Roses to Love

By ~ Azura

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Chapter Six : She Frowned at Him

"Annie? Annie wake up..."

Annie moaned, slowly waking up from her dreamless sleep. "Five more minutes..." Annie mumbled, snuggling closer to Azuri.

"Annie, NOW!"

Annie opened her eyes to see her older sister. Annie became confused and looked at her surroundings. She was in her room. She wondered how she got in here, but her thoughts were interrupted by her impatient sister.

"C'mon, Annie. It's your first day of school and your going to be late for breakfast, if you don't hurry on."

Missy went to drag Annie to the bathroom. "Now hurry... I'll be at the professor's table, if you need anything." She kissed her little sister's cheek and ran off, being late herself.

Annie sighed happily and showered quickly so she can see Draco. When she finished with her shower, she went to look into her drawers, finding something she can wear. In there, she found her new uniforms. She went to the mirror to see how she looked in them. She didn't like it one bit. She made the skirt a bit shorter , unbutton the first two buttons of her shirt and loosened up her tie. She looked at the time and saw she was now ten minutes late for breakfast. So she quickly got her robe on and ran her hand through her hair; not having time to brush it.


Great Hall


Annie rushed in the Great Hall, to see everyone staring at her. She cast a glance down and began to walk towards the Slytherin's table. When she saw that there was an empty seat next to Draco, she smiled and began to walk there. As she was about to sit, she felt herself being shoved back. She looked at the person who shoved her and saw it was Pansy Parkinson.

"Move it, Mud-Blood. You have no right to sit here with us, Pures." She sneered, and took the seat next to Draco.

Annie looked at Draco's back, hoping he'll turn around or tell Pansy to back off, but he never did. She slowly looked up and saw Harry looking at her. He made a gesture to her, telling her to sit near him. As Annie came closer, she saw Harry pat at the seat next to him. She smiled and thanked him.

"'ello, Annie." Ron greeted.

"Hi, Annie." Hermione said, happily.

"Hello, everyone." Annie replied.

"Ah, she speaks:- O, speak again, bright angel! For thou art as glorious to this night, being o'er my head, as is a winged messenger of heaven." Harry said, looking into her silvery/blue eyes.

In the background you can hear Hermione whisper, "How romantic." She sighed.

Annie looked up at Harry, staring at his eyes. "I see you read Shakespeare, Harry. Very good. Not many people can quote him so beautifully." she gave him a small shy smile.

Harry grinned at her. "Thanks. So you read muggle books?"

"I read everything and anything. It's the only thing that makes me feel safe and welcome... A place where no one can judge." She said, looking at the food on the table.

"Wow! Dear God Harry! We got ourselves another Hermione!" Ron exclaimed, looking scared. Hermione slapped him behind his head. "Ow! Hermione, you know I was just playing around."

"I know. I just felt like slapping you. That's all." She told Ron, grinning. Then turned to Annie. "Nothing wrong with a good book, right Annie?"

Annie nodded and smiled at her.

"Hey Annie... Do you like Quidditch?" Harry asked.

"What's Quidditch?" Annie asked.

"WHAT'S QUIDDITCH?!" Ron look extremely surprised. "The best of all the best sporting games in the wizarding world." He turned to Harry. "Where have she been, to not know what Quidditch is? Mad, I'm telling you. Girls these days." Hermione then slapped him again. "Hey! What did I do to you?"

Hermione giggled. "I can't help it."

Annie giggled as Harry laughed. Harry then turn to Annie. "I can show you, if you want? You're going to love it. Trust me."

Annie smiled at him. "I would love to Harry... Umm.. Later tonight then? Before dinner, when there is still some light out?"

"Sure." Harry grinned as he ate his bacons.

Annie started to have some of her untouched breakfast. After a few bites she looked up at her table, seeing Draco's eyes on her. She frowned at him, then looking at her food. She planned on talking to him later. After looking down at her food for a few seconds she noticed Hermione coming back from somewhere, not knowing where she had gone to, and saw her carrying pieces of parchment.

"Well I got our schedules. Yours too, Annie." Hermione handed everyone their schedule.

"Oh bugger. We have Slytherins again, in Potions, first." Ron said grumpily, but then remembered Annie was in Slytherin. "Sorry Annie. No offense, it's just that... you know? We never got along with those lots."

"Oh, I understand completely." Annie said reassuringly to Ron.

"Well, we should be off. Don't want to lose points on our first day... again." Hermione said, taking her book. As the others did the same and followed her out to their class.


In Draco's Little Head


He snapped his head towards the doors of the Great Hall, along with everyone, and saw Annie blushing into the room.

*Damn... She is too hott and angelic to be in Slytherin... Is she even pure?* He thought, staring at the messy hair angel. He then looked back down at his food. *You made a mistake talking to dirty blood last night, Malfoy. You'll loose your reputation, like that ::snap:: if you're seen with her.* He began to sigh and pick on his food.

He suddenly felt someone being shoved behind him. He didn't have to turn around to see who it was... He can smell her sweet perfume and Parkinson's, not so nice, garbage.

"Move it, Mud-Blood. You have no right to sit here with us, Pures." She sneered, and took the seat next to Draco.

Draco could feel Annie's eyes on his back, but then saw her move to the Gryffindor table... To Harry Bloody Potter.

"I can't believe her... Stupid hat must not have known what he was doing... Sorting that sort of dirt into Slytherin." Pansy sneered. "Good thing you don't associate with that dirty thing, or your father would be right about you... But it's ok Draky." She began to hug his arm, rub her cheek on him and said, "Your father's wrong... Your not becoming soft... Not even close... Your MY snake."

Draco didn't say or do anything, but stare at Annie. When their eyes met, she frowned at him then looked down at her food. His heart sank.


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