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Sif the Warrior

An older teenage Sif looks in her full-length mirror and smiles at her long golden blonde hair.

Today was the day, she would become an official warrior of Asgard. Thanks to centuries of hard work and a good word from Thor, she could fight along side her childhood friends in the many battles that Asgard may face in years to come. It was her destiny since birth, Goddess of War. Many Asgardians thought it was a mistake, as she was a female, but today she proved them all wrong.

She braids her long locks and then places her silver helmet over top. She exits her chambers and heads out to the ceremony.

Hours Later

"TO LADY SIF..." Thor says in a hearty voice.

The pub located just outside the palace fills with cheers.

Sif blushes.

"MY DEAREST FRIEND!" Thor finishes.

"Friend...Friend..." Sif forces a smile.

"Thanks." She tells him quietly under the cheers.

Sif scanned the crowd in the pub. Volstagg sat at the end of the table with his happy wife. Fandral next to Volstagg with a three girls around him. And Hogun sat in the farthest right corner with Heimdall.

But there was no sign of Asgard's youngest Prince, Loki.

Sif dips her finger into her glass of whiskey, stirring it. She licks her finger, and then takes a swig of whiskey.

As the cheers die down she turns to Thor, who was beside her. "Where is Loki?" She asks.

"Most likely sulking in his room. Loki does not usually enjoy events such as these, you know that." Thor replies.

"Oh...yes." Sif nods.

Thor puts a meaty arm around her and squeezes her close. "So how does it feel? Being an official Warrior of Asgard?" Thor smiles.

Sif tries desperately not to blush.

"It feels like I am living out my destiny." Sif says frankly.

"Sif, do not treat it that way. You did this on your own." Thor insists, giving her a slight shake.

"I know." Sif smiles.

"Well, you did have a little help." Thor teases.

Sif elbows him. "As if Thunder boy." She rolls her eyes.

Thor removes his arm from around Sif.

"Ouch, you hit hard." Thor laughs.

"Yes well, that's how I earned my title." Sif says in a saucy voice.

One Hour Later

The festivities came to a close an hour later.

Thor insisted on walking the slightly tipsy Sif back to her chambers.

"Thanks for escorting me." Sif punches Thor's arm lightly as they arrive outside her chambers.

"It is my pleasure my good Lady." Thor teases.

Sif rolls her eyes and snorts. She holds out her hand jokingly.

With a swift movement, Thor presses his lips to Sif's hand.

Sif's face turns a bright red.

"Oh." She says.

Thor smiles. "What?"

"Nothing..." Sif rubs her hand.

"Goodnight Sif." Thor bows.


Thor chuckles.

"Alright, get some sleep. I shall see you tomorrow in the training arena." Thor tells her.

"Night, Thunder boy." Sif winks and then disappears into her chambers.

Thor bites his lower lip as her doors close, holding back a laugh.

Sif immediately begins to change.

She removes her armor and then lets her golden hair out of it's now messy braid.

"Thunder boy?" She says to herself. "Really?"

She doesn't bother to put any clothes on, she just topples onto her soft goose-feathered mattress and curls up under the soft crimson red blankets naked.

Sif quickly falls asleep.

A Few Hours Later

Sif had always been a light sleeper, but because of the alcohol she consumed the night before, she slept more sound than usual.

That is why she did not hear the doors to her chambers open or the lean footsteps of someone approaching the bed.

It was not until she felt a tug on her hair that she jolted up.

Pulling the sword she kept under her extra pillow, she jumped out of bed.

"Who dares to enter a lady's chambers while she sleeps peacefully?" She bellows angrily.

A wide-eyed Loki stands in the dark room in front of her.

"Loki?" She says in a confused and angry tone.

"You may want to put some clothes on."

She can tell even in the darkness that Loki was smirking.

Sif quickly covers herself with her blanket.

"Why did you enter my chambers in the middle of the night without knocking?" Sif demands, lowering her sword.

"I never congratulated you." Loki tells her calmly.

"So you sneak into my chambers?" Sif places a hand on her hips.

"You sleep naked?" Loki changes the subject.

"I had too much to drink tonight and your brother escorted me back." Sif uses a saucy tone, knowing the that mentioning Thor would get on his nerves.

"I am aware." Loki says.

Sif head begins to hurt.

"Hangover." She mumbles.

"Congratulations and goodnight my Lady." Loki disappears into the darkness.

Sif hears the doors close and she flops back into her bed. Sighing with relief.

She was too tired/hungover to interrogate Loki right now, but it was suspicious that he had been in her chambers so late at night.