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Blazblue: The Academy Life

The Paladin

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Before we arrive at the NOL's Military Academy lets go back five years ago in a place called the 13th Hierarchical City of Kagutsuchi, a place where humans and beastkins alike live in peace, or at least most do. The top to the, almost, middle of the city is filled with higher-class and noblemen, however, middle to the very bottom of the city is filled with normal-class and lower-class such as second citizens in human society the beastkins. Even lower than the city of Kagutsuchi itself is an underground civilization, a village in a mysterious place called the Lost City, only few humans believed in such a place actually existed and those who tried to find the Lost City ended getting lost themselves. It was considered taboo trying to find the Lost City for people who have were never found again and those who inhabit the Lost City was considered rare and troublesome.

Anywho, it was a very sunny day for everyone to go about their business and all the children were playing outside. Near Orient Town, however, bullies were harassing a girl fox-type beastkin who seemed to be around the age of seven while the bullies seemed a lot older around the ages of eleven through thirteen.

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"Aaaaw look at the beastkin playing all by her lonesome, what's the matter don't got any friends" the big bully said in a sinister playful tone. "Off course she doesn't have any friends look at her she almost makes me want to throw up!" the other bully said gagging. As they said this the little foxgirl began to cry uncontrollably unable to understand why they were tormenting her.

"Leave me alone please" she said much to her discomfort they got closer continuing their berage of insults. "Do you even, like, get why you're down here in the lower district anyways?" the girl bully said questioning the foxgirl's intelligence but all the fox girl beastkin did was cry out of sorrow in which these horrible humans have brought upon her day she thought to herself ("I should've stayed inside why WHY didn't I just stay inside") the girl bully got tired of the beastkin's lack of response so she picked her up by her dress collar and said in front of her face "I shouldn't have gave you such a hard question your tiny nut brain, you and your species are dumb. It's because you and your race, your species nothing more than animals you're a monster" saying that aside the girl bully pushed the beastkin away from her making the beastkin stagger back on her feet.

They were getting ready to leave her for today while the big bully made a smart remark, that wasn't directed towards the girl fox-type beastkin "Beastkins are nothing more than no life animals who aren't even human! They're second class garbage not even fit to be equal to us humans and that's a fact!" that last remark broke the little foxgirls psyche and now all she wanted was peace and quiet. "Leave me ALONE!" she cried desperately trying to make them silent she ran towards the big bully flailing her arms hoping to hit something she ends up pushing his crew out of her way and scratching the big bully's eye. In which he react quick with a yelp and punching the girl fox beastkins hard in the shock of pain she felt put her in a daze and began to weep more quietly in a crouch position.

End: Blazblue Gluttony Fang-Play: Blazblue Chrono Phantasma OST - BUSIN at 0:10 seconds(BlazblueOfficial)

"Oow oowy ow ow you beast, you savage why you little...IM GONNA!-" the big bully, who was clenching his bleeding eye, was abruptly silenced when a big bang followed by a flash and a vague shadowy figure leaped down from a rooftop landing a few feet between the bullies and the girl fox-type beastkin.

("Who was it?") The beastkin thought...


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