Breeding Ground

Thank you, VanillaAshes, for your excellent Beta Reading. Without you, I could never have done this.

I just want to say up front that I started writing this story before the movie came out. It was a great movie, however I am going in a different direction than them.

Summary: For Spencer and Emily, it was supposed to be the perfect romantic getaway. Compared to what they saw each day, an island full of dinosaurs is nothing. Too bad work has a tendency to follow the BAU, wherever they go. AU.

I don't own Criminal Minds or Jurassic World.


Dr. Spencer Reid was standing at the arrivals gate at the airport as he waited for the flight to arrive; it was running a little late.

With an IQ of 187, there were countless ways he could pass the time on his own but every time he tried, his thoughts kept going back to the love of his life; Emily Prentiss.

It was Garcia that matched them together on the second date. If it weren't for her they'd have never been together for the past three years.

It had started after a really hard case. Spencer had two tickets to a new movie and did not have anybody to go with. Emily, who was interested in the movie, decided to go with him.

It wasn't a date, however the evening revealed a lot to both of them, mainly Emily. One thing led to another after that. And it got awkward. Awkward as hell. It was after this that Garcia had got involved and convinced them to have their second date.

Reid looked down at his watch, his eyes calculating and lips pursed slightly; seven minutes after one. He started to subconsciously tap his foot on the ground for a few moments before he sat down in a nearby chair. If there was one word that could describe how Spencer felt at that moment; it was anxious.

Although, seconds later he heard somebody call his nickname, to get his attention, "Spence!" He looked up and caught the running hug that Emily Prentiss gave to him.

"Emily!" Spencer exclaimed, unable to stop the sudden excitement that filled his body. Once again he couldn't help but thank Garcia mentally for the excellent advice and match-making. If it wasn't for Garcia, they probably would've never gotten together. His smiled widened as he held Emily a little tighter; it had been too long. "You made it."

"I did," Emily responded as she greeted him with a chaste kiss. "Sorry I'm late, I know you know the exact minutes–"

"Seven," He imputed. "But that doesn't matter because I was waiting for you."

Emily pulled back out of the embrace, her eyes filled with amusement at his cheesy line. After a few minutes of silence, them both just enjoying to be in each other's company again, she broke the silence, curiosity getting the best of her, "So Spence, where are we going this time?" She inquired.

Spencer smiled as he pulled out two tickets from his messenger bag, "Emily, have you ever heard of Jurassic World?"

The unknown subject smiled at their handiwork as they wiped the bloody knife clean on an old rag. It was a custom made knife which almost looked like a sickle. The knife was placed back into its sheath before the unsub wrapped the newest victim in plastic.

This was not the first time this unsub had killed, who had successfully gotten away with murder during their college years; the police had never even suspected that the unsub was involved. Although, on the off-chance that the police had been suspicious, an alibi was already secured.

Hours later, when the unsub had returned to their apartment after disposing of the newest victim-now making a total of five-the unsub had helped himself to a beer. One of the perks of working at Jurassic World was that you always got unlimited free drinks.

It could not have worked out better for this unsub, who was confident that nothing could be traced back to them and that they would never caught. After all, Isla Nublar was the perfect breeding ground for a budding serial killer.

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