Leader: Sootstar dark gray tom with dark blue eyes

Deputy: Rustpelt reddish tabby tom with yellow eyes

Medicine Cat: Goldenwing yellow-orange mottled she-cat with amber eyes

Warriors: Tortoiseheart tortoiseshell tom with blue eyes

Breezelark black and white she-cat with green eyes

Molewhisker brown-and-cream tom with amber eyes

Snowclaw fluffy white tom with amber eyes

Streamfrost dark gray she-cat with blue eyes and long fur

Robinchest tortoiseshell she-cat with blue eyes

Dawnshine fluffy, pale, smoky gray she-cat with brilliant, pale blue eyes

Iceheart white she-cat with thick fur and amber eyes

Queens: Amberwing pale ginger she-cat with amber eyes

Kits: Birchkit pale ginger tom with amber eyes

Maplekit brown and cream she-kit with amber eyes

Sunkit pale ginger tom with amber eyes


Leader: Rainstar fluffy, light gray tom with blue eyes

Apprentice: Lionpaw

Deputy: Adderclaw lilac tabby tom with brown eyes

Apprentice: Hoppaw

Medicine Cat: Alderleaf brown tabby and white tom with pale blue eyes

Warriors: Whistlefur marbled gray tabby tom with pale yellow eyes

Tansyfoot orange tabby she-cat with a white belly and yellow eyes

Forestwind brown tabby tom with white paws and bright green eyes

Blossomstep gold and white flecked she-cat with hazel eyes

Leafheart mottled ginger and white she-cat with brown eyes

Apprentice: Rowanpaw

Crouchfoot ginger tom with brown eyes

Apprentice: Oakpaw

Hyperion golden tabby tom with gold eyes

Apprentice: Honeypaw

Aspensplash brown tabby and white she-cat with hazel eyes

Apprentices: Rowanpaw golden brown tabby tom with a white chest and hazel eyes

Oakpaw brown tabby tom with a white tail-tip and hazel eyes

Honeypaw gold and white flecked she-cat with bright green eyes

Lionpaw orange tabby tom with a white tail-tip and pale yellow eyes

Hoppaw gray and white tabby tom with yellow eyes

Queens: Lightwing brown tabby she-cat with a white muzzle, chest, belly, and legs and brown eyes


Leader: Cinderstar light gray she-cat with blue eyes

Apprentice: Morningpaw

Deputy: Sparrowtalon large, brown tabby tom with yellow eyes and long fur

Apprentice: Twigpaw

Medicine Cat: Stormtuft black tom with yellow eyes

Warriors: Frozenwhisker dark gray and white tom with black stripes and pale blue eyes

Tanglefur long-furred brown tabby tom with yellow eyes

Mistheart spiky-furred, pale gray she-cat with ice blue eyes

Foxtooth reddish tabby tom with hazel eyes

Vixentail orange tabby she-cat with amber eyes

Apprentices: Twigpaw spiky-furred, brown tabby tom with yellow eyes

Morningpaw pale gray she-cat with yellow eyes

Queens: Dewcloud gray she-cat with blue eyes

Kits: Brightkit cream tabby she-kit with yellow eyes


Leader: Mossystar brown and white she-cat with amber eyes

Deputy: Troutstream pale gray tabby she-cat with green eyes

Apprentice: Mousepaw

Medicine Cat: Ripplefur light gray tom with brown eyes

Apprentice: Bluepaw

Warriors: Rockstorm black and dark gray ticked tabby tom with white markings on his forehead and amber eyes

Runningpool black and white tom with amber eyes

Apprentice: Heronpaw

Badgertongue black she-cat with white stripes along her spine, flanks, and tail, spirals on her face, solid paws, and yellow eyes

Rainwater dark gray and white tom with blue eyes

Sandpath ginger and white tabby she-cat with yellow eyes

Apprentices: Mousepaw brown and white she-cat with yellow eyes

Heronpaw brown tabby tom with yellow eyes

Bluepaw dappled, dark blue-gray she-cat with silver spots and pale, crystalline, ice-blue eyes

Queens: Curlwhisker brown tabby she-cat with blue eyes

Kits: Oceankit dark gray tabby tom with blue eyes

Wavekit dark gray and white she-cat with blue eyes

Branchkit brown tabby tom with blue eyes

A shadowy figure sat alone in a clearing, silhouetted by the full moon. Mist wreathed around him as he sat with his head bowed, eyes shut, either meditating or sleeping. Or was he waiting? But then for who? Or what?

Pawsteps sounded through the silence—rustling leaves from the right, a snapping branch to the left. The figure snapped to attention, sharp gaze searching the surrounding terrain. He picked out one, two, three, four pairs of eyes flashing back out of the darkness before he breathed a sigh of relief. They'd all come.

"You are here," he murmured. Then, flicking his tail at the space in front of him, he ordered, "Sit here so I can see you."

The four cats slipped from the slimy-looking trunks to form a ragged semi-circle around the tom. He gazed in each of their faces before nodding, satisfied. "One from each Clan. Perfect." For the first time in moons, a wry smile split his muzzle. "Then my plan can proceed without hindrance."

He stood, tail twitching from side to side, and began pacing back and forth, staring at the four cats before him. "Or can it?" he murmured. He paused before one of the cats on the end of the line, shoving his face aggressively into theirs. "Will you go running to the leaders and tell them of our plot to bring them down?"

The cat shrank back, pupils dilated in fear. "N-no," she whimpered.

The tom glared into her eyes. "You'd better put up a good show," he growled. "Cinderstar won't be fooled easily."

The she-cat nodded vigorously, her tail flicking nervously behind her. The tom moved on to the next cat.

"Will you go running to Sootstar?" he spat at the next cat. She also shook her head, but unlike the first she-cat stayed quiet. The tom moved on, apparently satisfied.

"How about you?" he growled at the third cat, the only other tom present.

"Rainstar won't even see it coming," he growled viciously.

The leader smirked. "Good," he whispered, passing on to the last cat. "Will you go to Mossystar?"

The she-cat sat tall, unlike the tom, who hunched over in his anger, and the still-cowering she-cats. "No," she meowed firmly. "I won't."

The tom padded back to his original position. "I will hold you to your word," he said in a threatening tone, showing a few of his long teeth, which shone white like ice in the moonlight. "If not, I can promise a painful death to any who cross me. I have killed before and have no problem doing it again." He grinned, a malicious thing full of jealous hate. "I will unseat those leaders who try to take from me all that I had while alive."

The four cats in front of him sat still as the Gathering Island. Each was scared to move in case the tom took their shifting paws as a sign that they would betray him later. Finally, after a stretched, uncomfortable silence, the tom spoke again.

"We will meet again in dreams to train. Oh, and if you try to run from me," he added as the cats before him stood to leave, "I will find you. All cats have to sleep. And when you do, you will feel pain as you have never done before."