Chapter 33

Central City

S.T.A.R. Labs.

Henry Allen was feeling restless. Team Flash was back in S.T.A.R. Labs, Harry and Jesse were both recovering from the pulse disturbance on their nervous systems, and all the rogues from Earth Two were detained while Zoom ran back to Earth Two making it a little safer for the time being. But his mind was not on any of them. Instead it was on the cell in the pipeline.

After taking a deep breath, Henry put his hand on the screen to open the pipeline door. He looked at the person sitting on the corner of the cell.

Silver raised his head and made a cynical smile. He stood right in front of the door. His green eyes hard with distain.

"Well, hello father."

Henry gasped. "Sebastian."

"What? Why couldn't I be Barry? Lil Seb such a disappointment?" Silver demanded. "Of course! In this Universe, Barry is the Flash! Perfect Bartholomew Henry Allen. Who cares about little Bas Allen right?"

"I love both my boys equally." Henry insisted, causing Silver to scoff. "I don't know what happened with you and your parents. But I'm sure they love you very much."

Henry jumped when Silver slammed his hands on the glass doors of his cell. "You abandoned me! Disowned me! Left me to rot. You always thought the worse of me. You didn't love me. You were relieved to get rid of your greatest failure."

"But helping Zoom?" Henry exclaimed. "I know Sebastian. He can be spiteful, he can be harsh. But he would never join a madman."

"Here's the thing Daddy dearest. I am not your Sebastian." Silver snarled then let out a snort. "But I hear that poor little Seb isn't doing so well now is he? Getting fired from one of the best Law Firms in Central City. Devastating."

"You could've changed your life. Even without your parents. I wasn't there for my sons. I couldn't. But they moved on. They lived their life even when I was in prison. You could have done the same. You chose to stick in the past."

"Here's the thing," Silver said. "This doesn't look like Iron Heights. This seems to me like some make shift prison cell. So, I'm assuming you're not a prisoner right now aren't you. I've looked into the life of your precious sons. A Forensic Scientist for the CCPD and a lawyer in some big ass firm in Central City. Diplomas in from New York City, but coming back to Central City?"

This made Henry pause which brought a smirk on Silver's face. "Why would little Barry and Bas come back to Central City? Unless, they spent the past few years fixing your mistake. Trying to prove their innocent father's case. That doesn't look like moving on to me."

"I told them to live their lives. And they did."

"Barry might have always wanted to be a Scientist, his little nerd heart would break if he didn't pursue his little geeky dreams, but what about Sebastian?" Silver had one hand on the side of the door while the other was perched on his hip. "Sebastian was always the performer wasn't he. He grew up talking about Broadway watching all those musicals with mom. Sebastian would play on the piano on the living room while Barry would sing his little heart out on the weekends. A lawyer? Spending years reading burning eyebrows and late nights over mounts of paperwork. Climbing up the ladder to become a prosecutor?"

"My sons lived their lives on their own terms." Henry said. "Sebastian may not always have wanted to become a prosecutor. But he is his own man. And I couldn't be prouder."

"But is that really, moving on?" Silver asked. "a prosecutor who defends 'innocent men' who were arrested for the murder of their family members?"

"One thing I know of Sebastian, he has a strong sense of Justice." Henry said noticing a small quiver or a twitch from Silver. "Which I'm sure is the same for you."

"You don't know anything about me?"

"I know that you are passionate. I know that you can talk your way out of any situation thrown at you." Henry insisted. "And I know that you wouldn't let an innocent man walk free."

"Well, he did!" Silver exclaimed. "He walked free while I was left to rot! So, don't presume you know anything about me! He died! An innocent man was killed because of me!"

"What did you do?" Silver chocked in alarm as he stepped back violently from the glass door. As far away as he could from his father's doppelganger.

"I didn't do anything."

"You must have!" He demanded. "You're a meta too aren't you. W-What can you pull out words or something? Or hypnotizing…"

"I don't have any metahuman powers." Henry said calmly. "The only one of us is…"

"Perfect Barry." Silver rolled his eyes. "What else is new?"

"Who died, Sebas…"

"Don't." Silver interrupted. "Don't call me that."

"It is your name isn't it."

"Sebastian Allen died in a cell in Iron Heights." Silver growled. "I am Silver."

"Well, Silver. Who was it?"

"It's none of your concern."

"It is when he means so much to you." Henry insisted. "He was a good friend, wasn't he? He must be or you wouldn't be reacting this way."

"If you must know, he was my family." Silver said his gaze suddenly far away. Filled with longing. He chuckled softly "He was the only one Ray of sunshine I had left."

"Is that why you let Zoom use you." Henry asked. "Manipulate you?"

"He's gone. Ray's not coming back." Silver said. "Zoom promised me a life outside of Perfect Barry's shadow. He let me out. I am not going back to Iron Heights. I'd rather die here than go back. Zoom or no Zoom."

"He wouldn't want to life your life like this. He would want you to live it to the best of your abilities." Henry said. "You can life a life outside of your world. Outside of Central City."

"Where else am I going to go? Atlantis?" Silver said sarcastically. "I don't know if you noticed. There is this thing we call the internet. My past will haunt me for the rest of my life."

"There will always be a way for a fresh start. You just need to be open to it."

Silver scoffed and sat down on the corner of the cell ignoring Henry.


Sebastian was at food duty that night. And with the increased amount of metas it took longer than he had expected. He was already running late to the dinner at the Wests when he realized there was only one left to deliver.

He put his hand on the panel and opened the door metal gate and the food shoot. The Meta raised his head and he was faced to face with his double.

Sebastian was face to face with Silver. And for the first time in a while he was speechless.

"Well, well. Hello, handsome."

Sebastian knew about doppelgangers from everything that happened the past few months. But seeing his own face to face is very disconcerting. The way this man was standing, the way he was staring as well. He knew this was his double. Not Barry's

"I know that I am handsome, but I never thought I would make myself speechless." Silver said. "I do have to ask handsome, how does it feel to be second fiddle around here. Because I for one am not rushing to serve food for my brother's prisoners anytime soon."

Sebastian shook out of the daze glared at Silver. "Excuse me, but I don't play second to anybody."

"Of course, you don't." Silver said. "However, I don't see Barry serving food."

"Is that what dear old dad told you?"

"Is your life so dull that you had to resort to working for Zoom?"

His conversation with Henry had frayed his mask. A wave of hurt and guilt passed by Silver's face. His face scrunched into a scowl.

Sebastian's face grew a smirk. "Got something to hide?"

"Nothing you need to worry your pretty little head about." Silver said. "Our face looks too great to have you thinking so hard. After all what would perfect little Barry say."

"Why are you so interested in Barry?"

"Because even in this world, Barry seems to be the perfect son." Silver said with a scowl. "The successful forensic scientist with the beautiful wife. Even here, Barry Allen is the freaking Flash."

"And the solution to beat your brother's perfect image is to side yourself with a villain." Sebastian commented sarcastically. "Real smart."

"Zoom gave me a purpose. He gave me a way out." Silver said. "I had no choice."

"You always have a choice."

"That's what your dad said." Silver looked away with longing. "If only that were possible. I lost it all years ago."

"Is that what you really want?"

"What I want, is to get out of Perfect Barry Allen's shadow." Silver said "But that's impossible now isn't it."

Sebastian had a contemplative look on his face. Silver took this as an affirmative. He scoffed. "Of course."


Sebastian stood beside Hunter under the pouring rain in front of Henry's grave. He could barely keep his emotions in check. Hunter had his arm around Sebastian as the pastor gave his last words of wisdom.

It was just not fair. All this madness. So many lives were taken from them. So many lives that can never be finished.

The pastor finished the burial rites. Everyone looked at Barry and Sebastian. Sebastian had a lost look on his face while Barry tried to say some words.

Sebastian couldn't hear what Joe was saying. He was deep into his own grief.

After years, finally, they got their father out of prison. Only to be killed by a madman. And Sebastian spent months ignoring him. He froze Henry out. All for something so petty. And he could no longer make up for it.

He remembers Laurel. Who died as the Black Canary. She died saving people. He died to save their world from Damian Darhk.

After all that, it seemed like he wasn't honoring their sacrifice. There must be more he could do. He could never be as extraordinary as Barry. And frankly, he doesn't want to be. But he can make it better for the people of Central City.

When these crazy situations have started to come into their worlds, Laurel had once told him it could be his chance to prompt a change. He wanted to honor her sacrifice. Just like his father's sacrifice. He has a choice. He can make a change. But he has one more thing to do for his dad. This is what Henry would want.


Silver stared at the walls of his little cell. He just moved from one prison to another. How pathetic could his life get. A few hours after dinner, he could hear the door move.

Silver got on his feet as the door revealed Sebastian on the other side.

"If you could get a new start, what would you do?"

"Well for one I would like a shower." Silver said with a smirk. "Well the options are limitless. Music is so dull in this Earth compared to back home."

"What would you do?"

"Have you ever done Improv?" Silver asked. "It's so exhilarating. To become someone else for just a second."

Sebastian looked at him with a strange look on his face. He then turned to the pad to his right. The hinges of the door suddenly started to move. Silver looked at him with wide eyes.

"Come on. We don't have much time."

"Then what's with the interrogation."

"Dad saw something in you." Sebastian said leading Silver across the corridors. "He knew there is good in you."

"You have the better end of the stick then." Silver scoffed. "My father kicked me out as soon as he knew I was gay."

"Well, my dad saw that you could live a better life." Sebastian said. "Way better than you would ever think. This is what he would've wanted."


"Zoom." Sebastian said solemnly. "Barry managed to get revenge for his death. And I want to honor some of his last wishes. And I know one of them would be saving you."

Sebastian lead them into an interesting room. A girl was messing around with the computers where a giant swirling matter was floating in the center of four giant rings.

"I'm not so sure about this, Sebastian." She said looking at Silver warily. "Wouldn't we end up sending him to some world to cause more havoc."

"Dad believed he could." Sebastian said. "I know Dad would've wanted this."

The two had a stare down which caused Jesse to pout. "No fair with the dad card."

"It worked didn't it." Sebastian said with a smirk.

"Alright." Jesse said. "So, after reading up the notes after Barry's jump to Supergirl Earth. I've done a little research myself. This earth that had a note Earth 25 has heavy Metahuman and Alien activity, he'd blend right in."

"Wait, you want me to go into the swirling hole of doom?"

"It's your door to a new life."

"How can I tell you're not lying to me?"

Sebastian raised his hands. "You're the metahuman here. You tell me."

Silver's eyes narrowed. "Tell me the truth, where does this go."

Sebastian suddenly felt like his head was filled with clouds as words flowed out of his mouth. "Earth twenty-five. It's the only Earth we were sure that there were enough Metahumans and Metahuman laws that would accept a refugee."

Silver's eyes widened and looked at the portal with hope. "What's in it for you?"

"Just live your life Silver." Sebastian said. "Make dad proud."

"It's Seeb." Silver said. "Ray used to call me Seeb."

"No offence but that is very dorky."

Silver shrugged. "He was adorkable. I only allow a few people to call me such."

"Then call me Bas." Sebastian said. "Even though I know we may never see each other again."

Silver gave a laugh that spread through the room. Making Jesse and Silver give a big smile. "As much as I would love that, I believe I have a whole new world to explore."

Silver confidently walked towards the platform where the portal was opened.

"Have a great rest of your life Seeb."

"Thanks Bas."

Silver looked into the portal. Where his future now lay ahead.

A few hours later, Sebastian sat at the staircase of the portal room and stared at the portal thoughtfully. He knew he probably did the right thing but the uncertainty slightly unsettles him. Will Silver be able to find a job? Will he be an outstanding citizen of society? Will he go after his goals like he and Barry had?

"How long have you been standing there?" Sebastian asked.

"A while." Barry said sitting beside Sebastian at the steps. "I know we both didn't agree on this. But I think I was wrong about him."

"Dad thought he could do some good." Sebastian said. "And after a week, I knew he could. He just needed his chance."

"Maybe Earth twenty-five would be his chance for a better life."

"Well, we may never know." Sebastian said. "But I guess we did pretty well despite the odds, I think he'd rise to the occasion."

"Of course, when he figures it out, we're getting Cisco to look in on him occasionally."

"Of course."


Sebastian stood in front of a mirror with one of his better suits. It was early in the morning and he had on a freshly pressed suit with his hair styled back. He was fiddling with his tie for the nth time that morning.

Hunter still in his pajamas with two mugs of coffee in hand. He put down both mugs on top of the dresser and wrapped his arms around Sebastian.

"You look great." He murmured into Sebastian's shoulder.

"Thanks." Sebastian replied snuggling back


"A bit." Sebastian replied. "For someone who grew up in a military schedule you're not too much of a morning person."

"Not until I've finished my two cups of coffee." He said. "You're going to do great."

"It's not that special."

"Assistant DA on the Metahuman Division of the CCPD." Hunter said looking into Sebastian's eyes through the mirror. "That is a big step. You're going to be great."

"I hope so."

After they ate a good breakfast, Sebastian head to his first day of work under the Central City DA office. Sebastian met with Cecile Horton at his new workplace.

"So we have a new case that came in. Metahuman incident in in a workplace upstate. Employee was fired and is suing the company for bigotry. You ready?"

Sebastian had a smile on his face. "Bring it on."

Okay, I know it's been a while. And the ending is a bit… messy. But this is as good as it's gonna get. Hehe I've had this siting and editing for months.

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