Ok I'm ending this story here. I do have plans to do a Double Trouble 2. It will be one-shots, mostly about Chase and Spike either fighting or somehow getting along. Adam, Bree, and Leo will be in some of them, but they will be more of recurring characters. Not sure how long that story will be. Just gonna go with the flow.

I also got an idea of do a story of Chase and Spin. Spin is going to be Chase's sidekick. Kinda like Batman and Robin. I feel this could really work. Especially with Chase. Batman and Robin don't have super powers like the other superheroes do. They just use natural abilities and special gadgets. So I could work it out with Davenports gadgets.

I'm sad that Lab Rats will be ending. It's the last decade show on Disney channel/Disney XD. All the other shows and movies are so lame now. Billy Unger is supposedly going to be Siderman in the up coming Siderman movie. I'm going to be following him to see what's the next show or movie he will be in.