"Spike! Come on! Don't you see that we're going to be late for school?" cried out Chase Davenport who was standing next to his identical twin. "Yeah, okay? So we'll be late? What's the big deal?" Spike replied. "Come on you two, Adam, Bree and Leo are waiting. I have a important meeting to go to." said Donald Davenport to his twin adopted sons.

"Fine." Spike finished his cereal, put his bowl in the sink and grabbed his book bag. Chase was already half-way down the driveway to Donald's luxurious van that could carry all seven of them. Adam, Bree, and Leo were already in the van playing on either their phone or Daven-pad (Davenport was really full of himself) which was basically a tablet with Davenport Industries logo on it. The only 2 seats that were left (As Tasha always sat up with Donald and whenever she wasn't there they were not allowed to sit up front.) were right next to each other. Everyone else was seated like this:

Donald Empty

Chase Spike

Adam Leo Bree

Chase and Spike hated sitting next to each other and whenever they did they always got into a fight about it. "Spike, if you hadn't taken all morning to eat your bowl of cereal then we wouldn't be sitting next to each other right now!" said Chase to Spike. "I'm sorry Chase, wait no I'm not. I can't help it if you forgot to wake me up." replied Spike. Chase always woke Spike up, so when Chase's alarm didn't go off this morning Chase was 30 minutes behind. "I didn't forget! My alarm didn't go off. Obviously, you made it to where we would be late for school!" Both of them argued away until they got to school. "Okay guys we're here. No training after school but I would like to see Chase and Spike after school. Directly after school." said Donald to everyone.

Chase's POV

I hate whenever Spike gets me into trouble! I seriously can't help it if my alarm clock was tampered with. Spike most likely did it so then I'd oversleep making him oversleep as well. "Spike, thanks for getting us into trouble! Not to mention, Parent Teacher Night is only a week away. I think you remember what happened last time." "Oh yeah. Getting grounded for 2 months was so worth seeing Perry's stupid face." "That was also the time were we were all grounded for using Mr. Davenport's invisibility cloak." "Well, yeah. I'm guessing that you want it to go perfect." Unfortunately, you read my mind." Chase said sighing as he walked to his first period

The twins were identical, having the same hair style, eye color, and hair color. Somehow they always wore the exact same clothing as if they wanted to look identical. Knowing Mr. Davenport if they ever got their own room, they would probably be sharing until they could get along.

Today the twins were wearing a red t-shirt underneath a dark aqua plaid shirt. They had greyish jeans and red high top converse sneakers. "Wow! My idiotic younger brothers have done it again. Dressed almost exactly alike!" True. The only way to tell them apart is by their bookbags. They were the color of their force-fields. Chase's was ocean blue but Spike's was orangish red. "Bree, seriously! I am so tired of you saying that every day!" said Chase and Spike at the same time. "Seriously? Chase/Spike stop it! Quit mimicking me! Ugh!" again they spoke at the same time.

"Okay you two! Quit your whining and go to your class. This may be a free hallway but around here, I call the shots. You know, if you are still whining about thinking and dressing alike, Lady Locks and Squat-mug then you'll have detention!" said Principal Perry to Chase and Spike who were still telling the other to shut up. When they heard that, Chase and Spike shut up. But Spike for other reasons. "Sorry Shoulder-Pads but even if you give us detention we wouldn't be able to attend. You see our dad needs to see us directly after-school because somebody made us late because they forgot to wake me up. So again, sorry Sports Bra but if you assign us detention we won't make it. But no worries. Your detention is always fun!"

"Well Squat-mug, you just earned detention. And because twins are impossible to separate, you can expect Lady Locks to show. But instead of my normal 3 hour detention, we'll make it an hour. Besides, you will be in trouble when you get home anyway. Just gives your parents a reason to ground you!" She wrote out a detention slip for each of them. Both of them said 'Disrespectful'.

"Thanks Spike, you've gotten us detention! Now we are going to be in a whole lot more trouble!" Just then the bell rang. "We'll finish this conversation after-school, Chase." said Spike as he walked off to his class. Chase followed seeing as they had all their classes together.

After Detention

Spike and Chase walked in through the door at 4:30 an hour after school had let out for the day. "Where have you two been? You were supposed to be home an hour ago!" said Davenport when the two walked in. "Well if Chase had woke me up when he was supposed to then we wouldn't have been arguing in the hall making Perry angry at us. She gave us detention after I told her that we had to be home today after school." "Oh so it's my fault? You were the one who called her Shoulder-Pads and Sports Bra!" "Chase, you may be the smartest person alive but you can be the most annoying person around!" "Well Spike, your bionics are to be aggressive and guess what, they fit you perfectly because your a HUGE JERK! YOU GOT US OUR DETENTION! YOU KNEW THAT SHE'D MAKE ME GO WITH YOU BECAUSE OF US BEING TWINS. AND SOMEBODY TAMPERED WITH MY ALARM MAKING ME NOT BE ABLE TO WAKE YOU UP EARLY ENOUGH! NEWSFLASH: I'm NEVER talking to you again."

Chase then tried to storm down to the lab to be caught by Adam. "This is what I wanted to talk to you two about. You each have been annoying each other to wits end! Until you two can get along, no bionics or cellphones. Also no tablets or TV. And now comes the part I think Bree and Adam will like. You're getting your own rooms! The bed are designed to recharge your chip while you're sleeping. However, Chase, Spike. Until you two get along, you're sharing a room."