Lucy watched as the four males left, Natsu, please be safe! She thought, she did want everyone to be safe, but for some reason she waNonted Natsu to be a little more careful. Who am I kidding? He is Natsu. Natsu look down the twin dragon slayers, sting and Rough. And not to forget he took down Jellal, when Zeref had him under something... Lucy thought. Lucy looked over to saw Juvia crying so hard. (Poor Juvia).

Though Erza wasn't crying, she knew she was sad to see Jellal go... They were close, they were childhood friends. The boys were waving back has they left. Lucy, Juvia, Erza, and levy were going to go, but it said "boys only". They were out of sight when Lucy felt a tear on her check.. "Don't cry Lucy." Those words rang in her ear when she found out when they were leaving. They are Natsu's words, I will miss you guys, mostly you Natsu. Wait... Oh damn it Mira and Happy. Why- Never mind...

Lucy felt much more lonely, she missed him barging into her house evey day. Erza on the other hand didn't seem to be effected. "Erza, are you ok?" Lucy asked. Erza didn't answer, she just continued eating her strawberry cake. Lucy watched, is she okay? I know she is strong but still... "Erza,-" she was cut off.

"Just leave me alone." She said sternly.

Lucy back way. No a grey Erza was needed, especially now. Lucy sat down at the bar. Mira came up to her. "Need anything?" She asked. Lucy shook her head, "its been three months" Lucy said. Her head was on the counter. "You miss Natsu the most, I can tell." Mira said chuckling. "it's not like! Mira, we are just friends." Lucy said.

"You like him. Anyway, I'm going to get you water." Mira smiled.

The next morning

Lucy felt sick the next morning. She went to Mira, to see if she might know why. "Mira, is it ok if I ask you something?" Lucy asked "Sure, I wouldn't mind. I'm guessing-" Lucy shot her a glare, "never mind." Mira said.

After a little...

"Ok. Well, you are pregnant..." Mira said. Lucy was shocked.

Ok sorry if that was a short chapter. I hope you enjoyed it!