Chapter 1: first mission

Author's note: first time writing my own fanfiction I'll try not to overload it but I want to keep the story straight and simple with some romance. There will be some dark humor and plenty of fighting to keep you guys happy of course I have to get some people to read it first.


"Hey you are ready right" says the hooded figure to the two on his left.

"Of course I've wanted to try out my weapons for real instead of being stuck training" says the red

haired kid "right Felicia?"

"I guess I mean we know we are ready" replies Felicia to his question.

"You shouldn't be arguing right now" says the blonde teen into their minds.

"You know you shouldn't use that so much Zack" says the hooded figure looking down the cliff they are on "looks like they are coming out."

He turns around to look at the soldiers coming out. He glances down from the cliff they are on overlooking the white fang bunker. He glances at the three who are laying

there waiting for him to give the order. He sees that Felicia and Fernus seem about to burst with excitement he turns around so he can get a better look at them. When he

looks at Fernus he sees a red haired boy in a shirt exposing his chest with a red circle over his right eye trailing down his cheek to form lines along his torso going over his

shirt till it rests in a circle around his torso. When he looks at Felicia he sees a white haired girl with a blue line traveling from her legs along her spine to the peak of her hair

making a halfcircle and going around circling around her left eye. When he finally glances at Zack he sees a handsome golden hair boy with a slim build.

"Ok let's go" says the hooded man as he starts to walk down as they scramble up except Zack who gets up slowly but surely as they all follow him down the cliff towards the

they go down the cliff they see a red truck driving up drawing the white fang soldier's attention that they come to the gate to see what it's doing there.

"He's here a bit early..." The silhouetted male muttered, a bit taken aback. "Prepare to engage."

When he said that they each draw out their weapons Fernus and Felicia pull out their swords while Zack pulls out his Tambo which has a small pistol built into it. As they get

to the bottom of the hill they hear the truck door open and a blond haired man steps out of the truck waving at them as they come down the cliff

"thought you guys might need some help" says the blond haired man "seems to be more than we were told I thought there was only going to be twenty maybe thirty of them

there seems to be about fifty coming maybe."

"We don't need your help we can handle things by ourselves" says Felicia in barely contained anger "you were supposed to wait till after we finished remember Aiden"

As they continue to argue the white fang draw their weapons advancing slowly.

"Don't look now, but they don't seem to want to wait any longer," said the hooded man, interrupting their petty argument that always seemed to happen at serious times.

Aiden and Felica stop arguing, turning their attention to the incoming soldiers. Both Zack and Fernus ready their weapons.

"So Abulm how should we proceed with this" says Aiden looking at the hooded man.

"Take them out that's your objective" he says to Aiden and turns towards Felicia and Fernus "show me what you two are made of in an actual combat scenario."


Sorry if this chapter is a bit slow I wanted to put the fighting scene to be implemented in the next chapter. On the side note i had to update since i forgot a few key things