It's been at least five years, but I'm happy to say that this story is at its final chapter! I'm glad I was able to get back to this, and I'll explain why come the ending and the ending author's note of this story! Anyway, enjoy!

Helga had to admit, making sure that the two kids walking together, one of them consisted of her very best friend, were being protected was not quite as easy as it looks. She kept a watchful eye out for any suspicious creeps that could easily jump the couple out of the blue. After all, even though Hillwood was a nice city, it can also be quite a dangerous place. Fortunately, she didn't have to worry about it all too much as she kept hiding in the shadows and turning each corners the tall haired boy and the petite girl had taken. Eventually, Helga got into a good hiding position where both Gerald and Phoebe were sitting down at the edge of a pier, overlooking the river.

She gave a nod as she pulled out the camera as she winded the film inside. "All right, film set, camera ready..." The blonde haired girl gave a smirk as she peeked out to see both Phoebe and Gerald acting shyly around each other, before turning back to the camera and turning a switfch. "Flash off... and here we go..."

Sitting near the edge of the pier, Gerald and Phoebe looked at the evening sky as it turned from a bright blue to a nice colored orange. Gerald couldn't help but give a small sigh. "You know, Pheebs, there's nothing I like more than watching the evening sky and listening to the running water of the river."

Phoebe raised an eyebrow as she asked the boy, "Are you trying to be romantic, or building yourself up as the perfect guy?"

Gerald immediately blushed as he bit his tongue. "Uh, what? I-"

"Because I think you're trying a little too hard." Phoebe said bluntly, causing Gerald to deflate a little. "I can tell. You want to be perfect for me, to impress me, to try and not be what you can be. I know you're a bit of a ladies's man, Gerald... let's face it, not a very good one."

"Ouch." Gerald said in embarrassment.

"But..." Phoebe said as the boy looked up to her and raised an eyebrow. "I appreciate you thinking of me. You don't have to act so shy around me, you know. You can always be yourself. Besides, heaven knows the many times we meet, we enjoy each other's companies."

Gerald looked at the girl in surprise, before giving a smile. "Er, yeah, I suppose that's true."

"Sure, we have our flaws, I want to be more smart than everyone else, and you do have a tendency to flirt with any pretty face you meet..." Phoebe started as Gerald raised his hand.

"Okay, hang on a second, Pheebs, I'm going to stop you right there." Gerald said as Phoebe raised an eyebrow. After a couple deep breaths, he continued, "Do I flirt with girls a lot? Yeah, but I can't help it. I have to be nice to the ladies somewhere. Sure, the girls I met can either be nice or manipulative..." Gerald paused as he shuddered a bit. "Heaven knows I met one that was manipulative... twice..." He turned back to Phoebe, "But you and I... we have this special connection, you know? I don't know why you hang out with Helga all the time, yes, but I look past that. You're a sweetheart through and through. And you say you're smart. Well..." Gerald smiled. "I kind of want a smart girl to keep me on the right path, you know?"

"And I want a boy I can easily trust, even if he tries to act a little too cool." Phoebe giggled. "I guess, in a way, we already found our compatible other."

"I don't know what that means, but I have a feeling it's a good thing." Gerald said as the two of them looked at each other with a smile as they subconciously leaned closer.

"Gerald..." Phoebe gave a smile.

"Phoebe..." Gerald whispered huskily as the two's faces leaned closer.

Helga's eyes widened as she noted the moment as she got her camera ready and aimed it at the couple.

Closer they went... closer and closer...

At that moment, Helga quickly noticed the lens cap was stuck on the camera. Yelping, she took a moment to remove it and aim it back before they... they...

Phoebe and Gerald closed their eyes and...

Their lips touched as their arms went around each other, and for a blissful moment, nothing was going to ruin it. Gerald felt like he was in blissful-


...that is, if Helga's camera wasn't so noisy. Gerald's eyes widened as they separated from the kiss, Phoebe a bit dizzy as her face turned red, looking up at her boyfriend. "What was that sound?"

Helga sweated nervously as she darted her eyes as Phoebe blushed heavily, still a bit dazed from the kiss. "The sound of my heart."

"Wha- your heart did that? It made a sound that sounded like film was rolling in a camera?" Gerald frowned.

"Yes." Phoebe giggled a little as she tickled Gerald's chin a little. "Honestly, my chocolate cake, you've got to have a little faith in our love."

"Chocolate Cake?" Gerald asked, raising an eyebrow.

Phoebe, realizing she had revealed her internal nickname of her crush to him, blushed. "Uh, well... because that's what you taste like. Chocolate... and you do have the fixings of cake every once in a while? The red shirts you wear can represent the red frosting?"

"Like a red velvet cake?" Gerald inquired a little further.

"Yes..." Phoebe said in a squeaky voice.

The boy paused as he tried to make of this dilemma as Helga, watching from nearby, sighed in relief. After a moment, Gerald gave a small smile towards the girl. "If I'm your chocolate cake, then you're my blueberry pudding. Because you taste of blueberries, my dear."

Phoebe looked rather surprised, before giggling a little. "Chocolate cake and blueberry pudding. An unusual dessert combination."

"And strangely, it works." Gerald smiled as he got up and offered Phoebe his hand. "You know, Phoebe, I had a lot of fun tonight. Does this mean we're..."

"Together?" Phoebe asked, before blushing. "Uh, that is, uh, if you want to be, what I mean is..."

Helga, watching the stammering girl blushing before her crush, whispered, "Come on, Tall Hair Boy, say it! Say it! SAY IT!"

The blonde yelped as she ducked back, realizing she said the last part out loud. Gerald heard it as he looked around, curious. He shrugged as he gave a grin. "We should do this more often, Phoebe. I really like you, and... I hope we can be more than friends."

Phoebe squealed a little bit as she gave the boy a big hug. "Oh, that sounds like an offer I'm willing to take!"

The two laughed as Gerald and Phoebe started to walk off as he looked over to Phoebe. "By the way, Pheebs, I don't know what goes through your head sometimes."

"What do you mean?" Phoebe asked.

"Well, even though I had a lot of fun on my date, maybe next time we do so, maybe we can find somewhere less crowded?" Gerald smiled. "After all, I'm sure a lot of others trust us alone."

Phoebe paused as she looked at Gerald with a look of surprise. For a moment, she wondered if Gerald knew Helga was there all along, and was polite to keep quiet about it. From nearby, Helga couldn't help but wonder that too as she looked over.

The petite girl in blue gave a small smile as she said, "If you say so. Hey, I know next week is my off day. If you're up for it, my parents raised enough money for two tickets to Dino Land!"

Gerald couldn't help but give a small grin. "Phoebe, you are a heavenly girl. Never change."

Phoebe giggled as she and the boy started to walk along their merry way. Helga couldn't help but keep an eye on them as she gave a small smile.

"Ahhhh... Phoebe really got her chocolate cake." Helga said as she gave a small smile. "I'm happy for her..."

After a moment, she gave a small sigh as she looked at the picture that started to make clear to show the big moment of Gerald and Phoebe kissing. She gave a small sigh as she said, "I guess I'm going to have to fulfill my end of the deal now..."

For a mere moment, Helga sat down as she looked up at the evening sky, pondering to herself.

The next morning, in front of Arnold's boarding house, both Helga and Phoebe were standing on the steps as Helga took a deep breath.

"I don't suppose there's any way I can get you to change your mind about the bet's rules?" Helga asked, giving a nervous smile.

"Come on, Helga. I confessed to Chocolate Cake. You're confessing to Ice Cream. That's the fair trade of it all. Look at it this way. You and him are already getting off to a good start for the week." Phoebe grinned.

Helga paused as she bit her lip. "Yeah, I suppose you're right."

With a sigh, Helga started to take a step towards the door. Phoebe backed away a bit as she gave a small smile and a thumbs-up. Helga felt a bit unsure at first... before shaking her head. Looking determined, she walked towards the door and...

Before she could lay the first knock, a familiar sound was heard as her eyes turned to the side. The Jolly Olly Ice Cream Truck had just turned the corner. That was the moment Phoebe noticed that Helga was giving a hidden smirk.

Much to Phoebe's confusion, Helga immediately turned around and flagged the Jolly Olly Man as the truck stopped near her. Phoebe was raising an eyebrow, wondering what the heck she was doing. After a few minutes, Helga was arriving with a Jolly Olly Ice Cream Bar in hand as she walked over to the blue wearing girl, still wearing the smirk on her face.

"You are not." Phoebe glared at Helga.

Helga, still holding the smirk on her face, lifted up the ice cream bar as she started to give a speech. "I love you, Ice Cream, you are always the most delicious thing I have ever tasted in my life!"

"Oh my God!" Phoebe slapped her forehead.

"Hey, the bet was if you got the kiss from Chocolate Cake, I would confess my love for 'Ice Cream'." Helga said. "You didn't say 'Arnold'."

"You used the nickname thing against me, and you know it!" Phoebe glared at Helga as the girl licked the ice cream bar.

"Oh, will you relax? Besides, I already made the deal I wasn't going to do the whole spitball thing on him for a month. We're already one week into that, and it'll be at least a few weeks before we get back to normal." Helga said. "Look at it this way. When I actually DO confess, it's going to be on my terms, not because you forced me to do it."

Phoebe opened her mouth as she said, "That's kinda hypocritical of you, considering the reason me and Gerald are together in the first place was because you forced that on me!"

"Well, look at it this way." Helga shrugged. "At least we pushed you in the right direction, right? Now you and Tall-Halr boy are happy together. And that's something I'm going to make sure you guys stay that way."

Phoebe could only glare at Helga... before giving a small smile and laughing. "Oh, Helga, you are such an enigma..."

"Hey, that's how I swing." Helga shrugged as the two girls laughed, walking off into the distance. At around that time, Arnold was opening up the windows just in time to see Helga and Phoebe departing as the boy raised an eyebrow.

"I wonder what those two were up to..." Arnold paused, never knowing what occurred between two best friends.

At least, not until a couple years later.

Orange Ratchet Story

"That's All, Folks!"

An Orange-Ratchet Fanfiction

And that is that for this story! How did you guys like it? All right, final thoughts!

When I first started this story, this was back when I was experimenting with other Hey Arnold pairings, and in the middle of my 'Oh Rhonda!' project. I wanted to have a story that focused on the secondary coupling of Gerald and Phoebe, since that was the second popular pairing. And, I find it cute as well. Plus, it gives some great moments not just for Gerald and Phoebe, but also for Helga and Phoebe's relationship. That was the main focus of the story, to see if I can do a Gerald x Phoebe story. Unfortunately, I stopped in the middle of it, and it was only this year that I looked it over and decided, this needed to at least be built up, looked at, and see if I can focus on different pairings. Turns out, I can! All in all, I had no regrets coming back and finishing up this story! It was all in good fun in the end!

But now this Hey Arnold story is over, and we'll be moving on to other stories that have yet to be completed! What those are, you'll have to see! For now, though, I hope you all were entertained! Anyway, thank you all for reading, and have a very wonderful day!