"Where's agent 1?"

"Uh not exactly where we left him… I mean he is supposed to be a pretty good spy from what I hear." He said into his radio. Ever since Agent 37 received word that someone has been killing other spies on his missions' things have been a bit tense. Agent 1 is now rogue and probably on the hunt for revenge after being left to be captured by a private security force on the last mission because of 37 was ordered to lose him.

"Great, so he's probably gone rogue and isn't too happy about what you did to him."

"Wait… Wha-"

"Back to base 37, I'll expect a full debrief when you return. Matron out."

"We've received intel that a small cell of the Fist of Cain is operating around Gotham. Intellegence suggests that they are planning a strike on one or more of the colleges just outside of Gotham"

Dick had just returned from a botched mission where he had to sabotage his (former) partner and found our someone has been following him and killing other spies on his missions. Now he's standing in Matron's, formerly Mr. Minos's, office being briefed by his partner turned boss. The partner who kissed him on one of their last missions together, then denied it ever happened—It's a long story. That was the last he ever heard from Batman, from Gotham, from home.

No, not Gotham he thought to himself.

"Hey! Are you hearing me 37? We're going back to Gotham, together. This mission is too important to have anything go wrong. We have to find out what they are doing."

"Alright BG so you know the mission right?"

Batgirl peered into the warehouse windows. A lot was going on here. If, by a lot, you mean a bunch of suspected terrorists are moving a lot of guns and weapons into trucks to be shipped out.

"Yes, come in through the roof send a bunch of bad-guys twice my size to the hospital then to jail"

Little did she know she wasn't the only one trying to figure out who was behind all of this.

"Good, now let's go to work"

"Grayson, have you reached the office yet?" Matron said into his earpiece.

Agent 37 had infiltrated the Fist of Cain's warehouse. He was just trying to fit in as just another piece of muscle loading guns and weapons into trucks to be shipped out to all parts of Gotham.


He lifted anther large crate to the guy on the back of the truck and made his way back to storage area. But, not before taking a little detour to the main office.

"Alright O cut the power."

Immediately the power in the entire area surrounding the docks went out making it pitch black inside the warehouse. The only light was from the truck lights and the city's glow through the windows.

Dick immediately became aware of what was happening here. But, who was it?

It couldn't be Batman, no-one has he's gone. Hood? No way.

Batwoman didn't operate in this area and Selina was too busy running Gotham's underground.

That only left Tim and…

Please let it don't be her, he thought to himself.

"Agh!" That had to be the sound of a thug getting a large dose of justice.

" Look out boys! We got a bat! Get your night-vision out!" One of the lackeys said.

Whoever it is they can handle it. He thought.

"37. You're girlfriend is here. You need to hurry and get to the intel or I'm going to intervene."

Damn it Helena, don't. He didn't want to reply out loud he knew Babs was great at taking down criminals who so much as whispered to each other.

"No! No-"

Another bad-guy tied up and ready for GCPD pickup.

"Alright BG, 7 bad guys down… I am picking up one heat signature in the office. Ready to make this guy talk?"

"Ready to make them squeal"

Grayson finally made his way to the office and started transferring all the files the group had on the weapon.

"Grayson do you here me? You have another heat signature coming your way it has to be-"

"Matron?" He whispered.

He would rather risk it. At this point his cover was at risk of being blown and this would be assassin may even be in the same room. The only person they could take out would be…



"Don't move!" And there he was standing in the same room as her. Finally, he spent a long time thinking about what he would say to her at this moment.

But, his back was toward her and facing the window. He still had his duty to Batman and the mission. He couldn't just let his cover get blown.

"Who are you?! Turn around or get ready to have a very serious head injury!"

Batgirl had her bolas in one hand and her battarangs in the other. She was ready to strike. But Dick didn't need to see that to know she was ready.

"You look great!"

"Really?... You think so?"

"Of Course! You're going to be irresistible!"

"Thanks Frankie."

"Yeah, I mean don't tell me you don't realize all of that 'Bat' training didn't pay off"

"You haven't seen Catwoman in person," She muttered "I do look amazing!"

She was in the most beautiful tight red dress. But this wasn't really Barbara Gordon wearing it- it was Batgirl. And Batgirl had a mission. Go on a Date with a young man who is well connected in Wayne Enterprise and get her hands on the tech she needs.

"So… Are you sure you want to keep doing this?" Frankie asked curiously.

"Yeah, I'm ready."

To say this date was going great was an understatement. The guy was a friend she had known for a very long time. Dark hair, beautiful eyes, and a great body. From the outside looking in it looked so natural for both of these young people in one of the most exclusive restaurants in Gotham. It started simple enough catching up on the past and talking about the future. Laughing, smiling, casual touches. On the inside to say she had butterflies was an understatement.

But Dick Grayson was at the bar overlooking the happy couple. Hypnos in full effect as an older blonde man drinking his drink in peace. He couldn't just leave Gotham and not check up on her. But the sick feeling that was boiling up in his stomach was making him regret his choice. He should have been happy for her. He should have been happy she was happy. But he wasn't at that table, so he couldn't truly be happy.

He quickly tilted his head back and finished the rest of his glass and slid a very large bill across the table for the bartender. He took his suit jacket off the back of his chair put it on his shoulders and made his way for the door.

"I feel the same way!"

He tuned out the entire restaurant to here this. Before he left he took one last look towards the couple at the table to see them kissing. They had to have been together for months.

Screw it. It's fine. She's happy.

With that thought he left. He had been off Spyral's radar for since their first meeting a few days earlier allowed for it.

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