Double the Trouble.

It was late at night in the Central City. Barry Allen was in his lab finishing off a case before heading home for the night. It was almost ten at night when a few detectives came in.

"Where is it Allen?" one of the detectives demanded as I was being manhandled.

"Whoa, what?"

"Where is the cash that you stole?"

"What cash?" he demanded as a detective was harshly putting on a pair of handcuffs. "What are you talking about I didn't steal any cash."

"We have video surveillance that proves that you did."

"I believe I have the right to an attorney." Barry exclaimed as they started to lead him down to the interrogation room. "And why are we doing this now, it's like the middle of the night."

"Fine," one of the detectives said letting him go. "Don't leave town."

"I won't." he said rubbing his wrists that felt a bit battered from the harsh treatment. He left the police station and headed home.

And as soon as he was safely in his apartment, he pulled out his phone and called his lawyer.

"Hello?" a familiar voice said from the other line.

"I need your help."

"Tell me everything."


The DA, Captain Singh and Joe West were behind the one way glass as they watched Barry Allen behind the one way glass. But what irked the three was how different Barry looked. He seemed a lot more formal a bit stiff. He had gelled back hair with a clean shave except for a mustache. He held himself with confidence that could be passed off as arrogance, that really wasn't the Barry Allen that either of them knew.

"This is not possible." Joe said. "Barry has been working for the CCPD for years it's impossible for him to steal that money."

"We have surveillance of him stealing money from the bank." The D. A. said. "As impossible as it is, we have no choice."

The Captain entered the interrogation room and Barry Allen stood up.

"Good afternoon." He said. "I am sorry, but my client has yet to arrive."

"What are you talking about, Allen." Captain Singh demanded. "Where is your attorney?"

"You must be mistaken." He said. "I am not Barry."

"What are you…"

Joe noticed something at the side of the man's neck. It was a small tattoo of some sort of bird with words encircling it.

"Bas Allen?" he whispered. The D.A. looked at him in confusion.


"I am Sebastian Smythe." He said holding out his hand. "My Client Barry Allen has yet to arrive."

"Joe, please explain." The D.A. said.

Barry suddenly bursts into the room. "I'm sorry I'm late."

The D.A. and the Captain were wide eyed staring at the two Allen's in the interrogation room. The D. A. was looking at Joe for an explanation while the Captain was a bit shocked with the scene in front of him.

"There's two of you?" The captain demanded. "What?"

"It seems that we have a lot to discuss." Sebastian said looking sternly at his brother, who looked down sheepishly as he took a seat. He noted that Captain has yet to address the two of them being frozen in shock. "What? Have you not met identical twins before?"

"I didn't know that you were a twin." The Captain said. "So this issue should be addressed to the both of you."

"My client says that you have footage that proves that he stole money from a bank. I would like to see the footage."

The Captain shook back to his role and pulled out the laptop that was in the room. He showed the two the clip that was being used for evidence.

The footage clearly shows one of the two stealing a large amount of cash from inside one of the vaults of the bank. He had a gun held in his left hand while holding the bag with his right as he left the building.

"I swear that wasn't me." Barry said. "I was at home that night…"

"Barry." Sebastian said sternly and Barry stopped talking. Then he looked at the captain. "It is impossible for this to be either me or my client."


Sebastian moves the video back and zooms in on the neck of the suspect. There was a distinct tattoo on the side of his neck.

"This proves that this is not, Barry." Sebastian said. he pulls the side of his collar showing a tattoo of a bird with words encircling it like the one in the video. The Captain examines the tattoo and the one in the video. It was a match.

"What is this?" he demanded. "some sort of cult?"

"A high school club." Sebastian said. "Which is none of your concern. But next in the footage."

Sebastian forwards the video as the suspect uses a gun to blast the camera.

"I am right handed." Sebastian said. "This man in this video is left handed."

"That doesn't fully clear your case, Mr. Smythe." The captain said. "Where were you when this event occurred."

"I was at home with my husband who can testify that I was at home doing some unfinished work." He said crossing his arms.

"He could be lying."

Sebastian's eyes narrowed. "Just because I am gay, doesn't make it any different Captain."

Barry whispered into Sebastian's ear. "Bas, he's engaged to his boyfriend."

"Oh." Sebastian said. "But that doesn't justify that my husband could be lying."

"We need solid proof that you were at home that night."

"What do you need bruises from our mind blowing…"

"Seb!" Barry scolded this time. "Not that, he mean's real evidence, like footage."

"I live in a well surveillance apartment in upper east Central City." Sebastian said barely missing a beat. "Feel free to check. I came home early that night. And worked on some unfinished work."

"So if this isn't you then who is?"

"I don't know." Sebastian said. "But sure as hell, it isn't me or my brother."

"So are you saying that there's what a shape shifter out there?"

"Can be." Sebastian said. Then he pulled out files from his bag. Three main files, the first was one of Clyde and Mark Mardon, the second a man named Jake Simmons, and the last file, was about a man in a yellow suit.

"What is this?" the Captain asked.

"Four people who have be caught in surveillance doing extremely impossible things. Controlling the weather, shooting some sort of death ray from his eyes, and running in the speed of sound."

"What has this got to do with the case."

"Whoever this man is posing as me." Sebastian said with a serious look on his face. "He is like one of these people. He is dangerous. And as sneaky as smoke."

"And what proof do you have that this man is a super human?" the Captain demanded parking his hands on the table and looking at Sebastian in the eye.

Sebastian pulled out another file. A lot thicker than the first three. "A list of people that was in the same situation. I was in a similar case a few months ago. Steven Matthews. Rock solid alibi, no priors."

The captain started to browse through the evidence while Sebastian was leaning back on the chair looking quite proud of himself. Barry was looking at his brother in shock. He knew that his brother was a good lawyer, but he didn't know he was that good.

"Close your mouth, little brother, flies might go in." he whispered. Which caused Barry to close his mouth and pout slightly.

The D.A. then entered the interrogation room followed by Joe.

"Good afternoon." Sebastian greeted courtly. "So, are we free to go?"

The D.A. reviewed the evidence along with the Captain while Joe just stood studying the Allen twins. He remembered Sebastian before he left to live with his godfather when he was eleven. The man before him was different from the carefree performer he met fourteen years ago. Looking at the two beside each other, he could tell that the two, although extremely different, didn't seem that different at all.

Sebastian had that same spark in his eyes when Barry was in the middle of a science project. Like he was in the head of his game. And in how fast he came as soon as he heard that Barry was in trouble. He was as loyal as Barry is towards family.

"This is some well detailed evidence, Mr. Smythe." The D.A. said. "Almost like you knew about the case."

"This is the same case I was working on last month." Sebastian said. "He was one of six before this particular case. All similar to the situation."

"Mr. Allen couldn't have told you this earlier than last night."

"A miracle what a few cups of espresso and years of sleepless nights can do." Sebastian said with a smirk. "And I have been researching on mysterious events around Central City for the past year."

"You and your client are released." The D.A. said. "Do not leave town, this is still an on going investigation."

"Of course." Sebastian said "Pleasure doing business with you."

The Captain and the D.A. left the room. Leaving Joe with Henry Allen's twin sons.

"Thank you for coming," Barry said hugging Sebastian. Sebastian's composure relaxed from the serious and one of the best lawyers around to the slightly more cunning brother of Barry Allen.

"Hey Joe, long time no see." Sebastian said with an arm wrapped around Barry's shoulders.

"Bas Allen."

"I go by Sebastian Smythe now." Sebastian said. "As much as I believe that dad is innocent, too many questions are asked. So my godfather adopted me."

"So you have been researching on these superhumans?" Joe asked. "Just like Barry."

"Joe," Barry said. "He knows."

"About what?"

"Don't you think that I would be one of the first to know about my brother being the Flash?" Sebastian asked with a raised eyebrow. "I was researching on a few of these metahumans for the past few years."

"Your dad's case?"

"You seem to forget that I was the only one in that house that was actually there and saw a man in a yellow suit kill our mother." Sebastian said as they start to leave the interrogation room. "Anyways, how's life been, how's Iris."

"Iris is dating his partner." Barry said.

"Yikes." Sebastian said. "And he's still alive right?"

"For now." Barry said teasingly.

They walked over to the lobby of the Police department. Where Iris and Eddie were talking.

"I'm seeing double." Eddie said rubbing his eyes.


"The one and only." Sebastian said with a smirk. Iris hugged the older Allen twin then held him by the shoulders at arm length.

"I haven't seen you in years. You look great! And a tattoo?"

"I was always a little rebel." He said with a mischievous smirk.

"Barry has a twin." Eddie asked. "And I thought there was only one super genius baby faced scientist."

"There is only one." Sebastian reassured. "Don't worry, I am not as smart as Barry here is when it comes to those scientific theories and algorithms. Anyways, I have to get back home. My husband is waiting for me. Today was a supposed day in for the two of us. But I had to come."

"Wow, you managed to find someone?" Iris asked. "I hope he's cute."

"He is adorable." Sebastian gave his brother and Joe one last hug and kissed Iris at the cheek.

"Nice to meet you, Detective Thawne" Sebastian said holding out his hand to Eddie "hope to get to know you more especially since you're together with this firecracker."

Iris glared at Sebastian while he just winked at her.

"Nice catch" he mouthed before leaving the building.

"So, it seems that you failed to mention that Barry has a twin brother." Eddie said to Iris. "And that he was gay."

"Well, there was nothing to talk about." Iris said. "Plus, Sebastian has always been like that. Why were you jealous."

"Extremely if it wasn't for the fact he was married." Eddie said kissing Iris.

"Well, that Sebastian for you." Barry said. "One of the most unpredictable people you'd ever see. But the best brother one could hope for."

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