Eliot's POV

I was happy to be off a plane. I had been on one for a few hours already and really wanted to stretch and work off some of the energy that built up during the long flight. I had only a few short hours before I was once again trapped in a plane for hours on end, stuck between people with no privacy or room to move around. I sighed and started to make my way toward the boarding gate as I planned to check my boarding time and then go find something to eat. I needed to keep my strength up as you never know when things could go wrong.

I was visiting some friends who were currently located in Alaska. They were pretty nomadic and the last time that I visited them, they lived in Boise, Idaho. They had a problem that needed my experience. They had always helped me in the past when I got into a crunch, so I couldn't say no. It turned out that the problem was larger than originally thought and it took nearly a week to take care of. I was glad that it was over though as I was having clothing problems (let's just say that the people I helped them take out took offense to my things and burned them while I was out doing some recon).

I was borrowing an outfit from one of my friends as all my clothes were unwearable or covered in some unknown liquids that caused me discomfort. I was glad that I still had my leather jacket though. I was wearing all black and I was glad as they made some very interesting clothing choices in the past. If anything was to happen, I could easily cover up the damage with the dark colors. It would not be the first time that I sat next to someone on a plane and they spilled something all over me. My friend also gave me some chocolate and a book. I wasn't going to touch the chocolate as I figured it would be a nice gift to give to Parker. That girl loves her chocolate. The book on the other hand was Atlas Shrugged, I had started to read and found it very enjoyable. I looked forward to reading it again on the flight as it may not have been my normal choice but it was good enough to pass the time.

I was heading to New York. I was planning to spend some time in New York City and then head to Boston. During my time in New York, I was planning on losing any tails that were following me at this time. I also had some tentative plans to meet up with some old friends but I would see how things went. I could not put the team at risk. It was my job to protect them, not put them in any danger.

I was under a Hardison-approved alias for this flight. I had used it a few times in the past for pleasure trips but I had never done anything that the government would call wrong with it. I did not want any red flags to raise during this trip. I had to keep a low profile as you never knew when someone was out to get you. I had sat next to a guy on the plane that was dressed similarly to me. It was freaky how we were wearing almost the same thing. We were getting some weird looks and I did not like the attention that it was bringing on me. I did not ever want to repeat that experience again. It only means trouble when you someone who is dressed like you. They may try to frame you and if someone that was dressed like you was seen, you would soon be a suspect. I tried to stay positive but I was a naturally suspicious person.

I reached an empty chair and settled into it. I was making a sweep of my surroundings when a customs officer approached me from the right. I was surprised at this. What had I done to warrant the attention of a Candian customs official? I held back the urge to say, "What do you need officer?" I stayed silent and hoped that the officer would keep walking and approach another person instead.

"May we speak to you, sir?" The officer asked me. I tried to hide my shocked expression but not too well as that would seem suspicious.

I really didn't want to talk to anyone, but I replied anyway, "Sure, what about?"

"This is not a matter that we want to discuss in public, sir. Please follow me to a more private location," I sighed but in the end, I followed the officer to a holding room where they would probably interview me for a while.

The customs officer left the room and came back around 10 minutes later. In that time, I had scanned the room and made myself aware of it and anything I could use if I had to escape for some reason. There was one entrance that the customs officer was using to exit and a mirror where others may or may not be watching (I did not know how high profile what they called me in for). I sighed again and got ready for the questions to start rolling in, thinking of possible questions and answers I could give. I had nearly run out of questions by the time the official returned.

"So, your name is Mr. Black?" The customs officer asked. I guess he wanted to confirm my identity before he gave away any information on the matter at hand.

"Yes, My name is Jimmy Black," I told the officer, making sure to give the name on my passport and identity papers. I slide them over to the official as I spoke to give more weight to my identity. I figured he would want to look at them soon anyway. He made a signal with his hand and another official walked in. He handed her the paperwork I gave him and the women left.

"What are your plans once you reach New York?" I blinked at the man. Why in the world did he want to know my plans? I had already told an official my planes when I had gone through customs but I guess he wanted to see if my story matched or not.

"Well, I was planning to visit a friend or two if they were willing to see me. They are busy so they may not have been able to. After that, I was planning to drive home and maybe stop at some of the sights on the way. I don't currently have a deadline but that may change if something comes up," I told him the truth without giving anything important away.

"Where do you live?" He asked me. I wasn't sure if I was willing to answer this as any one of my enemies could get ahold of it if they really wanted to. I sighed and decided to tell the truth. I could always get Hardison to remove it later from the records if it was needed.

"I live in Boston," I told the man.

"Do you have anyone that could confirm that?" He asked me.

"Yes, a few friends who I am constantly hanging with?" That was what I replied with.

"May I contact information for them?" It was worded like a question but, I knew if I didn't comply, they would make my life difficult.

I spoke as I was writing down Nate's number, "This number will put you in contact with Jimmy Papadokalis, he's a friend of mine and a lawyer. He is probably your best bet if you actually expect them to answer their phone. The others don't always answer if they do not know the phone number. They hate the robocalls." It was sort of the truth. Sophie would have worked around the problem and given no straight answer that he was looking for. It would make me even more suspicious rather than clear me. Parker would have given up to much information thinking it was what normal people did when accused of a crime they were not a part of. She could also potentially weird the poor man out so much that he doesn't release me. Hardison may not answer it and just ignore it in favor of video games, which would make me stuck here even longer. He could also have someone else answer and then track the number and ruin their financial history (better not to ask). Nate was the best bet.

"Okay, I will be back soon if all the information received confirms what you told me. We do not want to hold you up more than the minimum time necessary." That was what the man told me. I knew what the man said was true and I was glad that he wasn't lying to me as some officers did. I really did not like liars. The man left the room without waiting for a comment.

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