Author's note: I see no one reviewed saying if I should keep which perspective but I guess I'll

Stay in first person then because it's easier for me to write. Sorry I have been really busy with

School and have had no motivation whatsoever to write so without further ado on to the chapter.

Also weapon names. Felicia- Winter Flurry

Fernus- Summer Melancholy,

Darrien- Spring Surprise

Neria- Autumn Snap unless you have a better name for their weapons this is what they are going

To be.

~Beacon Academy morning~ No one's perspective

It's a beautiful sunny morning with people beginning to wake up from there sleep and yawns

Spreading throughout from the new students of Beacon until a loud and exuberant red head starts

Speaking loudly in a sing song voice "wake up sleepy but" she then proceeds to dance around a

boy in green continuing in her sing song voice "its morning it's morrrnningg" as she does this a

groggy boy with flaming red hairs sits up rubbing his eyes "why must we have a harpy so early

in the morning I just want to sleep some more dam" waking the only other guy on his team

"hrnnngh why is everything so loud."

~Ballroom morning before initiation~ Fernus PoV

I wake up to the sound of that harpy being loud and decide against going back to sleep 'I guess

this place is going to be loud so I might as well leave.'

"Where are you heading Fernus you should have tried to wake me up" says a petulant voice behind

him and turning around to see Felicia glaring daggers at me "but I guess you don't care if we are

late or not huh?"

"I was going to leave so I don't have to hear that girl making a ruckus and how did you sleep

through that ruckus she made" I finish annoyed "I mean couldn't you hear how loud that girl


"I heard her clearly I just didn't want to waste my time yelling at her to shut up" She replies

tilting her head away from me.

"Fine whatever if you need me I'll be looking at the forest enjoying the sun" I say heading

towards the way out of the Ballroom leaving her and the rest of my team to their own devices. As

I continue walking I take in how Beacon looks in the morning light appreciating the architecture

and how the sun reflects on the stone 'ahhh now this is peaceful' as I think that I trip over

something and smack my face on the floor. I look up to see a kid in armor with brown hair

sneering at me so I figure he must of tripped me "so why did you trip me hmm?" I ask him.

"You should watch where you're going so that doesn't happen again or I'll pound your face in"

the boys says in a sneering tone "your almost as bad as those dumb Faunus."

I bristle at the last part and push myself off the ground and push past him heading towards the

cliff where the initiation should be taking place so I can enjoy the sun 'maybe it will be peaceful

there for a while' so I continue walking.

~Ballroom after Fernus left~ Felicia PoV

'He still pisses me off but that's how he is' I roll over before deciding to give up on going back

to sleep and wake up Neria so we aren't late to initiation "hey Neria time to wake up you don't

want to miss breakfast do ya" I say gently shaking her awake.

"Huh it's too bright, and what about breakfast?" Neria says opening her eyes slowly slightly

bleary from waking up.

"Yea breakfast go wash up and get dressed we got initiation to get through" Felicia says rolling

her eyes in amusement before getting up to get ready.

~cafeteria 10 minutes later~ Same PoV

"Wow look at all the diverse foods they all look so yummy" I say to Neria and Darrien as I sit

with my bacon and eggs with a side of hash browns.

"Wish there were still pancakes left but they seem to have already been eaten" Neria says

looking at her smaller portion of what Felicia got.

"Why don't you eat more Miss Marigold" Darrien reply's looking at her food in curiosity.

"Why aren't you eating anything?" Felicia says looking at Darrien's nonexistent plate.

"I do not require sustenance like you do" Darrien says lightly while looking away "we should

hurry the initiation is coming soon if you plan to participate."

"What do you mean by if we plan to participate isn't it required?" Felicia asks slightly confused.

"So it seems but what I have been told is not the case we are exempt from initiation" Darrien

says cocking his head slightly.

"Really so I guess we could go back to sleep then right" Felicia says hopefully "poor Fernus he's

already up and about although he probably fell asleep again by now."

"You shouldn't underestimate him just because he doesn't take things seriously" Neria says

lightly "he really cares about what goes on and he will fight to protect people."

"Your right we shouldn't underestimate him he never really fights like he means it" Felicia

laughs lightly.

"Hey Darrien what is the name of your weapon I never asked?" Neria asks softly "My sword is called Autumn Snap."

"My weapon my creator called it spring surprise on account of its ability's" Darrien says before getting lost in his memory's.

"That's an interesting name for your sword Fernus called his blade Summer Melancholy while my blade is called Winter Flurry" Felicia says proudly at the last part.

"What kind of blade's are they" Darrien asks with curiosity evident in his voice.

"Oh well Winter Flurry is a short sword that uses ice dust while Fernus uses a long sword that coats itself in flames to feed Fernus' semblance" Felicia says smiling "while Neria's blade is a broadsword that turns into a bow."

"Yes those are some interesting weapons but why a bow sword?" Darrien asks curiously "I mean it must be awkward to transform it very unwieldly in comparison to my Spring Surprise."

"It's not unwieldly! I know how to use this Abulm taught me hmph" Neria says angrily after she says that her scroll begins beeping saying she has received a message "who would be messaging this early in the morning."

"I don't know go check it then" Felicia says watching Neria take her scroll out and begin reading it out loud to the others "you are hereby exempt from initiation unless you wish to take it you still have to arrive at the auditorium in order to get your team name as well enjoy your morning and see you at initiation or the auditorium –Professor Ozpin."

"Well seems like you weren't joking Darrien hehe" Felicia says laughing slightly before shrugging slightly "well I'm still going to go with Fernus up to you two if your joining later" as she says this she stands up and leaves.

~Beacon Cliffside 10 minutes before~ Fernus' PoV

'It's nice and warm here and the trees look nice with how the sun's glistening off of the dew on their leaves' Fernus thinks while lying on the ground watching the forest below him with the sun shining on his spot warming his cold blood up 'Well at least I won't pass out from being too cold this is kind of nice.'

"You know you could get heatstroke lying in the sun with all that clothing" an unknown female voice says.

"True true but why were you soaking up the sun to hmmm" Fernus says opening his eyes to see amber eyes glaring at him a little ways away "no need to glare at me needlessly" he laughs.

"Why are you still there then if you know" the girl asks watching him.

"Sheesh you're watching me like a cat haha" Fernus says laughing as he sees her bow twitch "oh so you are a cat I see."

"W-what what are you talking about" the girl says stuttering slightly.

"I may be lazy but I'm not blind plus I can smell you're a Faunus" Fernus says simply as she pulls her weapon and angles it towards him.

"Don't tell anyone you got that" She says putting the blade against his throat.

"I don't think I got your name it should be common courtesy to tell someone your name before threatening to stab them not that you could" Fernus says laughing as the blade pushes against his throat more "alright alright I'll keep your secret like anyone would listen anyways haha also the name's Fernus don't forget it and why I'm still in the sun is so I don't fall asleep and to power up my semblance."

"That is a lot to say and I'm Blake, Blake Belladonna and if you keep my secret I guess I'll leave you alive" Blake sighs as she puts her weapon away before sitting down a little ways away and beginning to read a book.

"Well Blake why is it so important to keep it secret you should be proud to be a Faunus you know then again I guess in a sense I am hiding my Faunus traits what with my contacts and this shirt" Fernus says grinning while she continues reading with her bow twitching slightly he continues to lay on the ground while she reads and silence ensues between the two "well silence sure is bliss especially with how sunny it is out here try not to fall asleep out here kitty cat."

As he says that Blake pulls her sword out in gun form and aims it at him "don't call me that" she says menacingly.

"oh wow it's a gun to man why must people make their weapons guns as well I mean why not stick to one style it has always confounded me" Fernus says simply watching her put her weapon back into its sheath "now I'm curious what you're fighting style is like."

"You'll find out if we fight each other at some point" Blake says still reading before giving up and walking around.

"Fighting is fun but it's a bore when your opponents don't give their all only in the heat of battle can your opponents give their all and then it's fun like no other" He says before laughing to himself.

"That… is an interesting standpoint to have" Blake says slowly watching Fernus still laying there despite his heated proclamation.

A ringing sound is heard before over the speaker Glynda says "Will all first years make their way over to the cliffs for initiation."

"Well it was nice meeting you Blake but looks like it's time for initiation later" Fernus says jumping up and walking towards the cliffs where they are to go casually moving his sword onto his back "maybe we can have that match once we have our teams formed see you after initiation" he leaves and arrives at the cliffs in a short time to see Felicia walking up to him.

"Fernus where have you been I've been waiting for you for like 5 minutes" Felicia says pouting towards him.

"Alright Felicia I get it I made you wait no need to get antsy I know you want to test your skills plus it's going to be fun right" Fernus says holding his hands up to assuage her.

"Yes it will be but you don't know but we don't have to take initiation our team is already formed but it's up to us if we are going to do it I say we should just so we can see our competition first hand, right Fernus?" Felicia says happily looking at him through the corner of her eyes as the other students arrive including a confused Blake.

"I agree we should do this since some of these students are quite interesting like the Blonde girl and her sister they seem to be good including that among these students is Pyrrha Nikos that should make for an interesting fight I might have to actually go full out in that fight" Fernus says the last part jokingly watching Felicia as she looks at the three mentioned "also no time like now to see how they react during initiation we should take the time to watch them after we complete our objective."

"Right it would help if Darrien and Neria had come but they are sitting this out so let's just test our luck all we need to do is grab two artifacts that are similar to enforce us on the same team plus I want to fight some Grimm it will be fun for us" Felicia says grinning watching Fernus come up with their strategy "so this is our plan of attack sound just like you Fernus when you actually do something that is" Felicia finishes teasingly to elicit a reaction from Fernus.

"Meh I deserved that cause it's true I am quite lazy some of these people here look easy so I see only a few to worry about especially our dear old friend Weiss I don't know how much better with her rapier she's gotten but we shouldn't underestimate her" Fernus says simply as he walks over to the platforms "now we're about to start Felicia so get on your platform." Fernus walks over and half listens to the speech not really caring until he hears a loud "whaaat" coming from the far right of him and leans over to see it 'oh it's just little red freaking out'

"After you've partnered up make your way to the northern end of the forest you will meet opposition along the way do not hesitate to destroy everything in your path or you will die" Ozpin says as a blond boy laughs then gulps at hearing that "you will be monitored and graded for the duration of your initiation-" Fernus tunes out at this part till he notices the people on his far left take their positions.

Fernus leans to the right as he sees the others begin being launched and he slings his sword off as he prepares to be launched. As he hears the platform he's on start to click he prepares to be launch upon the final 'click' he gets flung forward so he activates his semblance to take the heat away from the air beneath his feet causing his descent to slow down enough so he casually grabs a branch on his way down. Fernus lands on the ground and looks around scanning for Felicia's smell 'she fell over that way good thing we are so close to each other' he continues walking in the direction Felicia landed while rolling his sword off his back and into his hand 'and if my guess is correct there are some Beowulf's ahead should be easy to cut down' he continues walking before he sees Felicia surrounded by a pack of Beowulf's and an alpha among them 'well seems they haven't noticed me yet so I should take out a few of them then go for the alpha' he continues to walk till he's a few feet away from the nearest Beowulf before causing the fire to wrap around his blade and he swings it wrapping the nearest Beowulf's in fire "Felicia tag team" He yells out while the Beowulf's turn around to confront the new threat and charging him upon which Felicia uses the ice dust to trap the Beowulf's in a wall of ice as she runs over to Fernus.

"Take care of that alpha Fernus I'll take care of the cannon fodder" Felicia says swiping her sword over a Beowulf's claws before slicing the offending arm off and freezing its back as she runs past it towards the others.

"Right" Fernus says simply as he charges the alpha activating his semblance causing the air immediately around him and the alpha till heat up till it became a miniature furnace upon which he activated his sword causing the air to catch fire burning where the air was touching including himself and the alpha.

"Fernus don't overheat yourself I think you killed it" Felicia says glancing to the fire as she stabs her sword into the ground freezing the floor and trapping the Beowulf's in place before the flames surrounding Fernus went out with him standing there unsinged and the mark around his eye and chest glowing blood red as he throws fire over the Beowulf's trapped by the ice scorching them causing their skin to crackle and break.

"Well that was fun but that is bound to attract others" Fernus says walking towards Felicia casually placing his sword on his back "looks like I shouldn't of wasted the heat I've collected on these Grimm but it did make quick work of them" he continues walking with Felicia following behind him "if we keep heading this way we should get to the temple shortly and maybe we could find one of those three who are so interesting actually make that four if I add the Faunus girl to the equation" Fernus says while he keeps walking towards the temple.

"Faunus girl?"

"Yea she was enjoying the sun same as me though she is definitely not like me" Fernus reply's smiling "plus I'm not going to say her name or what she looks like as she asked me to keep it secret but then again promises are meant to be broken" they continue till they come upon the pieces upon which rests pieces "these look like chest pieces right Felicia"

"Yes they do now which piece should we grab?" Felicia asks him curiously.

"We should grab the black pawns seeing as they are one of the most important pieces" Fernus says explaining why "we should also set up nearby to watch the other groups as they collect the pieces" he proceeds to grab two black pawns from the pedestals before moving over to the Cliffside.

~a short while later ruins~

"Look one of the groups with two of the people of interest" Fernus says seeing a familiar blonde and a black haired girl "should we stay and watch for the other one or should we head down and greet them?" as he says this a loud pitch scream is heard "what the hell was that?"

"Some girl or something" Felicia says covering one of her ears "they are loud is what they are."

"Ok were staying lets watch" Fernus says sitting back down looking for people as the two figures by the ruins look around. As they continue to watch they see a black and red dot falling from the sky only to be hit by a blue and white object into a tree "what was that" they look and see the black and red dot is near the blonde girl with a random red head and a man with black hair "where did those two come from?"

"They come from an ursa they were riding by the trees" Felicia says simply.

"They were riding an ursa are they crazy wait no don't answer that lets look for more is that a deathstalker are you serious where did they find a deathstalker" Fernus says growing more livid as more happens "oh great and now there's a nevermore these kids are just bad luck."

"You tell me they seem to be doing ok there running away though should we maybe take out the nevermore?" Felicia says glancing at the running groups pityingly.

"Let's see how well they can handle themselves we'll make sure no other Grimm show up and attack them" Fernus says scaling down the wall to make his way towards where the group ran off.

"Always the one to take the lazy route" Felicia mutters before following as well.

As they arrive they see that the groups have split up fighting the two Grimm in two groups "hmmm excellent strategy let's keep an ear out for any unwanted guests while we keep an eye on them."

"Roger that Fernus then again you would hear them before I would" Felicia says grinning at him.

"Yea yea I know lets focus now" Fernus says watching them as they manage to kill the deathstalker as they continue hears the pattering of feet coming from the forest "heads up beowolves" he says turning around to meet them with Felicia turning around to "looks like they might find out we are here because this might get a bit flashy."

As the beowolves begin to come into view Fernus wraps hot air around his fist launching them towards the beowolves leaving a trail of shimmery air before flipping his sword to light the air causing the trail to catch fire before igniting the beowolves "ok let's go meet them before they wonder what's going on" he says as he books it out of the forest towards the group.

~at the ruins with the two teams~

"Umm Pyrrha is that fire in the forest I don't think the forest is supposed to combust like that" Jaune says worriedly looking at the forest.

"Don't be silly Jaune no would set the forest on fire" Pyrrha says turning around "or not."

"Yea I thought so" Jaune says as he continues to watch the fire before seeing someone running out full tilt out of the forest "I think that is the guy who set the trees on fire."

As Jaune and Pyrrha continue watching a second figure comes running out looking like they are yelling at the other as the one in the lead runs faster as they draw up close the one closer to Jaune slows down to a walk and saying "Hello there the names Fernus and the one screaming behind me is Felicia we ran into some Grimm and I may of accidently set a tree on fire."

"You set a tree on fire it doesn't look like a tree more like several" Pyrrha says simply.

"I guess it spread or something" Fernus says looking bored as Felicia finally catches up.

"Fernus don't run off all of a sudden like that you're too fast for me" Felicia says gasping between breaths "I'm not as fit as you."

"Yea I guess hey what's your guy's names it's not nice to have me and Felicia gives our names away and not receive yours" Fernus says in mock hurt.

"Hey why you give them my name" Felicia says sternly to Fernus.

"I'm Jaune, Jaune Arc short sweet and rolls off the tongue ladies love it" Jaune says "oh and this is Pyrrha Nikos, Ren and Nora."

"Hello" Pyrrha says.

"A pleasure" Felicia nods towards them "and those four over there" Felicia points to the four girls who have killed the nevermore.

"There is Ruby the one in red, Weiss the one in white , Yang I think is the one in yellow she's ruby's older sister and then there's that one the one in black I don't think I have heard her name or speak for that matter" Jaune says trailing off at the end.

"Ok well I guess we should go then and finish initiation huh" Fernus says happily.

"Yea your right" Jaune says ready to leave.

~Beacon Academy Team announcement~ No PoV

Fernus applauds seeing the new teams of RWBY and JNPR being made 'well I guess my teams next' Fernus thinks to himself as he waits.

"And now last but not least our final team come lineup" Ozpin says looking at them as they line up "Neria Marigold, Fernus, Felicia and Darrien Alvar who retrieved the black pawn pieces make up team nffd led by Neria Marigold.

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