Roses to Love

By ~ Azura

Note ~ I don't own the characters, but I do own some characters, like Annie-Mae, Missy and Mrs./Mr. Rose. Some things belong to Stephen King's Rose Red. This come to me as I watched "Rose Red".

Chapter One : What's so special about a certain Rose?

Location ~ A Little Girl's Room

A little five year old blonde/silver haired girl is on the floor drawing a pretty yellow house. She hears her parents arguing about her. By just looking at her recorder that was five feet away, she puts on a classical music. The music became louder as her parents voice grew louder.

At that moment and old woman who lives in a yellow house was talking to her husband. They both were looking out their window at an old gray mansion.

Old Woman ~ "There's something about her, that girl..."
Old Man ~ "Why do you say that?"
Old Woman ~ "Babie would never bite anyone. She's a good dog. There's something about her that made Babie bite her."
Old Man ~ "There's nothing wrong with that girl. Please, just leave it be."
Old Woman ~ "Dogs know, Love. Dogs know many things we don't understand or see. There has to be something, something evil about that girl."

~Back to the Little Girl's Room~

The girl finished her drawing. Suddenly she gets angry. She begins to draw hard lines (slashes) all over her drawing with her crayon.

~The Yellow House~

The house began to shake.

Old Woman ~ "What's happening?"
Old Man ~ "It's an earthquake."
Old Woman ~ "Oh my God."

Rocks began to fall from the skies, pummeling into the house.

Old Man ~ "Let's get out of here."

The old man grabbed his wife and brought her to the basement. The woman began to cry.

~Back to the Little Girl's Room~

Her parents began to climb up to the stairs. They began to knock on the door, but the little girl wouldn't open it. She continued on drawing lines. Her older sister began knocking on the door hard.

Sister ~ "Annie-Mae, opened the door. Please, Annie. Open the door for your sister. Annie-Mae, be a good girl and open the door."

As her sister kept screaming, the little girl continued making lines, faster and faster. Suddenly her crayon broke: the music stopped, the rocks stopped falling and the door opened. Her parents and her sister came in. Annie-Mae stood up and grabbed her doll. As she hugged the doll close, she stared at them unmoving, not speaking. Her sister came up to her and kneeled down to her little sister's height. Annie showed her the doll and said, "Look, I got baby." With that, Annie's sister gave her a tight hug.

~Six Years Later~

A 16 years old pale girl with jet black hair came running down the hall to the living room, waving a letter in the air.

Missy ~ "Mum! Pappa! A letter! A letter has come for Annie! Pappa, look."
Mr. Rose (sitting in a chair, reading his newspaper. He put his newspaper aside.) ~ "A letter for Annie? Impossible."
Annie was sitting on the floor near a window reading. When she heard her name, she looked up at her father, looking confused.
Another pale woman with jet black hair in her late 30's came rushing in. "Steven, what's all this racket about?" She saw that he was holding a letter, so she came behind her husband, as she and her eldest daughter, Missy, were reading the letter with him.

Dear Mr. and Mrs. Rose.

I write this letter personally because I am well aware of your daughter, Annie-Mae Nenita Rose's gift. I ask for you to permit her to attend Hogwarts School of the Gifted. This is a chance for your daughter to reach her full potential and to control her gift. It's also a chance for her to socialize with other children her own age, who also have special gifts of their own. Bring her to London Express, where I will have one of my most trusted staff to pick her up from there and bring her here to Hogwarts. She will needs to bring are her personal belongings and we will provide what she will be needing. We guarantee a wonderful experience for your lovely daughter.

Head Master Dombledore.

Missy ~ "Oh Pappa, this is wonderful! This is a great opportunity for Annie."
Mr. Rose ~ I absolutely do not think it's wise. Don't you agree Mary-Ann."
Mrs. Rose ~ "I agree. Bringing her there will be putting all the other children in danger. You know how her temper can get, and what's so special about Annie to even want her in their school?"
Missy ~ Mum! Pappa! Stop talking as if Annie isn't here. This is her decision to make."
Mr. Rose ~ "No, this isn't her decision and neither yours. As long as you live under this roof, I make your decisions, and that's final."
Missy just glared at him and stomped off.
Mrs. Rose ~ "Steve! Shh... Please don't shout, your going to upset Annie."

With that Mrs. Rose walked towards the door. Before she left the room, she patted Annie's head. Annie just looked up at her with no expression in her eyes and face, then quickly looked back at the book she was reading.

~Four Years Later~

Every year since the first letter from Hogwarts, came more letters. But the Rose's just ignored it, making sure Missy or Annie doesn't get a hold of any of the letters.

Missy is now 20 years old. She's 5'7", with pale skin, green/hazel eyes, and jet black hair with ruby red streaks that went to her mid-back. She was a spitting image of her mother with some similar features if her father. She was also sweet, kind, gentle, friendly, fun, spontaneous, short temper, a back talker who is always speaking out her mind, and many more.

Annie-Mae who was now 15 years old, was the odd one in the family. She looked nothing like her parents, besides her pale skin. She's 5'6", pale skin that can easily get burned by the sun or marked. She has long silvery/blonde hair that goes to her waist, and silvery/blue eyes. When she gets angry, her eyes would suddenly become dark icy blue. She was also sweet, kind, gentle, quiet, rarely talks, short tempered and many other things.

Annie was walking around the house holding onto her doll, when she saw a letter near the door. She went to take a closer look and saw that the letter was addressed to her. She just stood there, staring at the letter as if it was going to bite her. She just stood there, until her sister came.

Missy saw her sister standing near the door, looking at some paper. Probably some letter. Missy went where Annie was standing and picked up the letter. When Missy told her it was addressed to her, Annie took the letter with one hand and took Missy's hand with the other. Annie lead Missy upstairs to her room. When they arrived in the room, the door closed and locked itself behind them. Missy looked at the door puzzled, but didn't say anything about it. She turned towards Annie, who was sitting on her bed, examining the letter.

"Are you just going to sit there all day examining that letter or are you going to open it?" Missy asked her. Answering her question, Annie opened the letter. Missy walked towards her and sat next to her, reading the letter.

Annie, in a quiet voice, "Missy, can I go?" Annie never - rarely - talks to anyone. When she does, she would speak only few words. The only person she ever had a conversation to, was her sister, Missy.

"I don't know Annie. Pappa doesn't want you to go." Missy told her gently.

Annie stared at the wall across from her, "They don't have to know."

"Annie, we shouldn't."

"Mum and Pappa are leaving to a brunch and dinner party this afternoon. We can leave after they leave. Can't we Missy, please? You can stay with me in Hogwarts. I'll make them take you in also."

"Alright. Go and pack. Make sure Mum and Pappa doesn't suspect anything, alright?"

Annie nodded and began packing.

"Missy!" screamed her mother, from the end of the hall. "Help me with my hair, dear."
Missy sighed and went to help her Mother. Afterwards, she went to her room to pack.

~Later that Afternoon~

Mrs. Rose was giving Missy a lecture, "Now sweetheart, if there is anything you need or any type of emergency - "

"No need to worry Mum." Missy interrupted.

"Of course there isn't any need to worry my love. Now we should be off, so stop pestering the children and Missy is now 20. She can take care of her own." Her Father said, gently pulling his wife through the door.

"But Steve, it isn't Missy I'm worried about, it's Annie."

"Mum, don't worry. I have it all under control." Missy said as she helped her Father gently push her Mother out the door. She waved them good-bye and closed the door. She called for Annie to come down telling her it was time to leave.

Annie came down the stairs wearing her sister's black robe. She put on her hood and held onto her doll, as she went out the door, towards the car.

Missy went to the kitchen, putting the letter she wrote to her parents on the table. She grabbed her other robe that was blue and put it on, grabbed her keys and ran out the mansion and into the car. (Twin Turbo Supra, black exterior, blue interior, blue lights under, etc.) Missy started the car. "You ready Annie?" She asked her little sister. Annie held onto her doll tighter and nodded. With that they left the driveway from their old gray mansion towards a new magical live.

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