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Five he months later...


Erza had read the letter a few times. It made her smile... She also so Mira talking to Lucy who seemed to be blushing hard and almost yelling. It had been like that for 5 months between Mira and Lucy.


"Mira! Why did you tell Cana? Especially when she was drunk!?" Lucy yelled into the bar table. Soon almost everyone would know... The last time she told Cana something she had yelled it to everyone in the guild.

Mira laughed quietly. "I was just kidding. Either way, everyone one knows you are going to have a child." Mira pointed out. Lucy put a had on her belly, it's a girl... Three months ago it was said... Lucy thought. "Don't tell anyone.. Or hold it against me and Natsu..." Lucy said. "Hold what against her and Natsu?" Juvia, Erza, and Levy asked.

Before Lucy could say anything, mpMira said: "That she and and Natsu kissed." Lucy almost sent Mira a death glare. All three had a surprised face, "don't tell anyone." Lucy had black oar coming from her. Everyone seemed a little scared except for Erza and Mira.


Yes one love-rival out of the way. She thought. The death glare was over. "We promise." Erza, Juvia, and Levy promised. Juvia and Levy ment out of some sort of terrier, Erza just being an awesome friend.


Levy sat down with a brand new book. It had just come out, so levy desided to give it a try. It was more about dragons, practically iron dragons. *cough*Gajeel related*cough*. It was interesting, there was apparently different types. Lucy was sitting next to Levy. Lucy had a bit of a smirk. "Don't say anything, or I might tell." Levy said. Though Lucy didn't want people to know, she still snickered a little.

Levy looked over from the book again to see Lucy had a painful look on her. "The baby.. She is comi-..." Lucy couldn't finish, there was a light scream.






The young baby was born. She had salmon/pink hair like Natsu and light blond tips same color as Lucy. Her eyes were much like Lucy's chocolate brown eyes. Lucy named her Nashi. Mira was the first other than Lucy to see her.

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