Based off of the Halloween comic and the heta game Licantropo.

1/8/22 Edit: I originally wrote this story way, back when and happened to think about it recently. I hated the original, so I made some edits (because I cringed way too much while reading this) that I hope will make it flow better. I'm thinking of revamping this story, thought it would have different lore to this one.

It was a windy afternoon off the coast of a suburban town. A figure stood, leaning on a tree. He wore a red shirt and dark pants and had a wayward curl. He stood there scowling into the distance, mumbling to himself.

"Stupid potato... He needs to hurry up and get here!" The man kicked a tree branch.

"No need to be moody, Lovi. Kesesese!" Another voice replied from behind the figure. The newcomer had white hair and red eyes. He wore a black coat with jeans with a slit for a thin, pointy tail.

"You're finally here!" Lovino shouted, glaring at the paler man. "And don't call me that!"

"But it's fun," Gilbert replied, laughing at the others' expressions.

"Come on, albino demone," Lovino replied, ignoring what he said."We have a job to do."

The duo walked towards the town in relative silence. Until Gilbert decided to pop a question.

"So what are we doing here?"

Lovino whipped around to face him.

"You came all this way... and don't even know why."

"Pretty much."

"Dumbass!" Lovino shouted. "What the hell is wrong with you?"

"There's nothing wrong with the awesome me!" Gilbert boasted.

Lovino sighed. "Didn't someone explain the situation to you?"


"Did you listen?"


"Then you're an idiot!" Lovino stomped ahead of him. Gilbert easily caught up to him.


"So what!?"

"What are we doing here?"

Lovino sighed again. "I'll explain once we get inside the town, idiot."

After the two checked in with security, they began walking down a random road.

It was full of all kinds of monsters: fairy's, golems, zombies, etc. They all roamed the streets, minding their business except for the few that discreetly stared at the new arrivals.

"We are going to see a serial killer that lives in this town," Lovino started, watching a few creatures move away from them. He rolled his eyes.

"A serial killer?" Gilbert asked. "So he's human."

Lovino gave him a look that said be quiet and listen.

"There have been a few killings of some small monsters on the other side of this town. They were found sliced across their stomach and chest."

"So... we have to find out who did it?" Gilbert smiled. "That'll be a piece of cake."

"Well, you were called here for backup so..."

"What?" Gilbert exclaimed, causing more people to move away from him. "That's so unawesome!"

"Quit whining! It's not like I wanted to be here with you anyway!"

"Aww, you're just being tsundere~"

"What the hell is that?"

"Ask Kiku. Kesesesese!"

They continued on walking. Past house after house until they got to the middle of the town where there were no people around and no signs of anyone living there for a while.

"Why is the middle of the city deserted?"

"Because the serial killer lives here." Lovino retorted in a voice that said, 'shut up and think for once!'

They walked past another group of houses until they reached a blue and white house with a no trespassers sign stuck in the ground. There were little flakes of red stuff on it.

"Is that blood?" Gilbert asked a little curious about this serial killer.

"Seems so," Lovino responded, creeped out by the blood.

They walked up the path towards the house.

"Knock on the door, stupid albino!"

"Me? Why can't you!?"

"Are you scared?"

"Of course not! I'm too awesome to be scared of a door!"

"Then knock!"

Gilbert grumbled under his breath and knocked. A few seconds later, Gilbert knocked again.

"Wha-" just before Lovino could finish, a loud bru-bru-brum could be heard inside of the house. The door swung open and something red and sticky got splattered on Lovino.

"Oh shit!" Gilbert jumped back.

A person, supposedly a man, stood there in a white button up, brown pants, an orange and green trench coat and a white mask. All of that was fine to Gilbert and Lovino, who wiped some of the stuff off of his face, except for the fact that the man was holding a blond headed boy in one hand and a chainsaw, dripping red in another.