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Emily stared at them after she let out that scream. They all calmed down when they realized that there was no Danger. "Why did you scream", Inuyasha grumbled. She stood

and walked up to inu. Grabbing and rubbing his ears. "HEY, STOP THAT" he bellowed. A Few snickers followed. smacking her hands away "Who are you and where did you come

from did you come through the well?" they all stared at her. 'how do I answer that, well maybe just my name for now' "My Name is Emily, as for where I come from a different

universe and what does a well have to do with where come from". (A different universe) they all thought together. "I don't know where I am or how I got here" Emily replied.

"Well you can stay with us for now my name is Kagome that's Sango, Miroku, Shippo, Inuyasha and Keade". they all waved at there names being called. "It's Nice to meet you

all" 'This is so AWSOMELIKEOMG' 'ok calm down don't want Inuyasha smelling my excitement' "lets break our fast and head out those jewel shards aren't going to find

themselves" Inuyasha said. they all ate and talked. Blueishgreen eye's looked around the village as they passed through. Pulling Up the Big Yellow Backpack Emily hurried to

catch up to them. 'Man this thing is heavy but i got to pull my own weight if i want to survive here.' Later that night while everyone was sleeping Emily decided to explore a

little. 'It's so Dark out but the moon is so pretty and the stars like wow.' standing on a hill of grass the campsite barely in sight she didn't even notice saimyosho flying away. In

a different and much darker place Naraku was Contemplating his next scheme, He's saimyosho delivered it's massage. 'Hhmm interesting' Naraku pondered who this new woman could be.

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