Updated Announcement: 3/16/2021

Hello, everyone!

I hope that you all are safe during these strange times.

"Soulmates" will continue to be on hiatus a bit longer, although I'm finally seeing a light at the end of the-proverbial-"tunnel." I promise that I am not abandoning this crazy story. You see, I gave birth, and as a result, I am busy, sleep-deprived, and borderline crazy now. (I am a new parent! XD) Honestly, I just don't have it in me right now to write. In fact, I don't see myself returning to this story for some time, not until my mental state is better and sleep is, somewhat, caught up.

In the meantime, Mystical_Grace and I've posted a few chapters of our joint Jim Henson's Labyrinth fic, "An Absence of Stars," that we'd written some time ago. You can find it linked to in my profile under our joint account, Mystical_Starsong. I also have an Escaflowne one-shot, "If Only You Knew" hanging around. I'll continue to polish old "Soulmates" chapters and post the newest one whenever it is done. (Or if my muse returns from an extended vacation in the Bahamas before the next poopy diaper...)

Thank you to everyone who continues to read, review, and wish me well. It means so much!

Meghanna Starsong