It seems like it's been at least 10 minutes since he came back. Relief and joy seemed to wash over her, he's back, he's alive, he's safe. She thought. I mean he's sitting there smiling that trademark smile.

Wait, this can't be real. He's supposed to be dead.

The apparition of her best friend began to fade her heart started racing, as she started breathing heavily for a moment. "Dick!" she gasped. "Dick! Wait!"

"Babs it's okay, I'm here" He said calmly.

"Dick I'm sorry!" tears began roll down her face.

He placed his warm hand on her cheek, "Babs?" she was immediately pulled to those feelings she felt the last time they were together, the night before he would leave Gotham forever.

"Barbara!" jolted out of that nightmare. Heart still racing cheeks still moist but back in her bed. "Are you okay?" a concerned Frankie said at the edge of her bed. Oh god Frankie she thought.

"What?" Barbara sniffed immediately turning her head to the opposite side of the bed. Pull it together Babs it was just a dream.

"Are. You. Okay? I could hear you. You were practically screaming," The dark haired girl said.

"Jeez, Frankie, I'm so sorry."

"It's okay. I was just making a late night snack. You want some?"

"Ugh, sure." Barbara said as she did her best to wipe the last bit of moisture from face while climbing out of bed.

Their kitchen, along with the rest of their apartment, was quite nice considering the great deal they managed to get. At least being in Burnside was close enough away from Gotham to still be able to get back there whenever she wanted to check up on her father, the former-commissioner.

Frankie grabbed two bowls from the cabinet, the Greek yogurt from the fridge, and the granola from the cabinet and placed them at the table. The granola and Greek yogurt weren't already out on the table when they walked into the kitchen which was a dead give-away for Barbara to immediately tell what this really was.

"So… who's Dick?" Frankie said casually as she poured the granola into her bowl.

"Ugh!" Her head was much more comfortable on the cool tabletop. Well she already knows your Batgirl

"I don't know" Barbara mumbled to the table.

"Oh come on Babes, you were saying his name in your sleep, and not in a good way," Frankie chided.

"Ah, well he was… a guy I knew."

"Yeah I got that much already, come on girl spill it."

"Fine… Do you know where I where I was most of today."


"His name was Richard "Dick" Grayson, and today makes a year since he died…And his—Our mentor died a few days ago… That night Joker attacked Gotham."

"Oh my God, I am so sorry Barbara. I can't believe you knew Nightwing. "

"So, Batman's funeral happens to fall around the anniversary of Dick's death. Right when I thought I was in a better place in my life… That bastard, The Joker, always gets the last laugh."

"But not this time." Frankie stated as she put her hand over Barbara's, "Look, you are in much better place and Gotham is going to need Batgirl now more than ever."

"When Dick was taken by the Crime Syndicate, I tried everything to get to him," she said looking down at her bowl.

"But, something or someone needed always needed help. By the time I got there the Justice League had secured the area. His body was never found, but I still can't help to think what if I got there the day before, or what if the—my timing didn't always suck."

"Come on" Frankie exclaimed, "you can't play the what if game. You saved a lot of lives and whether your find is alive or not you all you can do is keep moving forward babes."

"You're right Frankie." If Dick was alive he would do the same. "So about my algorithm"

"Oh you mean the one that went all Skynet tried to destroy you, Burnside, and anyone else" She said casually.

"Right" Barbara said rolling her eyes. "Are you set up yet? I think it's a good night to try our new team out."

"YES! I thought you would never ask!"

"Okay, be ready in 5!" Barbara said not before high-fiving Frankie and dashing to her closet for her gear.

4 minutes later Batgirl was standing behind Frankie's station. "Ready?"

"Ready as I'll ever be Batgirl"

Batgirl made her way to the window opened it and stepped out on the ledge.

"Wait, so what am I going to call you," Batgirl asked.

"Call me Oracle"