The Fablehaven gang get Facebook! Hope you enjoy! Brandon Mull owns Fablehaven!

Seth Sorenson has posted a status:

I like pancakes!

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Kendra Sorenson: Great start to Facebook brother.

Bracken da unicorn: Really? I thought it was stupid

Kendra Sorenson:

Dale Burgess: I think she was being sarcastic Bracken.

Bracken da unicorn: Oh… :(

Warren Burgess: So, Bracken, what`s up with your username

Bracken da unicorn: Seth set up my account and I can`t figure out how to change it

Kendra Sorenson: Seth…

Seth Sorenson: Hahahahahahaha! Bracken didn't choose the thug life, the thug life choose him!

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Bracken da unicorn: ?

Kendra Sorenson: I'll explain it to you when you get older, sweetie.

Warren Burgess: BURN!

Saffron the unicorn bomb has posted a status:

Guess who joined Facebook?


Bracken da unicorn: Zac Efron?

Rayne is awesome: Where? Where? Where?

Bright as sun: HE IS MINE! BACK OFF!

Princess Ivory: Now girls, don`t fight. You will find your own love one day.

Saffron the unicorn bomb: Hello? Does anyone care about my status at all?

Bracken da unicorn: No, I don`t think anyone does.

Saffron the Unicorn Bomb: That is reallyyyy mean! MOM!

Kendra Sorenson: I leave you guys alone for five minutes and now Saffron is running through the castle trying to find the Fairy Queen and yelling "MOM". What did you all do?

Rayne is awesome: It all started out with Bracken making fun of my future husband.


Bracken da unicorn: Why are Rayne and Bright having a cat fight and why is Saffron sobbing on mother and why is Ivory just sitting in the library while all of this happens?

Kendra Sorenson- Do you even know how to read?

Fairy Queen: Who is Zac Efron and what is a Facebook?

Bright as sun: …

Princess Ivory: …

Bracken da unicorn: …

Rayne is awesome:

Saffron the unicorn bomb:

Kendra Sorenson: Your highness?

Fairy Queen: Yes?

Kendra Sorenson: As one of your closest advisors, I advise you to run, right about… now.

Kendra Sorenson: Hello? HELLO?

Marla Sorenson has posted a status:

What do you all want for dinner tonight?


Seth Sorenson: PIZZA!

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Marla Sorenson: Does everyone hate my cooking?

Seth Sorenson- No mom it`s just… its pizza.

Tanu Dufu: At least Vanessa`s not cooking, right?

Kendra Sorenson: Thanks for bringing that one up Tanu!

Marla Sorenson: Good idea Tanu! Vanessa would you mind cooking tonight?

Vanessa Santoro: Not at all Marla! Who`s going to be there?

Kendra Sorenson: I`m having dinner with some of my friends, sorry.

Seth Sorenson: Uh, I can`t I am having dinner with Bracken.

Bracken da unicorn: We are?

Seth Sorenson: Yes, Bracken, we are, remember.

Saffron the unicorn bomb: Wait, what`s so bad about Vanessa`s cooking?

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Kendra Sorenson: Why don`t you go see?

Saffron the unicorn bomb: OK! Hey Nessa you mind if I join you for dinner? :`)

Vanessa Santoro: Sure! Everyone is welcome! Dinner`s at five.

Saffron the unicorn bomb: Kay! Be there soon!

Seth Sorenson: She might not survive.

Bracken da unicorn: Amen brother.

Saffron the unicorn bomb has posted a status:

Ack! Why Vanessa, WHY?


Seth Sorenson: Had some of Vanessa`s cooking haven`t you?

Bright as sun: What was it like?

Saffron the unicorn bomb: I was throwing up all night.

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Saffron the unicorn bomb: And Kendra told me to try her cooking too! Where is she?

Kendra Sorenson: Kendra is not available at this moment, please leave a message after the beep, BEEEEEEEEEP.

Warren Burgess: BURN!

Seth Sorenson: Why do you keep saying that Warren?

Kendra Sorenson and Bracken da unicorn are now in a relationship



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Fairy Queen: So when did this happen?

Bracken da unicorn: Mother! When did you get a Facebook?

Fairy Queen: Last week, why?

Princess Ivory: Mother, Bracken is just embarrassed that his mother is now on Facebook and knows about his relationship. So otherwise, teenage boy.

Rayne is awesome: Funny how Kendra has nothing to say in this matter and has gone completely silent. KENDRA!

Kendra Sorenson: I was in a knights of dawn meeting, trying to be official. For your information.

Warren Burgess: BURN!

Warren Burgess- OW! Kendra, did you have to come all the way upstairs to slap me?

Hope you enjoyed it!