Adopted is the Keyword

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Mimi stared dispassionately at the growing pile of unopened love letters in her locker. On one hand, while she couldn't deny a physical attraction to the female form and especially that of the natural red head of an Asian sending said letters, the emotional attraction just wasn't there. And she was Chi's friend, she had no desire to lead her on and give her false hope. More to the point, throwing away love letters from a friend seemed mean in her mind. But opening them, knowing who it was from and what was inside, felt like she was somehow acknowledging and endorsing the feelings from Chi.

It was a confusing loop, and she knew she was probably overthinking it. Maybe she'd ask Junior later.

Right after she got his permission and signature to go on a fieldtrip later in the month. Normally she'd be tempted to stay home, but this was a bicycle museum.

She liked bikes.

"Well, if it isn't Lobster Girl."

Mimi almost grimaced as she closed her locker, leveling her red eyes upon the orangette named Mina Harper; a name which was ironic since she claimed her parents had never even heard of the same-named character.

"Yeah, glare all you want. Look, I'm just here on message duty. The councilor is getting annoyed with you missing the appointments," Mina informed, holding a paper out for the adopted girl.

Mimi took it with her usual lack of emotions. It was a simple note requesting her to be at the student counselor's office in the last period of the day.

Without hesitating, Mimi rolled up the paper into a ball and threw it into a garbage bin, making a perfect shot. With that, she turned and hefted her backs over her shoulder. She had been to one meeting with the counselor.


She nearly got expelled over that, but Junior apparently had a habit of being her hero...


"Okay, One, What? Two, the FUCK!?" Junior yelled as he glared murder at the large, blond security guard known as Eddie Frank, who stood next to Mimi with his arms crossed. The black haired girl sat on a bench in the principal's office with a bruised cheek and arm while handcuffed.

"Mr. Reaper! Please keep your voice down!" Principle Helga requested sternly.

"Oh, I'm sorry!" Junior said sarcastically before his glare returned. "I just skirted every speed limit between here and my office because I was told there was an incident with Mimi, who I arrive to find bruised and in handcuffs. Forgive me if I'm a little utterly livid," he said venomously, not taking his eyes of the principal as the security guard took a step forward. "Sir, touch me, and you'll be dealing with a lawsuit AND medical bills," Junior warned as he continued to have a glaring contest with the principal. "Now you have two minutes to explain to me why I shouldn't file charges, a lawsuit, or both."

Helga took a deep breath but held her ground. "Mimi, as you know, is asked to take sessions with the counselors to make sure she's adjusting to her new living conditions."

Junior took a breath to calm himself. "Yes, she goes to a therapist at least once a month. What does this have to do anything?" he asked with a failing attempt at patience.

"Your...ward," Helga paused, getting a nod of acceptance for her word choice. "Your ward had an episode of some sort where she destroyed much of the counselor's office and nearly attacked her before we had to subdue her. We tried to ascertain the issue civilly, but after another attempted attack on the counselor, we had to cuff her. The bruises were from her very, VERY violent resistance."

Junior looked at the two adults then looked to Mimi, who only glared at the floor. "Oh, you fucking idiots," Junior muttered in realization, wiping his hand over his face.

"Up until then, we were just considering suspension, but we're concerned-" Helga continued until Junior looked her square in the eye.

"Principle Shortman, Mimi has been back to school for three months," Junior stated with an even stare.

The blond blinked at the change of topic. "Um, yes, that's correct."

"In that time, has she had anything approaching an episode? Has there been either complaints or concerns brought to your attention regarding her or me?" Junior pressed on flatly.

"No, I checked after calling you," Helga admitted with a furrowed brow.

"Then I would like to have a talk with the counselor regarding what suddenly triggered her after a visit to her office," Junior all but demanded. "Or do you think that's not a factor in this?"

Helga held his stare for a moment before relenting with crossed arms. "Very well, she'll be here in a few moments."

"I can wait," Junior assured, looking to Mimi again. Her glare had waned, glancing up at him for a moment in apology before looking down in shame.

The glare immediately returned once the door opened.

"Principle He-" the councilor stopped, recognizing the two non-faculty in the room.

Junior gave her a warning look. "Is there a particular, reasonable reason you asked Mimi if I was molesting her, Ms. Roth?" he asked bluntly.

Raven wisely closed the door while Helga and Eddie looked very confused as to where that came from. "Mr. Reaper, I think you know very well that your situation is unusual at best," Raven stated professionally. "I am only concerned with her welfare."

"Oh, I'm well aware of how strange it is that I was allowed to adopt her," Junior admitted coldly. "But did you ever stop to ask, why the hell would the courts approve it?"

Raven raised an eyebrow at that, but didn't answer.

"Did you even look at her file?" Junior asked with a sigh.

"What file?" Raven asked in confusion.

Junior blinked, sharing a look at Mimi who looked equally bewildered. "What file?" Helga asked with a furrowed brow.

"Something that was clearly lost in the paperwork between the courts or her therapist," Junior murmured in frustration. "Before I decide who I might or might not sue, I need to make a phone call."

End Flashback

One cellular conversation with her therapist later, she was uncuffed and suspended while the mess was sorted out. Ever since, Counselor Roth had tried repeatedly to have another session with her, but thanks to that episode and Junior's agreement not to press charges, Raven couldn't compel a session or punish her for missing one without a valid concern.

Mimi also knew how potentially inappropriate her situation with Junior looked. She also completely and utterly did not care in the slightest. The idea of being in the same room as someone besmirching him or thinking he would force himself on her made her blood boil.

And if they did anything, it wasn't their business. Mimi had done plenty of research after that day to make sure she never got Junior in trouble. Here, she was technically a legal adult, albeit courts often treated sixteen year olds like minors still, hence her adoption. Legally, if she did anything with Junior, there was nothing anyone could do about it.

Though, given their current state, Junior probably wouldn't even consider doing anything remotely lewd with her for another two years if left on his own. Hence her home clothing of choice being daisy dukes. Even if it wasn't an obvious dress code issue, she probably wouldn't wear them to school.

To some individual's disappointment, if the hand on her rear was any indication.

"Hello, Mimi~" Chi greeted merrily in her ear, oblivious to the tick mark Mimi had gained. "I was wondering where you were, my darling little ninja! If I didn't know any better, I'd think you were trying to avoid me," she continued playfully.

No, not avoid, just dodge the unwanted physical contact. A point she made extremely clear when she grabbed Chi's offending hand and twisted it just enough to send the right message.

"Owowowo! Okay, okay, you're right, I shouldn't be so grabby in school!" Chi hissed under her breath, pouting when Mimi released her. "Come on, I can deal with Tsun and Kuu, but can't I get just a little dere!" Chi grumbled with arms folded.

Mimi raised an eyebrow at that comment, wondering if Chi saw the irony and potential offense in calling her a Kuudere.

"What? What, you can't tell me you're not a little Tsundere!" Chi defended obviously before realization dawned. "Oh, I am not apologizing for the Kuudere! You use sign language so rarely; you have to count as one!"

Mimi didn't really care to debate that, turning with a flick of her black hair.

The ends brushed by Chi's face, who gained a dreamy look as she caught the scent of Mimi's hair and shampoo. "Ahh, what shogun wouldn't go to war for that?" she asked with a lost expression.

Before blinking owlishly as the warning bell rang and realizing she'd be late.

Mimi, on her part, was happy she didn't share this next class with Chi. She doubted the girl could pay attention to much else if they had gym class together.


Junior leaned back in his chair, allowing himself to rest now that his workload was done for the day. He wasn't a genius or anything, he just typed faster than most of this office.

And like clockwork, he got five minutes of rest before another stack of files were dropped on his desk. "Reaper, I need those done by the end of the day."

"Boss, do you just have pent up resentment for my old man for breaking up with you or do you just hate it that much that I'm not terrified of you?" Junior asked in legitimate curiosity, cracking one eye to stare at the lovely but intimidating woman known far and wide as The Bitch; Or, Mandy Kramer, if you wanted to be polite.

"Shut it, Reaper, or you're out of a job," Mandy warned coldly before stomping off.

"Why aren't you scared of her?" his fellow cubicle drone asked from behind him, a young man by the name of Adam Lyon.

"Wonders of not being expendable," Junior answered as he sat up to give files a proper look. While not a genius, he was the right kind of resourceful and Mandy was a bad kind of boss. There was a high turnover rate in this business, thanks in no small part to her attitude. Her leadership was the thing that made it successful, sure, but that meant only the desperate, the best, and the lucky remained in her employ long term.

And Junior was definitely in the lucky department. During his early days under her employment, Mandy had lost several of her better employees to better offers or just flat out quitting. He managed to pick up the slack and pull out a few minor miracles when the company's prospects looked uncertain. The end result was that he became far less expendable than Mandy would like and her owing him a couple of favors.

It was hard to be scared of your boss when you were partially responsible for them still having a business to be tyrant of.

"Let's see now; Accounting because she doesn't trust our financial department. Inventory because everyone is overworked. And converting some old paper work into digital just because she wants to give me more work," Junior read off with a dry smirk.

"Would you like some help, Mr. Reaper?"

Junior glanced up to see the smiling face of Mandy's secretary/intern, known fondly as Minnie. Prim, proper, adorable, and the angel to Mandy's devil. "Ms. Nergal, as deeply as I appreciate it, it is so much more fulfilling to spite her by getting it done with an hour to spare," Junior assured with an amused snort. "Besides, I'm about to take that break she's legally obligated to give us, and I'm sure she works you more like a dog than me."

"It is hardly that demanding for me. Ms. Kramer enjoys handling her own affairs almost too much. I'm more of a transcriber at times than anything else," Minnie assured, turning with one more over the shoulder smile. "My offer remains if you change your mind, Mr. Reaper."

"Grim, you should really ask her out sometime," Adam stated flatly.

"Yeah, and the Boss will make life hell for one or both of us. Or doubly hell for me, just because she can," Junior grumbled as an excuse, even if he glanced at the blonde's retreating form. Oh, he wouldn't deny she was sweet and easy on the eyes, but he had a sneaking suspicion about that one.

Not to mention, life was already complicated and enjoyable enough with a black haired minx known as Mimi.

Speaking of which, he was unsurprised to find a text on his phone from her. "Please be the Bad Guy and tell her no."

He quirked a brow at that, trying to decipher that message; As if on cue, his cellphone rang with a number he didn't recognize. "Yo, Reaper Junior, where shall I direct your soul?"

"Ummm, Mr. Reaper? This is Chi? I'm a friend of Mimi's at school," Chi answered awkwardly.

"Ahh, right, the Pop Star Wannabe," Junior grimaced at that. "And I just realized how that sounds. Sorry, I meant the one that wants to be a Pop Star."

"Y-yeah," Chi answered, either embarrassed or incensed by his slip. Probably both. "I'm sorry to disturb you at work, but Mimi says you have weird hours, and I di-"

"Your place or ours?" Junior asked knowingly.

"W-what?!" Chi exclaimed in surprise.

"I'm assuming you want Mimi to visit or you to visit us afterschool, and possibly have a sleepover. So, which is it?" Junior asked patiently.

"Which answer do I have the better chances with?" Chi inquired hopefully.

Junior weighed the situation back and forth in his mind a bit before shrugging to himself. "Eh, screw it, having a friend over will do her good. Chi, I'm ordering some delivery of chicken and fries tonight. You in?"

"Chicken. Fries. Mimi," he heard her muttering in a disturbingly hungry tone. "I mean, yes! Yes, that sounds great!"

"Great. I'll pay for a meal for each of us- you want more than one meal, you spot the difference. Sound like a good deal?" Junior offered with grin.

"Perfect, I'll be over after school! I-If that's okay, Mr. Reaper?" she added quickly as to not be rude.

"Yeah, just try not to drool too much," Junior teased.

"D-drool, ov-over what?! Chi asked scandalously.

"Over the chicken? What else would you drool over?" Junior asked in mock ignorance.

"Oh, right, yes! The food, definitely just the food!" Chi agreed quickly, laughing nervously at her slip.

"Well, later, Chi," Junior said as he hung up, snorting once he did. "Notes to self: One, give Mimi two muffins for this. Two, put fear of god into Chi if she gets too handsy."

"And three?"

Junior wasn't scared, but he was a bit nervous when he looked up to see Mandy leaning on his cubicle with a small glare.

"Get back to work, Reaper."

"I'm on break!"

End of Chapter

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