Ive always wanted to write a song fic, but I could never find the right song. Until yesterday I heard a song and thought of a great idea. The song is called Human Race by Three Days Grace. I hope you like it. [^~^]

Human Race

"I don't belong here. Not in this atmosphere," Natsu told himself. "Goodbye Goodbye Goodbye." He was a demon sent from hell. Here to observe the human race, but fell in love. "I don't belong here. Not in this atmosphere," He told himself again. The images of the blonde flashed through his mind as he sat on the cliff. "Goodbye. Goodbye. Goodbye." He whispered.

"You know it's hard sometimes. Being humankind." He said. He got up and stood on the edge of the cliff. Trying to be human was the hard, but trying to keep up was the hardest part to deal with. "Keeping up with the pace. Keeping up with the pace. Yeah. Yeah." Natsu said looking out at the water.

"Started with a kick and a punch. A claw to the face. And I was in a race." He laughed at the memory of him and Gray fighting all the time. Then Erza or Lucy would stop them from getting any farther. "I was in a race. Yeah. Yeah."

"I'm sick of running." He said. He turned around to find Lucy staring at him. He smiled at her and she smiled back. "Sick of running. Sick of running." He said then turned back around. "The human race. The human race." He whispered.

He stood on the edge of the cliff staring down. Lucy was beside him her hand on his shoulder. "If it's an eye for an eye, then we all go blind." He told her. She looked up at him and frowned. He hated to see that look on her face, but he couldn't do anything about it. He's not one of them and she knew it.

"Is it hard to see?" He asked looking at her again. "Is it hard to see? Yeah. Yeah." He said to himself this time.

He loved her and he knew she loved him, but he couldn't stay here any longer. It was against the rules to fall in love with a human and he knew that. And she knew it too she knew that he was demon all this time, but continued to go along with the lie.

"So far behind. No finish line." He said hugging her. "It can happen to you. It could happen to me. Yeah." He said in her ear as he backed away slowly. He turned to face her his back to the cliff.

"I don't belong here. Not in this atmosphere." He said leaning back a little bit. Lucy's eyes widened as he edged closer to the edge of the cliff. "Goodbye. Goodbye. Goodbye." He said leaning back.

His heart raced as he closed his eyes. His heels where off of the cliff as he felt his body fall. He would miss this world, but he would miss Lucy the most. He felt his body lounge forward and he fell to the ground. He looked up at Lucy to find that she was in tears.

He remembered what he was going to do. He remembered what his last words were going to be. "I don't belong here. Not in this atmosphere. Goodbye. Goodbye. Goodbye." He then remembered his family back home and instantly regretted what he was about to do.

Lucy wiped away the tears as she look at Natsu. She crawled towards him and put her hand on the side of his face, "You do belong here. In this atmosphere. No goodbye. No goodbye. No goodbye." And with that said she kissed him sweetly on the lips.

I didn't do the whole song, but if you want to listen to the song you can search it on Youtube. I hope you enjoyed this story. [^~^]