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Neal's POV

Neal had a feeling that a lot of information that he was keeping hidden was about to come out into the open, whether he wanted it to or not. The interesting thing was that he was not afraid of the fact but ready to embrace and talk to other people about things he just couldn't share. Mozzie knew some of it but he did not know the full story, which was probably for the best as it would bring some of his fears to reality, that is for sure.

Neal decided to let Eliot speak first, and then he would fill in some blanks as they started to speak, "There is some stuff I haven't told you guys. I was ashamed and did not want to see how you would look at me when I told you the truth. Some of the worst things that I did were during this time in my life, and I knew I would tell you if you asked, so I just kept quiet…" Eliot trailed off but Neal knew exactly where to start from.

"I met Kate when working for Adler to pull off a con. She was just a genuinely nice person and I introduced her to the life of a con or so I thought. You see, there was one little thing that I did not really take into account when talking to Kate: her father," Neal told them, noticing the confused looks on several of their faces.

Parker seemed to be the one to catch on to where he was going with this, judging by the face that she made at Eliot, though she took no other action other than saying, "Who."

He took a breath and let it out as he spoke, "Damien Moreau," he waited a moment for them to calm down and then continued the story where he had left off, "He had me snatched right of my ratty apartment and had me come in for a talk. I'm guessing you can fill in the blanks on how that went down. He said I would have to earn his approval to do anything with Kate but I admitted that I was not interested in her at that time. He suddenly deigned me her protector, and I was in charge of keeping her safe as she delved deeper into the life of crime. I was then given a contact to talk to."

Before he could continue, Eliot started to speak, picking up the story easily, "I was the contact for Neal. I had been working for Damien Moreau for years at that point and I was coming to regret it. I think I was looking for a way to get out of there and finally had the courage after talking to Neal every week like clockwork for looking after the girl. One day I just decided to not go back and struck out on my own. It was the best choice I ever made, even if it was hard in the beginning, as I had thugs coming after me for weeks before things suddenly quieted down."

Everyone from Eliot's team seemed to be a bit upset but seemed to be happier now that they had information. Nate especially had a look on his face that said that this information could be used to take down Damien Moreau. Neal had a feeling he should stick around until that goal is accomplished or Eliot may be hung out to dry in order for the perceived bad guy to be defeated. He wondered if they had time to make a trip to San Lorenzo or not before they brought Sara Eliis back to life.

Now that his dirty laundry was aired, and Sara Ellis had returned her hair to normal instead of the bright pink that he had seen leaving, he was read into the con. Apparently, they had gotten enough dirt on Halbridge during that meeting, that the takedown would occur soon, mostly by reading the FBI into all the evidence that they had received. They just had to break into a safe in Halbridge's office, which was why they had taken Neal. If Halbridge had found out that Sara Ellis was alive before the break-in, he would have started to destroy evidence but for now, it was safe.

He spent an hour talking to Parker before Nate sent her off to break into the safe, not letting Neal go with her. He thought it would have been fun to race but apparently, that was an unnecessary risk and was something that should be done on their own time, rather than in the middle of a con. He had a feeling he would be seeing Parker in the near future and was not disappointed by that potential future at all.

He also spent a while talking to Hardison about potential ways to get around the tracking anklet in order to take care of some business that he did not want the FBI to know about. Hardison had shown him a few ways to make the address appear in one place, most easily done by using past data that was already connected. This would allow him to still have the anklet on rather than removing it completely when he had work to do.

By the time that Parker came back, he was having a truly fascinating conversation with Sophie Devereux about the benefits of grifting and thievery and the combinations of the two that work best. He was almost disappointed that it was time to go back to the real world but he now had contact information for everyone in the group, and he had a feeling that they would make use of it if they didn't if only to ask him about art.

He watched as Parker took a picture of Sara Ellis, in order to get the FBI's attention. He wondered how exactly they were going to do it but he had the feeling it was better that he did not know. He did not want to accidentally slip up in front of the FBI, not that he would but it never hurt to be too careful. It was better to be over-prepared than under-prepared.

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