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Kendra Sorenson has posted a status:

Guess who got a 78% on their test?!


Seth Sorenson: Me? Wow, I must really zone out in class…

Kendra Sorenson: No you idiot, me!

Vanessa Santoro: Kendra, are you okay?

Warren Burgess: Do you need someone to talk to?

Bracken da Unicorn: I can be at Fablehaven in fifteen minutes. With chocolate.

Kendra Sorenson: No guys, I`m fine!

Seth Sorenson: Haha, funny thing is, I don't believe you.

Dale Burgess: Kendra, its okay to be upset!

Kendra Sorenson: I`m not upset guys, I`m fine!

Warren Burgess: Who are you and what have you done with Kendra Sorenson?

Kendra Sorenson: Haha, guys, I`m fine, don't worry! Everything`s good!

Kendra Sorenson has logged off.

Seth Sorenson has posted a status:

Is Alegbra really necessary in everyday life?


Stan Sorenson: Yes, of course!

Ruth Sorenson: I find algebra to be quite important!

Dale Burgess: Don't get discouraged Seth, you can do it!

Warren Burgess: (I disagree.)

Seth Sorenson: THANK YOU!

Stan Sorenson: Seth, ignore him. Warren stop that.

Warren Burgess: (I have never used algebra in my adult life ever.)

Ruth Sorenson: Well, you don't exactly have a normal career Warren! Seth, algebra IS important!

Warren Burgess: (no it isn't)

Dale Burgess: Warren!

Warren Burgess: (I won`t apologize for my beliefs.)

Seth Sorenson: So, in short, I don't have to pass algebra!

Warren Burgess: (that's not what I said.)

Seth Sorenson: But that's what I heard!

Ruth Sorenson: Someone tell Seth that algebra is important! Kendra? Talk to your brother!

Kendra Sorenson: It`s very important to pass algebra, it`s how you pass high school!

Stan Sorenson: Thank you very much Kendra.

Kendra Sorenson: (algebra is the spawn of Satan himself)

Ruth Sorenson: Kendra!

Seth Sorenson has posted a status:

If you could tell your past-self anything, what would it be?


Warren Burgess: How far in the past are we talking?

Seth Sorenson: Idk, like 5 years? Serious answers only, no questions asked.

Tanu Dufu: Don't be afraid to branch out and try something new.

Seth Sorenson: Good! Here`s mine! There is a fine between courage and stupidity. Find it and live by it.

Newel the Great: Kim would you stop taking pictures of yourself? Your sister is going to jail!

Warren Burgess: Life is short. Don`t waste the time you have left.

Bracken da Unicorn: You`ll see the sun again. One day.

Bracken da Unicorn: Bonus! Important things come in unnexpected packages.

Rayne is Awesome: Always be genuine.

Bright as Sun: It`s okay to miss the people you`ve lost.

Princess Saffrona: You don`t have to pretend to be happy all the time.

Newel the Great: You don`t respect my religion? I don't respect your outfit.

Princess Ivory: Have fun.

Dale Burgess: Stop punishing yourself for things that aren't your fault.

Kendra Sorenson: One day, everything will be okay. And one day, it won`t hurt as much.

Vanessa Santoro: Don`t do it for him. He doesn't love you.

Warren Burgess: Good job guys.

Seth Sorenson: Newel what the hell? The Kardashians? Really?

Newel the Great: I regret nothing.

Bracken da Unicorn has posted a status:

Remember when Kendra said she was okay with getting a 78?


Seth Sorenson: Oh I remember that lie.

Vanessa Santoro: She finally broke?

Bracken da Unicorn: Indeed she did.

Kendra Sorenson: Stop talking about me, I`m fine!

Warren Burgess: You stayed up until 3am studying for a test retake that improved your overall grade by 2%.

Kendra Sorenson: And now I have an 84% for that test, so all is well in the world.

Seth Sorenson: You are actually insane.

Kendra Sorenson: Shut up, I know.

Bracken da Unicorn: Kendra?

Kendra Sorenson: Shut. Up.

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