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Chapter 1: Disbelief

Jess: "Okay. I have to go take care of something then."

'It has been a few hours since he said those words and left me on the
bridge,' Rory thought. After Jess left, Rory returned to the gym to find her
mom. Now, she's in bed, exhausted, but can't seem to sleep. The thought of him
wanting to be with her also was still registering in her head.

With an audible sigh, Rory flipped onto her side with the covers up by her
chin, her hair is still up like it had been at the dance; she was so tired she
didn't want to bother with it. But now, here she is about an hour later and
sleep hasn't engulfed her yet.

Rory closed her eyes forcefully, instead of falling asleep she pictured Jess
and all the memories that they shared... two in particular, one being a few
hours ago when they both admitted their feelings and the other from Sookie's
wedding, their kiss. Soon she had unknowingly drifted into a dream filled with
thoughts of him. She was also unaware of a pair of coffee-colored brown eyes
staring at her through the window minutes later.

Jess stood outside Rory's bedroom window, bent down to take a look, he saw a
sight that made him smile. Rory was sleeping with a huge smile plastered to her
face. Jess thought she looked more peaceful then ever before, in fact, she was
incredibly beautiful lying there. He had walked to her house not knowing what
he'd do when he got there. Now that he was there he thought he would just watch
her for a moment, being careful not to wake Lorelai or his angel and return to
the apartment to try to sleep him.

After a few minutes, which to Jess seemed to be forever, he slowly made his
way off the Gilmore residence and walked through town in a daze, with his mind
on one thing... Rory Gilmore. 'I can't believe Rory has the same feelings for
me as I have for her... No scratch that, I can, I mean she DID kiss me... and
ran.' Jess thought solemnly at the memory of watching Rory's figure running
from him, and to Jess, a perfect moment shared between them.

'But now... Bag Boy's out of the way. She wants to be with me too. I broke
it off with Shane, which was extremely easy because 1) she witnessed the
breakup and everything Dean had said about Rory and I, and 2) because we never
had anything special. And that's what Rory is ... SPECIAL. If only she would've
done the same for me awhile ago.' Jess sighed deeply and continued to think and
walk until he ended up at the bridge.

When Jess stopped walking and looked up at the destination his feet seemed
to head in, he simply smirked. It always ended up this way. Sitting down, he
took his book from his back pocket and began to read. As the time passed, he
stopped reading and looking up at the scenery and then at his watch.

"Damn." He swore out loud.
He was late and Luke wouldn't be happy and he would have to deal with him.

Jess got up and walked into the diner. Upon arrival, Luke started to yell
about him being late and told him to start working. Jess simply replied with
his trademark "Huh," and smirk. Everyone knew it irritated Luke even
more and that was the reason Jess did it at all.

Luke told Jess earlier to close the diner since he was late to work (again).
Soon it was night and after cleaning for an hour, he was done. He quickly ran
up the stairs to the apartment. The two exchanged "hi,"s and grunts
while Jess quickly grabbed a book from his collection and then left as quickly
as he entered.

A moment after the door closed behind his nephew. Luke said, "I will
never understand that kid." Clearly he was confused and exasperated with
Jess's actions.

Minutes later Jess was back at the Gilmore's house again, twice in one day.
'Surely that qualifies me to be called a stalker.' Jess thought amused and
horrified at the same time. Then he smiled; he liked what she was doing to him.
What Jess felt for Rory and with Rory was completely different from anything
before. He looked down at his wrist, his watch read 10 o'clock. 'If I know her
at all, Rory slept all day and should probably wake up right about now'. He
smirked again, hoping he was right. He crept to her window and was a little
surprised to see her up at her desk deep into reading. He smiled, and then he
knocked on the window and was greeted by two piercing blue eyes.

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