Here's another Hey Arnold story that I had in mind in the works! Anyway, enjoy!

Helga yawned as she got out of her bed and looked outside. Helga groaned. "Great..."

It was a bit of a downpour outside as Helga sighed as she dug around for her umbrella. She muttered to herself, "At least Bob cares enough to leave a spare umbrella in the house... even if it is Olga's..."

Helga then walked outside in the rain, not bothering to call to Big Bob or Miriam, if they were up or here, that she was going out... not that they would care anyway...

Helga took a deep breath as she continued walking, having a destination in mind for today. Normally, she would follow Arnold just for a bit if her eyes caught sight of him, curious to know where he was going, but in particular, she was going over to Phoebe's place, where they both agreed to a small study group (Helga and Phoebe both already knew they were pretty smart on their own, but they were busy working on a project anyway). At least it was Phoebe that Helga was teaming up with. If it was anyone else, she probably wouldn't have gotten along with them... maybe Arnold, if she only gave him the chance...

Helga shook her head as she arrived at Phoebe's house and knocked. Reba Heyerdahl answered the door as she smiled. "Ah, Helga. Phoebe and we were expecting you. Come on in."

Helga nodded towards Reba. "Thanks, Mrs. Heyerdahl."

Helga took her coat off and hung it up, along with the umbrella as Phoebe was sitting at the kitchen table, smiling. "Hi, Helga. Sorry I couldn't come to the door, but mom insisted she-"

"Hey, Pheebs. Don't worry about it." Helga smiled as she sat down next to her. "Let's just get started. What do I have to do?"

Pretty soon, Helga and Phoebe were busy working on a small science project as Phoebe was humming to herself. She turned to Helga, who was holding the glue. "Careful with that glue, Helga. It's important that one simple touch, and..."

Phoebe paused as Helga looked over to Phoebe, curiously. "...and what? What will happen? Will it explode?"

Helga's eyes lit up in excitement. "Please tell me if I touch this thing, it explodes."

"Oh, no, nothing of the sort." Phoebe shrugged. "It'll just fall apart, that's all."

Helga glared at Phoebe a bit as the Japanese girl giggled. Helga gave a small sigh. "I don't know how to react to that, Pheebs... say, Pheebs, hand me that brush, will you?"

"Handing!" Phoebe chirped adorably as she gave the paint brush to Helga.

"Thank you..." Helga smiled as she put in a little red paint as she put a small heart and the initials 'A + H' on the bottom. Fortunately, it was pretty small as nobody would notice.

Phoebe looked over as she advised Helga, "You're... making your little crush... TOO obvious..."

"Am I?" Helga said as she looked at the bottom. "I can't help it, Phoebe. I can't get 'ice cream' off my mind."

"Don't worry, I know how you feel." Phoebe smiled. "I always think of 'chocolate cake' sometimes, so I know how you feel."

Helga paused in confusion. "Chocolate cake?"

"You know, he's... this guy I have a crush on. You know him." Phoebe smiled.

Helga just looked in confusion.

Phoebe sighed. "Red shirt, number 33."

Helga then snapped her fingers. "OH! That's the nickname for your 'crush'! I get it! Why didn't you just say 'Gerald'? It's pretty obvious you like him, like him."

Phoebe blushed. "But Helga, Gerald would never go out with somebody like me..."

"That's not what your little 'hang-outs' with him say." Helga smirked.

"He and I are just friends." Phoebe blushed.

"Are you kidding? Phoebe, you need to be a little more confident in yourself! Just hang out with him, okay? Give him what he needs, cherish him!" Helga smiled. "In fact... I bet even two bucks that you can't even kiss him... on the lips... on a date... on the weekend."

Phoebe's eye grew wide in shock as Helga inserted these random commands. "Helga, I don't think I can-"

"Oh come on, Phoebe. It's obvious you like him! Come on, what are you afraid of?" Helga said. "Besides, if you don't claim him... I hear he found a recent interest in older girls..."

Phoebe's eyes widened in shock as they started to narrow. Helga smirked. "Are those jealous eyes I see?"

"Er... no!" Phoebe blushed. "Fine, I'll hold your bet... but if I do get that kiss from 'chocolate cake'... you have to do something that I am about to say."

Helga raised an eyebrow. "Er, fine. What do I do if you win?"

"Stop hiding your feelings from 'ice cream'." Phoebe said simply as Helga shook her head in shock. "Come out to him, explain the reasons behind your actions, and furthermore, just say to him to at least consider the idea."

Helga stared at her wide-eyed. "Are you crazy, Phoebe? You know he- I-"

"I just recently heard from Rhonda that she gained an interest in 'ice cream'." Phoebe smirked.

Helga stared in shock, before her teeth started to grit and her eyes furrowing to an angry sort of look. "Where did you hear that?"

"You'd be surprised to hear that I hang out with Nadine a little bit." Phoebe said. "We often share stories with each other... don't worry, I didn't reveal your secret."

"Oh, good..." Helga sighed in relief.

"You should talk with Nadine, though. You'd be surprised she shares some interests that are similar to yours." Phoebe smiled.

Helga paused... as she shook Phoebe's hand. "Okay, deal. On the 'ice cream' thing if you get that kiss."

"Great!" Phoebe giggled. "Anyway, why don't we get back to the project?"

Helga just nodded as they continued with the project. Both of them thought to themselves, "Well, this week is going to get interesting."

Meanwhile, over at Arnold's boarding house, Arnold was talking with Gerald as they were doing their project. "Hey, Arnold!"

"Hm?" Arnold asked as he looked over to Gerald.

"You think me and Phoebe have a chance with each other?" Gerald asked.

"What brought that up?" Arnold asked in surprise.

"...I don't know, man. I guess I've been thinking back to all the girls I've flirted and/or dated with. Out of all of them, I found myself hanging around with Phoebe the most." Gerald sighed. "I mean, she's a really great girl, a very nice one... if only she didn't hang with Helga G. Pataki, though!"

"Hey, Helga's not THAT bad." Arnold said.

"Whatever you say, man." Gerald rolled his eyes.

"As for you and Phoebe... of course. I've seen you guys hang around with each other, the school has... they all think you may be the perfect couple... heck, even I wouldn't mind seeing you two together..." Arnold smiled.

"Aw, Arnold, you're just saying that..." Gerald said.

"Look, Gerald, all I'm saying... is give her a chance. You two have what it takes... that I believe in..." Arnold said.

Gerald paused as he smiled a bit. "I guess that's true... but if only I can just muster up the courage to actually go out with her..."

Arnold looked over at Gerald. "Gerald, you're a good person. I'm confident you can ask her out. Just give it a matter of time..."

Gerald could only nod as he looked up as the rain was clearing out of the clouds. "I hope you're right, Arnold... I hope you're right..."

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