From Golden to Black

The Next Morning

Sif woke up the next morning luckily without a hangover. She rolls out of bed and quickly dresses. She then walks over to her mirror. Sif always brushed her long golden hair in the morning after getting dressed for a long day of training.

Sif grabs her brush, looks into the mirror, and screams in horror.

Her once beautiful golden blonde hair was hacked off into a short boy-ish hair style and the hair that remained was all blackened.

"Wha-" Sif begins to say. Then she remembers...Loki!

He had been in her chambers. Loki did this.

"LOKI ODINSON!" Sif yells, storming out of her room.

"I AM GOING TO RIP EACH AND EVERY HAIR OFF YOUR HEAD! PRINCE OR NOT!" Sif screams at Loki threateningly in the center of the dining hall.

Thor, holds Sif back as she attempts to break free from his tight grip.

"I do not know what you are talking about." Loki says coolly.

"My hair! You snuck into my chambers!"

"Lady Sif, what...what happened?" Thor asks.

"Loki snuck into my chambers last night and cut off my hair!" Sif grinds her teeth together.

"Brother is it true?" Thor asks.

"Of course not, she must of done it herself. You yourself said she had consumed good amount of whiskey." Loki insists.

"LOOK AT IT! It's all hacked off and blackened! Only a magic blade could have done this!" Sif tells Thor.

"Loki, if this was a harmless prank... you have taken things too far." Thor says sternly. "Sif, do not attack Loki. He means well...most of the time. He is just mischievous."

"I'm sorry. It was I. I did not mean for your hair to blacken. I just thought I'd give you a haircut that suits your new title." Loki sneers.

"BROTHER!" Thor says shocked. "Sif may be a strong warrior, but she is still a Lady."

Sif growls and gives Loki a look. "Let me go Thor."


"Let me go!"

Thor releases Sif from his grasp, she glares at Loki and then storms off quickly. She didn't want to reveal the tears beginning to form in her eyes.

"Well done Loki. You've upset Lady Sif." Thor sighs.

"Why don't you go talk to her, she is your companion is she not?" Loki shrugs.

Thor looks at Loki curiously. "What have you heard of Sif and I?"

"It matters not." Loki says quickly.

Thor ponders for a moment. "I believe it does brother. This was an act of jealousy, was it not?"

"Jealous? Of what exactly?" Loki brushes it off.

"Never mind. Loki, whatever rumor you may have heard about Lady Sif and I, it remains false. She is my dear friend, that is all. I know we were paired at birth to marry, but that rule has since changed. Men no longer own women since the day they are infants. While Lady Sif is indeed beautiful, noble, and strong she and I remind friends and only friends. So if you have feelings for her brother, you can and should act upon them. Not torment her." Thor advices Loki.

Loki rolls his eyes. "As if I would ever have feelings for the likes of her. Besides, she so obviously adores you. She sits on your lap like a dog."

"Just, go apologize Loki." Thor pats Loki on the back. "And do not do anything like that again. If I hear that you are sneaking into any of the other noble ladies' chambers at night, I will tell father and then personally deal with you. It is very unhonorable."

Thor leaves Loki standing in the dining hall.

Loki curses under his breath to himself and then heads out towards Sif's chambers.

Loki knocks semi-politely on one of Sif's doors.

"I-I am not feeling well Thor. I will not be going to the raining area." Sif calls from inside.

"It is not Thor." Loki says to the door.


"Go away Loki." Sif says in an annoyed voice after a moment.

Loki sighs and then enters her chambers.

"What did I just tell you to do?" Sif stands up from her pearly white vanity table.

She is dressed only in a crimson red satin robe. Her short boy-ish cut restyled slightly. Her eyes are tear stained.

"I came to apologize." Loki tells her.

"Oh? Well apology not accepted. Now get out." She demands.

Loki closes her doors.

"I am not leaving until you accept my apology."

"I wish you good luck then." Sif tells him. "Because I do not accept."

Loki sighs, he waves his hand and Sif's hair grows back instantly, golden and everything.

She looks in the mirror and is overjoyed for a moment until it turns black again.

"Why is it black?" Sif asks, annoyed.

"Be grateful it is long again." Loki tells her.

"What did you do?"

"I did nothing. It is your hair. Once you fulfill your destiny, if your hair is cut it turns black until you die. Asgardians do not need to cut their hair, as you know." Loki says.

"So...I fulfilled my destiny?" Sif questions.

"I guess you are the Goddess of War after all." Loki rolls his eyes.

Her eyes get wide.

"I suppose I should thank you then."

"Why?" He asks.

"Because this is proof that all my hard work paid off. I have fulfilled my destiny. I am on the right path." Sif sighs with relief. "Women really can be strong."

"Yes, well I always knew you were strong." Loki goes to leave her chambers.

"Thanks for re-growing it." Sif tells him.

"You are welcome." He bows politely.

"Why were you not at the celebration after the ceremony?" Sif asks.

"Not my scene. I'd prefer to work on my magic or read." Loki shrugs.

"Ah." She nods.

Loki turns to leave again.

"Wait!" Sif calls after him.

"Yes?" Loki asks.

"Why did you sneak into my chambers and cut my hair."

Perhaps I was jealous. Loki thinks. Why did I do it?

"Oh, you know me Sif. I'm always one for mischief..."

"Oh." Sif nods. "Yes."

"And I did not mind gazing upon your naked body either." Loki adds before running out of the room.

"LOKI! YOU BETTER NOT SPEAK OF THAT!" Sif yells after him.