Thanks for reading! This was written by my amazingly talented best friend, SK.

Giggles popped her head out of the open roof of the 60s car Tanner was driving and yelled to Butchy in the opposite car,"Are we there yet?" Butchy sighed and yelled back "We've only been driving for 'bout 5 minutes!"

When they got to the picnic area, Giggles said,"I'm not really hungry," Butchy smiled and said,"Me too!"

"Do you want to take a walk together?"asked Giggles.

"Sure," said Butchy.

They headed into a clearing where Butchy slowly entwined his fingers with Giggles and smiled. Giggle replied by squeezing her soft hand in his calloused one. "Giggles, you know, I've liked you-"Giggles giggled nervously and said.

"Butch, I love you too."

Butchy hugged her and slowly leaned

into her and pressed his chest against hers.

"I love you Gig," Butchy smiled and leaned in for a kiss.

The wedding was fabulous.