it had been someone else Nick probably would have been able to fool them with his act. But Harry knew personally what hunger glinting in someone's eyes looked like. (At least Harry hoped it was hunger… Cause if not then that meant Nick was probably going to try to kill him or 'eat' him.) The Dursleys had made sure of that. As the phone rang Harry took a brief moment to think of all the times, he had been locked in the cupboarded with no food for days on end and how trivial it seemed now in the grand scheme of things. Back then his life had been so simple and his world so small. He was brought back to the present when Dobby's familiar voicemail picked up on the other line. Oh, thank God! He probably was in the garden or cleaning and forgot his phone in his room! "Hey Dobby, I just wanted to let you know that I am ok. I dropped Monroe off at the police station so he could meet up with is friend. Funny thing though, it turns out that his friend was Nick! You remember Nick right? The one who always comes to our shop? Well, it seems that he wants to take me out for a tour. So… I'll be home a little late today." Harry tried not to let his voice waver as he said this. He was just wondering in his head how long it would take Dobby to get his message. He was sure that as soon as he received it Dobby would bolt to his side like lighting and hopefully come rescue him from this awkward situation. But he couldn't help but give escaping one last attempt. "Well I left a message, but it seems that he is away from his phone. He tends to lose it sometimes so I still believe that I should go home and let him know that I dropped Monroe off safely.

"Oh well, I was actually going on my lunch break now. I could escort you there and then after you let him know that everything is alright, I could give you a quick tour of the park or the local shops." Nick gave a smile that would usually charm a person but to Harry only made him want to hex the guy.

Seeing no other way out Harry grit his teeth and gave a polite smile, "You know I think that I have been feeling a little bit of cabin fever anyway. I shall take you up on that offer of your tour to go see some of the shops." There was no way Harry was going to go anywhere with this guy unless it was in a public place. Not that Nick could hurt him but still it was the principal of the thing. He also didn't want him anywhere near his home, the wards would stop anyone with ill intent of course. But even if he just turned out to be a harmless socially awkward person. His behavior so far had been way to eerie. Harry's home was his sanctuary and the idea of having Nick anywhere near their just felt wrong. On top of that he was sure that Dobby would lose his mind and physically drag Nick off the property himself if he dared step one foot on it. Harry gave a small internal sigh when Nicks smile widened, and his voice became more excited. This guy was going to be one of those stalkers that tried to kill him he could feel it….