"Tourist Information This Way" read the withered signpost which stood in close proximity to where Regina was precariously balancing her compass on her map alongside her camera, mobile phone and sunscreen. Granted, this was Britain, but the sun could still deliver its stinging bite when it so wished to. Huffing in annoyance, she juggled the items as she made her way over to the misshapen brown shack where a young lad hung lazily out of the serving window.

"Excuse me?" Regina asked politely, earning the boy's attention as he lifted his mop head of hair and looked at her with disinterest.

"Will there be any tours of the area on today?"

"Four of 'em. Ten, noon, two and four."

Glancing at her watch, she realised it was already a half past two.

"In that case I'll take a ticket for the four o'clock tour please." Regina replied as she rifled through her purse for ticket money.

"That'll be £12.50 please ma'am."

"Thank you." She said, smiling pleasantly in return to the lad before wandering towards a nearby cafe with quaint wooden tables outside the front window.

Whilst waiting to pay the bill for her cornish pasty (odd fare yet utterly delicious) Regina noticed a small group of people making their way over to the meeting point for the tour. A couple in their thirties or so, an older man, a student girl and a guy in a khaki green barbour jacket, carrying a rucksack not dissimilar to her own, who wasn't too bad on the eye, she admitted to herself shyly. He was tall, well, taller than she stood at 5"4, with slight stubble and china blue eyes. His smile was handsome, she noted, as he ambled past her table and looked at her in a friendly manner.

Following the others, Regina hastily left a £10 note on the table and hurriedly grabbed her things, trying to catch up with the group.

"Now everyone, we will firstly be taking a tour of the cornish hill side, the views are magnificent and well worth the hike, shall we begin?" The cornish gentleman gestured towards the route with his hand and signalled for the group to follow.

Due to watching carefully where she walked, Regina didn't notice the presence of the man who passed her table before, beside her.

"Afternoon Milady." He smiled again. Startled, she looked up and smiled when she was met with his comforting gaze yet again along with his glorious British accent, so crisp and royal.

"Afternoon…" She looked at him questioningly, seeking his name.

"Robin. And you are?"


"Pleasure to meet you Regina." He responded as he reached out to take her hand and gently kiss it on the knuckles, making her blush profusely.

"You too." There was silence for a while before they spoke again.

"So what brings you to Cornwall?" He asked not looking at her, instead carefully watching where he was treading as they hiked up a crumbling hill side.

"Oh, well I'm touring the UK for a while, sort of a gap year I suppose, and you?"

"Big fan of nature milady, sure it may seem like a bit of a joke considering my name is Robin Hood but I do enjoy being outdoors. Even if this isn't Sherwood forest." He joked, smirking and raising an eyebrow towards her.

They had trekked for an hour now. Blisters had started to creep their way up Regina's ankles, her shoes and socks chaffing against her skin causing it to redden and sting. All of the group had lost count over how many hills they had managed to climb in the short time, but Robin had managed to keep her in good company, supplying her with someone to talk endlessly to, on their journey as they simultaneously took in the picturesque views they could see from the great heights.

Their conversation was cut short as they felt the group begin to slow down.

"Hey, what's going on?" A concerned Robin asked the tour guide who was puzzling over an old map.

"I uh- uh think we may have um- taken a wrong turn somewhere, this isn't where we are supposed to be…"

"Well then where are we?"

The guide laughed nervously.

"I'm not exactly sure sir."

"Hold on. You're saying we're lost?" Regina chimed in with the rest of the group behind her mumbling in tones of annoyance.


"Unbelievable." Regina huffed and held a hand to her forehead, wondering what in the world they were going to do.

"Well Robin Hood, you like the outdoors, get us back to Sherwood Forest if you please." She grinned, looking towards him smugly. Even he had no idea where they were, how far they had steered off course, this could take them a good few hours…

"My pleasure milady, anything for a queen." He winked and gave her a mock bow to which she curtsied in a sarcastic manner.

"My hero." She answered cheekily.