Boruto rushed home. He was quite late.
"If only I hadn't done extra shurinken practice", he told himself angrily. He hated being late. Especially that week. In five days was his 14th birthday. If he was too late, his parents might not give him a party. Even if they did, it would have to be earlier because Naruto would have to go on a mission along with Hinata on that day. Even at that age, he truly wanted a party. It was one of the only things that could wipe away the thought of a mistake he made three years earlier. A thing he considered unforgivable.
He finally arrived home a few minutes later. He walked in to find a birthday cake on the table. It was his favorite flavor: vanilla and it was huge with 14 candles.
"Happy early birthday, Boruto!" cried 13 year old Himawari running from behind the couch and embracing him. His parents did the same moments later. They sang happy birthday to him and had him blow the candles. They sat down and began to eat the cake.
"So how was your day today?" asked Hinata.
"Quite slow passing," said Boruto, "Sorry for being late!"
"It's okay," said Naruto, "It actually bought us more time to prepare the surprise."
"But you guys are fast in baking cake!"
"Oh, not that! It's-"
'Dad!" cried Himawari.
"Oh, sorry!"
"Wait," said Boruto, "what is this 'surprise'?"
"Dear," said Hinata, "we can't tell you! That's why It's called 'surprise'."
"It's not fair! Why do I, the birthday boy, can't know on his birthday and you all can know?"
"Boruto, your making it harder for yourself."
"Just tell me! Please! I'm gonna find out tomorrow or today anyways."
"Okay," said Naruto, "I'm out of patience now! i'll tell you then."
Boruto got loser and leaned toward Naruto.
"We canceled training tomorrow," said Naruto, "for everyone."
"YEAH!" yelled Boruto overjoyed.
"But that's not the best part. We invited all your friends and their families to your birthday party tomorrow in a very special place. Even the former kages are coming!"
Borate gave a sad sign.
"Special place?" he said, "I know what that means! It's the zoo or the plush shop huh? Well, it's that things like that are embarrassing."
"Boruto," said Naruto, "don't be sad! You will love it!"
"Trust me, I will make sure you will be happy!"
Boruto jumped and hugged Naruto. the family ate together a few more minutes and finally, Boruto walked to his room and fell asleep on his bed.
The next morning his parents called him early for breakfast. They ate and left. After a while of walking, Naruto covered Boruto's eyes. There was suddenly noises of happy screams and laughing and happy music. Naruto uncovered his face.
"HAPPY EARLY BIRTHDAY BORUTO!" Called his friends and their families.
Boruto was overjoyed. His joy exploded when he realized where they were. It was an amusement park. Attractions and stands all over the place. Balloons flying to and from all directions. It was a sight any kid would give the world to be in his shoes.
After a long time filled with "thank you"s and gifts from his friends, They began to go around the park. Boruto and his friends would go riding each attraction and the adults would wait for them. After several hours of long and radical attractions, Boruto came to a decision.
"Dad," he said going up to Naruto, "I want to go on a fright attraction!"
"What?" said Naruto, "but your still 13!"
"I'm almost 14 dad! I'll be fine! And my friends are all above twelve!"
"But Boruto-"
"It's my birthday! And besides, it's just an attraction! Just one!"
"Okay fine! Which one? Do you know which one you want?"
"Yes! follow me everyone! Let's see the nightmare in action!"
The walked a little until they reached the place. It was a huge building looking like a pizzeria from the 80's. On top, there was a red letter sign saying, "Fazbear's Fright: The Horror Attraction"

Hey hey! Glad you made it back for another night! And I promise, it will be a lot more interesting this time! ... Sorry, got hyped! And so we reach the end of chapter 1 of Just an Attraction! It may take place before or after the events in the Gaiden or before or after the events in Boruto the movie. YOUR CHOICE (at least, until Kishi confirms their age, then we run out of some options)! I won't consider certain events anyways and i'm planning to leave Sasuke out of it. I might change my mind later though). As for the ending you just saw that there will be some things I borrowed from Five Nights at Freddy's but don't panic, it's not major stuff, basically just one or two characters (three or more is highly unlikely), one of the settings, and MAYBE a part of the plot (which is sort of the opposite with what I did in TYaF in which I put one Naruto character into FFP). I might borrow some fanmade songs too but I will credit of course. In this last part, I made two references to TryHardNinja (if you went to his channel and saw his FNaF songs, you know what I mean). Well, I will also try to avoid major romance among characters (I don't want to start an "I ship" fight), though there might be one or two uncanoned parings (like InoHima or BoruSara, and I don't mean I'm gonna use these two). Well, see you on the next chapter!