Weeks had passed since Karin's visit, after coming to terms with the fact that her and Itachi just weren't meant to be she visited often and Sakura welcomed her in. The guys were amazed at how well Karin was behaving and learned that one of the many reasons she acted the way she did was because her home life was just as bad as Sakura's old life. Karin was simply finding ways to escape, whatever the cost may be.

After the first visit Karin returned with a peace offering consisting of treats and drinks, and even an apology to Sasuke, Itachi, and Sakura for her bad behavior. Karin had since started training with Sakura and Tenten, together the trio were beginning to be unstoppable.

Sakura couldn't be happier with the developments in her life, her strength physically and emotionally were as strong as could be and she had a healthy relationship with someone who didn't just have one thing on his mind. Her life was actually going somewhere, even the meeting with the organization went well. After discussing it with her new friends the unstoppable trio joined as well, they were to be under Itachi's command which was perfect.

At the moment they were all gathered in their apartment to discuss how the meeting with the opposing organization, Red Sand, was going to be carried out. The leader agreed to meet and discuss terms of partnership, no weapons were allowed only body guards. Itachi agreed to the terms and assigned Kisame and the trio to be his 'body guards' and accompany him to the meeting.

"We all are aware that this is a trap correct?" all heads nodded, "we will go in unarmed but ready to fight, so ladies that means wear your protective gloves and be aware. Kisame will be standing to my right and I want Sakura to my left with Tenten and Karin behind her, understood?" Again all heads nodded in understanding.

"When is the meeting?" Karin questioned

"It will be held next Friday night, so a week from now." Itachi answered her.

"Any other questions?" the group remained silent, looking at the clock Itachi noticed they had been discussing tactics till 2 in the morning. "Okay, then we go about our normal routine and we'll go over our plan again before the meeting." Everyone rose from the table and headed to their respective areas, Karin and Tenten said their goodbye's and headed home while Kisame just crashed on the couch.

As soon as Sakura entered the bedroom she shared with Itachi, she threw off her clothes and climbed into bed in her underwear. Too tired to find suitable sleepwear, Itachi merely raised an eyebrow at her antics.

Itachi was pleased with the way their relationship was progressing, they found they fell into a suitable routine that complimented each other greatly. Any one looking in on their relationship would think that these two people just could not work out, with the way Sakura was always dancing and singing as compared to the way Itachi would sit silently and read.

Of course no one really paid attention to the little signs of affection, Itachi and Sakura tended to stay away from public displays of affection. Any kind of affection in public usually consisted of a little peck here or there, and they never lasted longer then a second. This didn't bother the couple in the slightest, Sakura was happy with the little pats Itachi would give whenever he wanted to show her that he was happy with her and Itachi had learned to listen to the songs that Sakura was listening to, usually they conveyed whatever emotion she was feeling at the time, which kept him and others out of trouble.

However, in the privacy of their own room was something entirely different, the two could not keep their hands to themselves. Itachi found himself constantly restraining himself to keep from overstepping the boundaries that Sakura had set when she informed him that she still was not ready for the next step. After one of their late night makeout sessions, Sakura had let Itachi know some of her private thoughts and feelings.

Sakura was afraid that if she just gave in so willingly then Itachi would only want that from her, Itachi didn't comment on what she had told him knowing that no matter what he said her fears would remain. Instead he chose to show her how he felt and how he didn't care for the physical coupling that usually went hand in hand with a relationship. So far no problem had arose, the only thing that put the couple on edge was the fact that Gaara was still following them every once in a while.

It took a lot of convincing on Itachi's part to keep Sakura from confronting him about it, arguing that it could be used to their advantage. He had yet to inform her how, but she backed off and continued to act like she didn't see the annoying ex whenever she went out.

Itachi climbed into bed behind his girlfriend and pulled her flush against his chest, Sakura was already fast asleep so Itachi reached over to turn off the light that was still on by the bedside. Settling back into a comfortable position, he felt that something was off, trying to figure out what the feeling was he noticed that there was no soft music. Writing it off as Sakura being too tired to even switch on the radio, Itachi let himself fall into a light sleep with Sakura still tucked in his arms.

The following morning Sakura woke up to an empty bed, looking around the room she noticed two things. One: Itachi's car keys were gone. Two: there was a note on the bedside table.

'Sakura, there was an emergency that needed my immediate attention I don't believe it will take me long. I will tell you what happens when I return. - Itachi'

'Hm, I'm not surprised… Oh well better get up and get ready to meet the girls for training' Sakura rose from bed and walked over to the dresser to grab a pair of shorts and a shirt for working out in. Throwing on her sports bra, she walked over to the vanity to grab her hair tie and stopped, a feeling of dread gathering in the pit of her stomach.

She heard a weird noise from the front door, one that sounded like a weird click, she grabbed her gloves which were laying next to her hair brush. Throwing them on quickly she listened for any other weird noises, she could hear footsteps but they were light, like whoever was walking didn't want to be heard. The footsteps grew closer to her doorway, she rushed to stand behind that door to the bedroom in order to get whoever it was from behind. Listening hard she heard the footsteps stop right outside her door, forcing her breath to slow she watched as the door handle slowly started to turn. Forcing the adrenaline rush down Sakura stayed completely still as the door opened slowly, an adrenaline rush would only make her act rashly and right now was not the time to make a rookie mistake.

Whoever was opening the door poked their arm through the small opening, narrowing her eyes at a ring on the feminine hand she recognized a symbol on one of her fingers. 'So Red Sand decided to strike first' Sakura strained her ears to hear if there was more than one intruder. The door was opened wider and Sakura took the opportunity to slam the door on the arm that was poking through, the intruder let out a startled yell and yanked her arm back out, Sakura wasted no time in yanking the door open and grabbed the startled woman by the head and slammed her against the opposite wall.

Down the hall Sasuke yanked open his bedroom door, taking in the scene before him, he rushed to help Sakura, running past her he punched a guy who was coming up the hallway to help his partner. Sakura quickly rammed the girls head into the wall successfully knocking her out and turned to watch Sasuke knockout his opponent.

"Red Sand sent them" Sakura explained.

"How do you know that?" Sasuke questioned from where he was standing over the guy he had knocked out.

Sakura gestured to his hand, "he's wearing their symbol on a ring just like this girl is here." Sasuke bent down to inspect the ring and nodded his understanding.

"Itachi is gonna be pissed, we should probably move these two somewhere else…" Sakura thought out loud.

"Hey Sakura, we're here!" called out a voice from the front.

"Back here!" Sakura called back, Tenten walked into view and stopped at the scene before her.

"Do I even want to know?" Sakura couldn't stop the grin that came over his features at the look on Tenten's face.

"We'll explain later when we have everyone together" Sasuke answered as if there was nothing wrong with the fact that there were two strangers passed out in his hallway.

"How dare he think that he could move in on my home, attack my girlfriend and family, and then pretend that nothing happened!" Everyone flinched at the way Itachi was losing his composure, their usually calm and collected leader was not acting like himself.

The intruders were currently being held at on off site location that was owned by their organization, the Akatsuki, and were being guarded by some of their own. Part of the detail being Sasuke and Naruto to make sure that, if anything happened, Itachi would be informed immediately.

"Itachi, please try to collect yourself" Kisame tried to reason with his disgruntled leader. Itachi turned his narrowed gaze on his partner which had Kisame shutting his mouth and raising his hands in surrender.

Sakura shook her head at the way Itachi was acting instead of staying in the kitchen and listening to his rant, she decided to listen to music in the bedroom. At first no one noticed her disappearance but eventually they heard the music coming from down the hallway, Itachi's face twisted into anger and everyone took the oppurtunity to flee. Karin and Tenten made a beeline for the door with Kisame hot on their heels.

Itachi made his way to his bedroom and barely restrained himself from throwing the door open and yelling at Sakura. "I have fought and with flesh and blood I commanded an army, through it all I have given my heart for a moment of glory…" Sakura was singing along as she shadow boxed in front of their full length mirror. Itachi paused to watch her calculated jabs before walking into the room completely, taking a deep breath to collect himself he faced her.

"Sakura, the discussion was not over. Why did you leave" Sakura stopped her combo and turned around to face Itachi. There was a fire in her eyes that had Itachi's blood boiling instantly.

"Because you weren't even discussing our next step of action, you were just bitching and moaning about what happened" Sakura stated.

Itachi narrowed his eyes at his girlfriend, "I don't bitch Sakura" she rolled her eyes at his behaviour and turned around to continue her combos in the mirror.

Itachi closed the distance between them and made her face him, "Sakura I'm not done talking to you!"

"What the hell is wrong with you?! I don't understand why you're acting like this, this is not like you at all" Sakura exclaimed. "So what they showed up, it's not like it wasn't handled. This is not how our 'leader' is supposed to be responding to this kind of threat, what's going on?"

Itachi clenched his fist at his sides, "Sakura this is serious… You could've been hurt… How else am I supposed to react?" if Sakura wasn't standing right in front of Itachi she might've missed what he whispered.

Softening her voice, Sakura raised her hand to Itachi's face making him look at her. "So you were scared?"

Itachi looked away from her prodding gaze, Sakura tiptoed and placed a soft kiss on his cheek. "It's okay to be afraid for the people you care about Itachi, it's normal…"

"This is not normal Sakura, this constant worry and fear should not be present" Itachi responded a little harshly.

"Hey, don't be like that with me" the warning in Sakura's tone had Itachi's blood boiling again.

"Sakura…" Itachi started, she stayed silent waiting for him to continue "I just, I can't lose you, I just got you and I've never felt this way before. I'm not saying it's well... That but it's pretty damn close and I'll be damned if I have it taken away from me."

Sakura's face softened into a small smile, the softening of Itachi's tone had her stomach fluttering all over the place. Turning his face softly she leaned in to kiss his lips gently, returning the kiss Itachi took it a bit farther and coaxed her mouth into opening for him.

Forgetting their argument for the time being they just continued to kiss, not really minding the momentary distraction it provided from the stress of the moment.

Losing themselves in the kiss soon they were laying on the bed, the music in the background creating an illusion of time going by slowly. The beat giving them reason to enjoy each other's wandering hands and soft lips.

Breaking for air, the couple stared into each other's eyes getting lost in the emotions that were playing under the surface. The couple began kissing again, this time with more need in every motion. Clothes were being shed with no second thought, a decision was made and there was no going back on it now.

Sinking into each other, they let the music wash over their bodies late into the night. The fears melting away with each stroke and caress…

"If you don't find me on the front page, find a way to say that you saw me, and if you don't find me at all… Then I won't care.."

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